Top Vacation Destinations for Singles

If you are single, here are some of the best vacations for singles. There are many special vacations that are specifically designed for each interest group, such as gays, lesbians, young people, divorced men and women, retired, traditional and conservative, outdoor enthusiasts, fetish seekers and culture snobs. Whatever your likes and wants and needs are, there is a great vacation waiting for you.

Top Vacation Destinations for Singles

San Antonio, Texas, known as a big city with a small town feel, has sporting events, convention season, historic downtown and good food. These are just a few of the things available.

Jerusalem is a great destination no matter what your religion. It can be a life changing experience. You’ll see spiritual monuments, experience history in front of your eyes and be able to mingle with diverse cultures.

Disney World, Florida is a great place of single adults to enjoy a fun filled vacation. Adults love Universal Studios, roller coaster rides and even the characters. There are many adult packages available.

Prince Edward Island is located in eastern Canada, and is famous for its scenic coast. You will be able to meet others that love to be in the great outdoors and nature .A Great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Vatican City in Rome is home to the Pope. Nearby are the Sistine Chapel and other gardens, historic art, monuments and beautiful architecture.

Dublin, Ireland has a lot of opportunities for shopping, going to the cinema, visiting historic monuments, museums or the zoo. One of the many city parks is a good place to relax and just let the world go by.

One of the best vacations for singles is Monterrey, Mexico. One of 3 most important cities in Mexico, It has a lot of ancient historic charm and is very beautiful and relaxing place to meet others with the same interests.

The Galapagos on the volcanic islands off of South America is a great place for climbing and just exploring.

Belize in Central America is where you can do extreme kayaking and enjoy numerous outdoor sports. It is a fun place to go if you like to be by the water.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the home to many beautiful and breathtaking views and will allow you feel very inspired upon leaving.

These a just a few examples of great vacation destinations that attract single people. These places are ones where a person can travel by themselves, and possibly meet new people along the way