Tips using sticky notes windows 10 !

Step 1: Open Sticky Notes on your computer
* For Windows 7 (Download install Win7)
– Option 1: Go to Start -> Sticky Notes


– Method 2: Press the key combination Windows + R, In the new window appears, enter stikynot and press Enter


* For Windows 8 / 8.1 (Download Install Win 8 or Win 8.1)
– Option 1: Press the Windows + R key combination, In the new window that appears, enter stikynot and press Enter


– Option 2: At the Desktop press F3 key to search. (1) you choose Everywhere (search anywhere); (2) enter the keyword Sticky Notes into the search box; (3) Click on the search results below to open the gadget.


Step 2: Make notes on Sticky Notes. After launching the utility, you can create notes on it.


In addition, you can customize the size of the Sticky Notes interface by moving the mouse cursor down to the right and customizing the interface size.


– Change the default appearance of Sticky Notes by right-clicking on the content entry and choosing the color you want to change.


And this is the result.


Step 3: Add or delete notes
– Add a note: You click on the cross arrow on the left or press Ctrl + N.


– Delete note: Click the X at the top right, then the dialog box asking if you are sure you want to delete the note. Select Yes to continue deleting.


Tips Sticky Notes does not have a full menu system that allows you to format text. However, you can use the shortcut key combination to format the text:

– Ctrl + B: Bold
– Ctrl + I: Italic text
– Ctrl + U: Underscore
– Ctrl + Shift + A: Convert text to capital letters
– Ctrl + L: Align left
– Ctrl + R: Align right
– Ctrl + E: Center alignment
– Ctrl + Shift +>: Increase text size
-Ctrl + Shift + <: reduce = “” size = “” size = “”> “>
-Ctrl + 1: Single line spacing
-Ctrl + 2: Double line spacing
-Ctrl + 5: distance of 1.5 lines

We have shown you how to make a note on a computer screen. Also, you can refer to Vietnamese typing in Sticky Notes if you want to write accented words.

If you want more information you can refer to the link below :