The interesting facts about taxi service in the world

The interesting facts about taxi service in the world


Japanese travelers to be aware of when traveling after 12am as most trains and buses were shut down. This led to a surge in demand for taxi use in that period. Especially the 6th and 7th night, if to the train station after 12pm will not be surprised to see the long line waiting taxi customers.
interesting facts about taxi service

Long row of taxis in Japan.

For a space taxi tourists observing only eight panel below the windscreen of the car. The sign means red car space and green signals are passenger cars. Interestingly, when using taxis in Japan you do not need to manually open the door because there was a remote control of the driver.


Visitors to Germany will surely watching intently taxi here because most of them are the cars to Mercedes-Benz E-class. However, the majority of cars are still regular version. Recently appeared the E63 AMG with a taxi sign on the roof as people can not take their eyes because this is the dream of people who are passionate about speed.


London is the city was voted the best taxi service in the world. The black cab of London have featured large cabin, spacious private cabin at the rear, seats reserved for children. Guests also do not have to worry when using taxi here for opening car doors are locked automatically when the driver accelerates or brakes.


For the U.S., people often choose taxi in special occasions or long trips because it’s more expensive than public transport but cheaper than private vehicles. Visitors can catch a taxi in the downtown area or call the taxi company to request pick-up. Normally passengers to tip the driver about 10% – 20% of the taxi.

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