when you travel to Hawaii , the words you should remember

when you travel to Hawaii , the words you should remember

Located in the heart of the tropical Pacific , Hawaii is an archipelago made ​​up of 132 small islands 2,450 km long pearl chain from southeast to northwest of the Pacific Ocean . This is considered a tourist paradise of the world .

Besides its favorable geographical location , Hawaii tourist attraction also by the multicultural ethnicity . In addition to the U.S. , Hawaii is also home to many people in Asia such as Japan , Korea , China , Philippines . Therefore , the language ” compensation ” in this place is very well developed and sometimes not knowing if we would hardly be able to chat with the natives .

And here are some common vocabulary in Hawaii .

1 . Aloha

Aloha is one of the most famous words in Hawaii . It carries many meanings as greetings , love , peace , thanks, bye … Aloha with different meanings can be distinguished only in context .

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Aloha is a word commonly used and popular in Hawaii .

2 . Mahalo

Mahalo means thank . You will see from day to appear regularly on the trash can lid in Hawaii , but it does not mean Mahalo junk .

3 . Kokua

From this mean help / support . When to Hawaii , the phrase you will hear the most is ” Mahalo for your kokua ” (Thanks for your help ) .

4 . Mauka & Makai

Mauka Makai means that there is a sea mountain . These two words will be used when the natives directions for visitors .

6 . Poke ( POH – KEH )

This is a typical dish in Hawaii – raw fish salad (usually tuna ) mixed with garlic , onions, tomatoes …

7 . Pono

This word means fair , ethical or appropriate .

8 . Haole

Since this means that only those foreigners , often as whites . Sometimes this word brings offense but depending on the circumstances .

9 . Howzit

When someone tells you ” Howzit ” , which means ” How are you ? Healthy no ” . This is a social greeting in Hawaii .

10 . Ohana

Ohana means family with extended meaning , often used in the workplace or place of people to express feelings of love .

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