travel to Australia – paradise of the world

travel to Australia – paradise of the world

Australia have so far been considered tourist paradise , where welcoming more than 10,000 visitors to the beaches and deserts and tropical forests interspersed ecosystem unique .

If Canberra is considered exemplary administrative center in the world ‘s most glamorous visitors to Sydney by economic activities and entertainment . Opera Theatre of the Sydney opera house , also known as the Opera House is world known for its unique appearance bayside beach .

Not far from Sydney ‘s forests as Blue mountain ranges ( Green Mountain ) with figure 3 sisters are named for 3 rocks formed during the process of soil erosion . In addition, Australia is also known for the city of Melbourne with the bustling shopping district , which is ranked high in the list of most livable cities in the world .

paradise of the world

Australia – paradise of the world .

Australia is where flocks kangaroo can jump in the car the night before the city or the wild horse sauntered side highway to Kings Canyon . In particular , the country also has the Great Barrier Reef , where thousands gather species of marine animals , beautiful corals .

At this point , you are constantly watching the tiny koala bears , herds of sheep , dairy cows leisurely grazing on prairie along the road to the Great Ocean Road , where grows 12 stones on the seashore referred to as the 12 apostles in the legend . In addition, you can also bath in Palm Cove beach or White Sunday Island , Mount blade red watch Uluru in the Red Centre region – the symbol of Australia .

Sydney Opera House

What other fascinating tourist attraction is the 4 season passes to experience the journey sitting on the railway ” Ghan ” connecting Adelaide in the south to Darwin in the north , or to take the time to visit Broome romantic sunset . The most interesting excursions in the itinerary will remain the hour ‘s drive to the desert Nambung National Park , where seemingly boring turned out to contain the amazing biodiversity .

Coral reefs surrounded Queenslands coast is the place to enjoy the sunny days , tropical blue water , beauty aquarium with over 300 species of coral . Through millions of years of evolutionary isolation from other continents , Australia is home to a dynamic ecosystem exotic plants , not endemic in any other place in the world .

Australia – paradise of the world .

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