Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

Come to Hong Kong and Macau Tower let himself out by taking part in bungee jumping game , you will ” spiraling labor ” from a height of 233 m .

Macau Tower is the key locations of the city of Macau and is one of the most famous bungee jump in the world. Tower was designed by Gordon Moller , the famous architect of New Zealand . The work was completed in 12/ 2001 2 year anniversary in Macau on returning to China.

This is the 8th tallest tower in Asia and the 10th highest in the world ( 338 m ) , a member of the Federation of the world’s tallest tower . Macau Tower is really attractive tourist destination , attracting more than a million people visit each year .

Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower
Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower . Photo: xtremespots .

When bungee jumping , players will freefall bungee jump from the bridge at speeds up to 200 km per hour . The freefall lasted 4-5 seconds before the bungee rope 50 m long stretch starting approximately 4 times its natural length . Finally , players will continue to pop up in the distance jumped nearly 30 m above the ground .

Macau Tower Bungee jumping is jumping with the most technical of its kind in the world . Cables along the sides that allows the player to jump close to the tower without any collisions . Distance that the player is only a few meters of concrete tower during a bungee jump . In addition , players are equipped with a tie wrap to close and secure the foot .

In 2006, only 5 years after the tower opened , world record for ” highest bungee jump from a building ” has been defeated by the same people who had previously set a record in the Guinness Book of Records – AJ Hacknett . AJ Hacknett the famous bungee jump , each set many records in terms of bungee jumping as well as many similar sports . AJ helped Hacknett sport adventure bungee jumping became famous and popular all over the world .

Opening Hours :

Monday – Thursday : 11h – 19h30

Friday , Saturday and Sunday : 10h – 21h .


Costs bungee jumping ( includes certificate, membership card and T-shirt ) is 2.688 HKD ( about 347 USD ) for the first time jump and 888 HKD ( about 115 USD) to jump next time .
Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower .

thousands of animals in Yala National Park

thousands of birds in Yala National Park .

Located in an area of ​​approximately 1,000 km2 of the country’s southeastern Sri Lanka , Yala is the living area of many rare animals such as newspapers , bears , deer , crocodiles …

Yala National Park

In Yala park is pretty much concentrated wild animals after the 2004 tsunami . Because of the broad forest animals live scattered over several areas . Quite a lot of deer hide behind the dense forest that you have to strain your eyes can see . The elephants seemed to be familiar with the tourists enjoy watching so do not go over the top .

A naked black water buffalo so that they are nearly a dozen children wading in the marshes pump . The distance , a herd of deer standing near the top , slender physique , ladylike flexible legs and head held high . Meanwhile , the timid herd boar over , find a place to make hidden away on the other side dress . And away from other animals is the crocodile with his rugged so quietly crawled over damp ground . Far away , the vast forests , mountains and marshes brimming .

Vehicles often stop to visit at some point to see tourists delight . The bunny will be flashed to run when he saw the convoy rushed . Here, apart from the fox dick , tourists can witness her slowly leopards watched the prey , preparing to scramble positions ” Breakfast ” . In the vast forests are only 35 baby leopard clouded leopard . It was watching a leopard in the distance so close was a great thing and luckily for visitors .

In Yala National Park also includes the Hornbill bird , bird species are listed in the reserve list of Srilanka . Hornbill birds carrying large physique with strange beak , gently move on and live trees with ripe fruit . We choose the large nesting trees and visitors can easily distinguish males and females is due to dark circles eyes .

To facilitate a visit to Yala wild , you should go to the park near the town goes to sleep at night and early the next morning . Town Katarahama the 5-7 dollar price of a room . Rental jeep is 45 USD for 6-8 people per group . Park admission price 30 USD / person ( more than 600,000 ) .

You should go into the woods early because this is the time to go out for wild animals to eat , find it easy to meet drinking water of rare animal species . You can choose 3 frames from 5:30 to 10 am program , 5:30 to 12:30 and 5:30 to 17 pm every day , depending on the interest of each person to explore the forest.

Dinner in smallest restaurant in the world

Dinner in smallest restaurant in the world .

The restaurant is located in Solo Per Due Vacone countryside , Italy , famous small and unique in the world , second only to serve the customers at a time.

Solo Per Due is the place that many people are curious and want to try to experience once . Solo Per Due in Italian means ” just for two ” . True to its name , this restaurant serves only 2 clients only.

When you come here , you will not have to queue up , no waiting , never denied , but reservations at this restaurant was a big challenge . So far, only about 1,500 people have been enjoying the chance to visit interesting and unique restaurants .

smallest restaurant in the world

This little restaurant is a place very special history , the foundation around which the remaining vestiges of an ancient Roman villa belonging to the Latin poet Horace famous ( born in 65 , died in 8 BC ) .

Here, in addition to the meal , guests can also enjoy visiting the rest of the beautiful mansion with inlaid stone floors , patios and tops spring lasts Bandusia , a famous scenic each of the Horace ‘s poem .

Diners here will be personally greeted and restaurant owners led to the restaurant on the road the whole neck is lit only by candles . Here you will be served typical Italian dishes such as pasta noodles and bread with homemade olive oil , cheese, lamb , mushrooms , wild fruits grown locally , the kind of homemade pastries and sweets .

Guests will feel as relive the last century with absolute space and privacy antique decor . Solo Per Due with traditional décor with cozy fireplace , chandeliers and antique glass candlesticks create warm romantic scenes rarely seen in modern times . Meals will be illuminated by hundreds of candles , and if needed , you can call the waiter with a silver bell beside the table .

The idea of this restaurant is to serve clients with a quiet time , totally private and romantic while slowly enjoying the dishes served picky . The price of a meal here is about 335 USD per person , not including wine and champagne prices .

After a memorable time at this small restaurant , guests are invited to experience and feelings written in the book of souvenir shops.

The luxury accommodation in Dubai

The luxury accommodation in Dubai

The stunning artificial structures , hotels , upscale restaurants lavish shows , sumptuous and unique that any visitor must also admiring the city to the Middle East .

Burj Al Arab Hotel located on an artificial island in Dubai , overlooking the Persian Gulf . Sails of a hotel on the beach is known as one of the world’s most luxurious 2-storey ultra-luxury 20 room , 4 swimming pools , a private beach club , butler service on request needs of each client.

luxury accommodation in Dubai
With the shuttle from the airport in a Rolls Royce , Mercedes or helicopter … worthy Burj Al Arab is located in the highest point of luxury . Inside , the lobby areas filled with colorful designs harkened Islam, with extensive design and spacious , all rooms have nice view of the bay , desert or city .

The luxury accommodation in Dubai .

Al Qasr Hotel ( also known as The Palace ) to bring a unique beauty , lies in the crossover segment Jumeirah Beach and Al Sufouh . In the evening , seemed fanciful from hundreds of lit bulbs that you thought this was inlaid with gold property .

Upon entering the hotel lobby , you will be surprised by the fragrant of thousands of rose petals were scattered around the pool . Those in this room are overlooking the canal Arabeque and Persian Gulf . In the room , colors, brown , gold key that you lost in the kingdom, the power of the king . Room rates range from $ 1,100 per night .

6 star hotel Atlantis The Palm Roa located on artificial islands Palm Jumeirah palm tree decorated with 1,529 rooms were beautiful , sumptuous . Low rates starting from 800 USD and up to $ 26,000 a night .

The luxury accommodation in Dubai .

One of the main features of the Atlantis is the unique space of the bathroom . You will experience the feeling downright enjoy exploring the network of water pouring down from the ceiling here . The guests passionate about exploring underwater life certainly can not miss the opportunity to just relax in the tub while watching modern design look of sea creatures swimming.

The restaurant and bedrooms are surrounded by ocean with many ocean species . The resort also has an outdoor pet with the rich variety and 20 dolphins .

Kempinski Mall of the Emirates is not only a shopping center but the hotel is the most luxurious 5 star Dubai , located on Sheikh Zayed Road . Not only is a five star hotel for the fashion followers , it gives you great scenery from desert to Ski Dubai , one of the artificial sand sliding largest planet .

The hotel also has beautiful rooms with exquisitely designed wooden or fireplace is very special . From the bedroom to the dining room , visitors can see the ski , sled or a penguin in the fridge is about 22,500 square meters .

Kempinski Mall of the Emirates , Sheikh Zayed road , which cost about 281 USD per night .

The luxury accommodation in Dubai .