Gangwon south korea – host of 2018 Winter Olympics

Gangwon south korea – host of 2018 Winter Olympics

Owning beautiful mountains as Seoraksan , Chiaksan , Odaesan and Taebaeksan so in winter, when heavy snow , the mountains of Gangwon Province turned into an exciting skiing paradise .

Winter Olympics as the sports event is organized exclusively for winter sports , is played on ice or snow , such as ice skating , skiing … City of Gangwon Pyeongchang was named is ” ski heaven Asia” and will be key to the city ” 2018 Winter Olympics ” . Pyeongchang more complex ski resort as most modern ski resort with many facilities including Alpensia ski trail all 6 levels to accommodate up to 3,000 people at a time slider .

In addition , it also combines ski jumping tower far unique Ski Jumping Tower – which allows athletes skiers reach speeds of 40km an hour skating or skiing complexes Phoenix Park Ski Resort – one of the top 7 best ski resorts South Korea , where the first elevator system owns catering ski professionals . In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to visit 17 ski slopes ( 4 of these standards by the International Ski Federation ) . The city also owns a modern stadium has a capacity of 60,000 people .

Gangwon south korea

Pyeongchang more complex modern ski resort top .

Gangwon Province is located in eastern Korean peninsula . Here, not only owns the ski runs and a world-class stadium that can accommodate large tourist and athletes have the opportunity to tour the sights . Seorak Mountain Park Gangwon Province is a national park of South Korea , the mountains are formed by alternately arranged ridges 700 unique , 1,708 -meter peak , spanning 4 towns and cities of Gangwon Province .

To explore Seorak mountain , visitors will have more options as mountaineers program 6 hours , 8 hours or 10 hours or services can use the cable car to explore this place . With its unique terrain and beautiful scenery , this place is considered as tourist destinations for mountaineering athletes and sports lovers walking , hiking .

Most tourists are recognized where there are four distinct seasons , tourist season will always feel the beauty and unique scenery was amazed at the wonders of nature bestowed on man . In the spring , Seoraksan of colorful flowers, cool summer with water in blue, cloudless . Autumn, golden leaf tree , crimson create a romantic setting . And in winter the white snow , tourists pleasure watching the snow covered peaks . Because of the rich flora and fauna so in 1981 , UNESCO recognized the park is Mount Seorak ecological conservation areas of the world .

Gangwon south korea – host of 2018 Winter Olympics

Nan Madol, a forgotten town on the Pacific

Nan Madol is a ruined city beyond the east coast of the island of Pohnpei , in the Federated States of Micronesia , the Pacific Ocean to the west .

By Nan Madol on a small boat , we have no idea what their devastation that was about to see . The undulating waves of the Pacific Ocean seems to subside when we surf boat through the mangrove channel grows narrower sides closely . The basalt column first appeared in the clear water . Nan Madol is probably important historical treasure has never been recognized by UNESCO as world heritage .

Nan Madol

The fact and fiction of Nan Madol confused mixture , making sure it does not have to believe anything . But one thing can be sure that the foundation of this land was built from the eighth or ninth century AD , along with the striking architecture is formed around the thirteenth century . This area extends over 80 hectares and consists of 92 artificial islands . This is the only ancient city in the world built on the foundation stone coral .

Why would anyone build this city ? Legend has it that two brothers from the West Olosipa and Olosopa to Nan Madol was built as a place where the ritual takes place most tribes . They use magic to fly up to build high walls up to 10 meters from the stone weighs 50 tons and 6 m long .

While the miraculous elements of the story are disputed , there is clear is that people have abandoned this land from the sixteenth century , the seventeenth . Nan Madol is still back there in the quiet , overgrown trees and subtle mystery . Many Nan Madol Pohnpei away because they believe that this is the abode of the soul which is best not to bother . We walked carefully around one of the large islands around the hexagonal rocks were covered by overgrown trees Sake .

Nan Madol is most beautiful when seen from the water . We climbed up the boat and swam across the island , admire the city of broader vision , and broth by how much effort was poured into this project .

If Nan Madol somewhere else in the world , it will surely attract thousands of tourists every day , because it really is a unique place . However, during the two hours here , we did not encounter one other than his union 7 .

The Pohnpei wary of hordes of tourists flock to massively disrupt the holy land , but on the other hand , an island which must rely on external assistance will gain many benefits if open source development tourism development.

Ownership of this land belongs to Nahnmwarki , the head of the autonomous region in southeastern Pohnpei . He has yet to cede control of land to the government Micronesia or any outside organizations such as UNESCO . It is in talks to take Nan Madol on the list of UNESCO and to fund repairs , monument conservation , but it is still a complicated process and takes time .

Until then , those who do not mind long tortuous journey to get to Nan Madol Pohnpei and will have the opportunity to explore the land still looks this great wilderness .