These delicious desserts in Italy

These delicious desserts in Italy

1. Panna cotta

Italian Panna cotta means cooked cream, for dessert. This is an attractive dishes that any visitor to enjoy by the sophistication, including milk, cream fat and sugar.

For this dessert, a small fire to boil the ingredients include cream, milk, sugar and gelatin together, then leave to cool for winter. However, the cook must be ingenious new dishes satisfactory panna cotta: the east, fat and sweetness. For not too hard, not too soft, processors must also pay attention to the amount of gelatin added.

delicious desserts in Italy
The attractiveness of the dish Panna cotta with strawberry flavor. Photo: candycancook
When eating, feeling a bit like jelly jelly, but not too crispy but the plasticity, tougher and especially very soft and silky. You will feel greasy melt in your mouth and just want to eat alone forever. For more delicious dishes, you should add a little drizzle strawberry sauce, served with berry or strawberry, berry fresh apricots to feel attractive.

Today, Panta cotta dish no stranger to youth Ha Thanh. You can enjoy this dish at affordable prices in Tran Phu Street. Panna cotta at 3 position here is vanilla, green tea, chocolate taste suitable for everyone.

2. Biscotti

Essentially a form of biscotti biscuits, sweets are a popular type in Europe. However, in different countries, we are processing to suit different palates and tastebuds of every country.

Cake is often the dessert biscotti and sipping aromatic coffee. Photo: braunhousehold
Appropriate biscotti for breakfast with milk or sipping a cup of coffee in the afternoon tea. To make this cake, it must be heated oven at a temperature of 180 degrees C. Materials mainly flour, cocoa, sugar, dark chocolate, orange zest, a pinch of salt and mix into a pasty dough. Then add a few egg mixture forms a paste. Dough on a layer of dry powder, in addition to almonds and knead until smooth. It will then shape and place on baking sheet for 25 minutes. Use a serrated knife to cut the bread into his mouth for the next pieces fit into the second oven until crispy bread.

For added appeal, one for half a cake in white chocolate, or almonds roasted with olive oil and add the fat to rise. In Italy, bread is often served with the famous wines of the Tuscan region.

3. Cannoli, Cream filled donuts

Cannoli is one of the traditional cakes of the most popular Italian tube. In this country, it seems like cannoli appear on the table after each meal of the family.

Cannoli can be understood literally a tubular donuts and ice cream among workers, this dish originated from Carnevale festival in Parlemo city, the capital of Sicily and gradually became characteristic of island cuisine this.

To make this dessert dishes is not hard, you just sifted and a little patience. It is then rolled thin powder layer tomb-shaped bent tube, stuffed with juicy sweet cream flavor, or add fruit. A fairly typical ingredients to make the cake part is people ricotta cheese, made from goat’s milk.

In Italy, you can find cannoli cake with all kinds of people who are as diverse as chocolate, jam, ice cream mixed with human nuts are sold throughout the year in most of the pastry shop across the street.

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