Experience I have when I travel to Germany

Experience I have when I travel to Germany

The day before I left for my business trip to Munich, I found myself walking the aisles of Wal-mart looking for items I may need for my trip. My eyes had wondered down to my cart to review what I had picked out, as I was wondering what else I would need. No matter how many things I had added to my cart, I did not feel like I was ready for my long trip to Germany. I continued shopping for a little bit longer until I felt a little bit better and decided I would check out and go home to start packing.

Travel Experience to Germany

This was the preface of my long journey to come. The next morning I woke up early and decided to pack a carry on bag I could take with me just in case my luggage was lost, as I was planning to stay in Germany for 10 days. This may of been the best thing I did, as when I got off the plane in Munich I had lost my luggage and the only thing I had was my carry on. As I watched my fellow colleagues gather their bags in the baggage claim, I began to get anxious that I did not see my bag yet. When it was all said and done, my luggage was gone and all I had was a few pairs of clothes to last me 10 days in Germany.

I walked over to the help desk to file a missing baggage claim with the “nice” gentleman who was working the desk and he smiled at me and said some things in German which I did not understand. He did not know the English Language so trying to communicate with him was extremely difficult, but he was very patient with me. After filing the claim with him we jumped in the train to go from the Munich airport to the city of Munich. Luckily before I left home I had some US cash converted into Euros.

About an hour later we arrived at the train station in Munich, and from there we walked to our hotel. Before we left home we called the hotel to reserve four rooms for our stay there. When we arrived at the hotel we got in line to check into our rooms. When I got to the front of the line I pulled my reservation papers out and showed the rep and stuck out my hand to receive the key. The rep there pushed some buttons on her computer and said to me “This room was never reserved.” in broken English. At first I was confused, then I got angry about it. After talking to her and my colleagues we had no choice to but to share rooms. It was a complete nightmare as the guy who I roomed up with snored all night long. During the night I had to remove my blankets from my bed and bring them over to the hallway by the door of the hotel room to sleep, and even that did not help out much.

I started to think to myself after these chain of events that this was a business trip from hell. I had all of my belongings stuck in limbo somewhere between the United States and Germany and worse off, I did not have my own room. The next day in Munich we spent walking around the city and visiting the older castles and churches. The sites were amazing and the food was exquisite. When we finished up our day we headed back to the hotel and I checked with the chick in desk to see if my luggage had arrived. They told me to hold on a moment, that they would check. They came out of the backroom dragging my luggage and I sighed a sigh of relief.

Now that I had my luggage back, things were starting to look up for me. There was much more to the story than that, but that was my first experience out of the country which will last in my memory forever. If there is anything you can take from this story, it would be to always pack a carry on with extra clothes in case your luggage gets lost. The other thing to take with you is to always verify your reservations before traveling abroad. I was just lucky that the one colleague I traveled with verified his, else we would be sleeping outside in beautiful Munich.

Experience I have when I travel to Germany