Uninstall internet explorer for windows 10

Although Microsoft has officially confirmed that Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer the default browser on Windows 10, the browser is still pre-installed with Edge on the system.

In addition, this browser defaults to not allow users to remove completely.

However, with the following few simple operations, you can end the presence of IE as well as return hard disk space that the browser ever occupied.

First, right-click on the Start / Windows icon and select Control Panel.

Next, if Control Panel is showing as Category (to check, look in the upper right corner, you will see View by: Category, Large icons or Small icons), select Programs> Programs and Features.
If Control Panel is in Large icons or Small icons, click Programs and Features.
Then, in the left pane of the Programs and Features window, you will see the Turn Windows features on or off link. Click on the link to open the Windows Features window.

In the window that appears, go to Internet Explorer 11 and uncheck the box.

At this point, a window will pop up informing you that disabling Internet Explorer 11 can affect Windows and other features, just click Yes to continue.
Finally, click the OK button to finish.

Once complete, the system will ask you to restart the computer, you can start immediately by selecting Restart now, if you want the system to start at another time, select Do not restart.

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