Hong Kong reached the top 10 best destination in Asia

Hong Kong is one of the 10 best destinations in Asia Ranked by TripAdvisor travel website with over 50 million passengers to travel in 2013.

Many Hong Kong people admired since you arrived here by airport monumental , busy with connections to over 100 airlines and 180 destinations worldwide. In addition, the Tsing Ma suspension bridge also became the pride of the land port at its center span longer than the Golden Gate bridge in the USA. At night , Hong Kong also attracts visitors with the symphony of light and sound great recurring same laser light beam and the light shines from 45 skyscrapers on both sides of Victoria Bay .
top 10 best destination in Asia

Hong Kong is shimmering in the light show and sound periodically .

Port of origin not only famous for its aromatic hotpot that Poon Choi was one of the first cities in China to become the city of ” Michelin ” in Asia with the stars rated restaurants for fine dining honorable stand hours. Hong Kong also owns the Michelin restaurant with good food cheap under two dollars and density of cafes and restaurants to suit every taste cuisine .

Guests also satisfies passion Kung Fu arriving in Hong Kong – ” cradle ” of the legendary world famous martial arts such as Bruce Lee , Jet Li , Jackie Chan . Families and children are satisfied to have fun when it comes to two world-class park is Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland . Each year , these two parks attract millions of tourists .

Besides, Hong Kong is still maintained from ancient festivals year-round cultural attractions such as Changzhou festival dumplings with dumplings race to climb the giant tower full of fun is ranked top 10 local festivals the world’s most exotic or Tai Hang fire dragon dance with dragons 67 m long , made ​​of straw and covered with tens of thousands of incense sticks are burned to create unique spectacle of fire and smoke …

Hong Kong Disneyland park
Hong Kong Disneyland park attractions with many new games .

Hong Kong also attracted by the shopping district around Victoria Bay . The existence of the flea markets , shopping streets like Ladies Market , east and west Li Yuen Road , Temple Street Night Market … selling fashion items , home appliances and furniture , especially electronics, offers the opportunity purchase price travelers . Next it was expensive retail Causeway Bay ( Ranked by CNN Travel ) with many luxury shops , monumental scale and Nathan streets – where the outlets abound of famous fashion brands in the world . These places would satisfy an interest in luxury goods of all customers. Timing attracted many Hong Kong tourists travel season is also the most ” super ” up to 50 % discount in July , August or Christmas , Lunar New Year .

Hong Kong reached the top 10 best destination in Asia