Visit to Jeju island

In contrast to the bustling capital Seoul, busy people and cars, tall buildings closely, Jeju deposition and peaceful, worthy of the title “island of peace”. For South Korea, Jeju island with beautiful scenery serene, full of sunshine coast and wind, is the ideal place for the honeymoon couples or newlyweds, or the period helping families stay mounted. Along menly explore unique landmarks in Jeju only.

Jeju island

Halla Mount

Jeju Island is the result of the formation of many volcanoes on the sea. The most famous mountain is Halla, a dormant volcano peaks for thousands of years, with a height of 1,950 meters, is called “the roof of Korea”.

The mountain is located in the national park and Hallsan been recognized as a UNESCO heritage thanks to the biodiversity. Here, there are more than 1,800 species of trees and thousands of species of animals.
Halla Mount

Mountain visitors also have the opportunity to admire this crater became a lake on the mountain and enjoy the panoramic beauty underneath.

Beef Island

Beef Island is for the pearl island of Jeju island, thanks to the unique landscape. Locals say that the island looks like a sleeping cow, so they called Cow Island. Today, tourism is Beef Island development. At this point, one of the prominent tourist destinations of the island of Beef with black sand beaches and sandy bays.

Glass Castle

Not only the scenery, but the poetic Jeju Glass Castle also brings beauty mysterious, romantic fairyland.

Glass Castle of Museum Jeju art glass including a beautiful garden outside. As we enter the castle, visitors will encounter giant bean germplasm in the hall – a unique work of art is the creative artist in 3 months. In the exhibition space inside, visitors will see first European city glass brightly colored lights. Most visitors arrive here feeling lost in the world of fairy tales.

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