Tokyo is the most attractive city for tourists

Tokyo is the most attractive city for tourists

TripAdvisor page just finished a survey of more than 54,000 visitors to find out what makes the city the tourists and the worst feeling good . This evaluation board based on characteristics such as cleanliness, attitude of local people , the media services …

In the top of the best cities to travel , Tokyo ranked first . The capital of Japan makes guests feel comfortable and gain more votes for taxi service , attitude of local people , clean streets …
most attractivest city

Most of the 54,000 respondents selected visitor friendly destination is Tokyo , New York City is the only city in the United States reached this adorable top . Photo: Toronto .

New York is the only U.S. city in the top , which was voted for by the advantages such as restaurants , shopping centers , attractions and nightlife good . However, it was ranked 30th in the top friendly attitude of taxi drivers and value for money . Hanoi ranks 3rd in the prestigious section of monetary value ( Best Value for Money ) .

Beijing, Moscow is the city that many tourists are not satisfied with the friendly attitude of the natives or the driver’s attitude .

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