yellow leaves in tokyo

yellow leaves in tokyo

Tokyo intrigued by the architectural integrity of the ancient temples combined charms of the modern works , is considered one of the cities with the dynamic rhythm of life , all leading Asian pop .

Located Tokyo , Japan, about 70 km to the northwest , Narita airport is very modern building . When the flight from Vietnam to Tokyo landed here , visitors can catch a bus straight to the hotel in Tokyo , takes about 2 hours away by rail or overhead, or slow boat . Luxury is by taxi for transportation in Tokyo is very expensive .

Tokyo the most beautiful in the spring , from March to April , when the cherry blossoms colors exploding sun blisters , brightly across the roads or the campus , in the city of temples . White , pink blend of natural earth . Somewhere throughout the campus , at full bloom , people gather under the canopy of flowers inside the cup of warm sake esophagus , eating together , singing . Weekends with the people here really like festivals .
yellow leaves in tokyo
yellow leaves in tokyo. Photo: Imgur .

But in the fall , around October , November , Tokyo is magnificent , as the city is covered with a yellow, red autumn leaves , the air is clean and fresh . The bank almond tree with fan -shaped leaves twisting in the canopy . Brightly colored maple leaves were changing to red , a brilliant airspace . Yellow , red intertwined themselves , creating beautiful colors throughout the grounds , temples that tourists are not surprised from .

The Japanese give themselves a rest period really . The natural beauty of the stupor when we step on the yellow carpet . On the streets , children playing , shouting , jumping , couples romantic stroll , taking pictures of each other under the rug gold leaf , red . Flood gurgles pupils cycling , boisterous laugh , old people together arm in arm , walking under the sun collection .
yellow leaves in tokyo .

But Tokyo is also attractive because the integrity of the ancient architecture combined with the allure of modern construction and dynamic rhythms , all leading Asian pop . It still retains the old houses are hundreds of years old with a tile roof , wooden pillars and painted wooden signs in Asakusa , is recognized as a world cultural heritage .
beautiful red leaves
The beautiful red leaves carpet the roads around . Photo: Autumn .

It was fun walking the streets Nakamise only 200 m in length , where the shops sold souvenirs, traditional Japanese sweets or visit the Sensoji temple in Tokyo ‘s oldest , where you can feel received the traditional culture of the land of the rising sun .

Leave seem quaint , visitors can also experience the dizzying changes by the modern right in this city . The skyscraper houses the most modern in the world, the crowded streets , the bustling crowds poured from the district offices, subway stations , busy day and night . So Tokyo was considered one of the busiest cities in the world. In the city , transportation is most appropriate by subway convenient , safe and cheap .
yellow leaves in tokyo .

If you want to see the city from above , visitors can climb the tower Tokyo . From more than 300 m altitude , visitors can see the famous attractions such as the aquarium , wax museum and amusement park Disneyland is always crowded with tourists .

Tokyo was considered one of the busiest cities in the world. Photo: tic – booking .

Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world . In addition to fashion items , visitors can search for items “made in Japan ” quality . Ameyoko Mall near Ueno station is considered to be the giant flea market sells snacks , popular clothes that any visitor can also visit .
yellow leaves in tokyo .