3 interesting facts about japan

Today I will show you 3 interesting facts about japan

Japan is an island nation arc , located to the east side of the mango according to the Asian mainland , east of South Korea , Russia and China .

From past to present , Japan has become one of the countries with the most unique culture and science and technology development to attract the attention of the whole world .

These interesting facts about japan prove to the world that Japan deserves to be one of the leading countries by rich cultural tradition and strong economic super power .

1 . Japanese name means ” the sun’s origin ” and thus be understood as ” the land of the rising sun ” . Japan also has the aesthetic as ” land of cherry blossoms ” , because this flower bloom throughout Japan from north to south , or ” daisy country ” because flowers like daisies 16 solar wings are spread projection is a symbol of royalty and the Japan national emblem today.

3 interesting facts about japan

Or Japan also known as visceral – a kind of shrubbery . According to ancient Oriental myth shrubbery called hollow viscera or no increase , where the sun god rest before riding the train travels across the sky from east to west , so visceral connotations literature only where the sun rises .

3 interesting facts about japan 

2 . More than 70 % of Japan consists of mountains , of which there are 200 volcanoes and includes more than 6,800 islands .

interesting facts about japan

Japan has always endured natural disasters

Geographical location of the country that Japan is one of the countries natural disasters happen in the world . The two most serious threats are earthquakes and tsunamis . Every year Japan suffered minor earthquake 7500 , Tokyo has 150 own game .

3 interesting facts about japan .
3 . Japanese cuisine is very rich and special . Includes sushi , tea and other dishes like cakes made ​​from rice flour .

Japanese cuisine

However, Japanese cuisine is also quite dangerous with dishes like salad pufferfish ( Fugu Sashi ) . Part abdominal muscles and are considered relatively safe , but to have an eagle eye to eliminate the toxins . How many people have died from eating poison of the Fugu dishes . But here is considered Japan’s specialty . In central Tokyo there are many restaurants this item processing . Diners will compliment delicious if they were still alive after eating this dish .

3 interesting facts about japan .
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yellow leaves in tokyo

yellow leaves in tokyo

Tokyo intrigued by the architectural integrity of the ancient temples combined charms of the modern works , is considered one of the cities with the dynamic rhythm of life , all leading Asian pop .

Located Tokyo , Japan, about 70 km to the northwest , Narita airport is very modern building . When the flight from Vietnam to Tokyo landed here , visitors can catch a bus straight to the hotel in Tokyo , takes about 2 hours away by rail or overhead, or slow boat . Luxury is by taxi for transportation in Tokyo is very expensive .

Tokyo the most beautiful in the spring , from March to April , when the cherry blossoms colors exploding sun blisters , brightly across the roads or the campus , in the city of temples . White , pink blend of natural earth . Somewhere throughout the campus , at full bloom , people gather under the canopy of flowers inside the cup of warm sake esophagus , eating together , singing . Weekends with the people here really like festivals .
yellow leaves in tokyo
yellow leaves in tokyo. Photo: Imgur .

But in the fall , around October , November , Tokyo is magnificent , as the city is covered with a yellow, red autumn leaves , the air is clean and fresh . The bank almond tree with fan -shaped leaves twisting in the canopy . Brightly colored maple leaves were changing to red , a brilliant airspace . Yellow , red intertwined themselves , creating beautiful colors throughout the grounds , temples that tourists are not surprised from .

The Japanese give themselves a rest period really . The natural beauty of the stupor when we step on the yellow carpet . On the streets , children playing , shouting , jumping , couples romantic stroll , taking pictures of each other under the rug gold leaf , red . Flood gurgles pupils cycling , boisterous laugh , old people together arm in arm , walking under the sun collection .
yellow leaves in tokyo .

But Tokyo is also attractive because the integrity of the ancient architecture combined with the allure of modern construction and dynamic rhythms , all leading Asian pop . It still retains the old houses are hundreds of years old with a tile roof , wooden pillars and painted wooden signs in Asakusa , is recognized as a world cultural heritage .
beautiful red leaves
The beautiful red leaves carpet the roads around . Photo: Autumn .

It was fun walking the streets Nakamise only 200 m in length , where the shops sold souvenirs, traditional Japanese sweets or visit the Sensoji temple in Tokyo ‘s oldest , where you can feel received the traditional culture of the land of the rising sun .

Leave seem quaint , visitors can also experience the dizzying changes by the modern right in this city . The skyscraper houses the most modern in the world, the crowded streets , the bustling crowds poured from the district offices, subway stations , busy day and night . So Tokyo was considered one of the busiest cities in the world. In the city , transportation is most appropriate by subway convenient , safe and cheap .
yellow leaves in tokyo .

If you want to see the city from above , visitors can climb the tower Tokyo . From more than 300 m altitude , visitors can see the famous attractions such as the aquarium , wax museum and amusement park Disneyland is always crowded with tourists .

Tokyo was considered one of the busiest cities in the world. Photo: tic – booking .

Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world . In addition to fashion items , visitors can search for items “made in Japan ” quality . Ameyoko Mall near Ueno station is considered to be the giant flea market sells snacks , popular clothes that any visitor can also visit .
yellow leaves in tokyo .

Nightlife in Tokyo

Nightlife in Tokyo

Tokyo is most expensive city in the world, crazy city and the hustle of the day job , but also a dazzling city lights of sleepless nights .

From nightclubs with loud electronic music , to the delicious cocktail connoisseurs and those sidewalk cafes , the city that never sleeps, there are many things to captivate those who are looking for a night memorable .
Nightlife in Tokyo

Nightlife in Tokyo .

Night lights shining down illuminating sidewalks workaholics who are looking for a fun game night . Connoisseurs are always looking to the east of the county , starting a night at Eleven , luxury bar formerly known as Space Lab Yellow . The difference compared to the club ” wild ” than in Roppongi , this bar playing reggae music every week , famous for wines and soft luxury clients .

But the fun takes place in Roppongi , best known for the role partying and ” stirring ” to dock , which left an impression on those who first came to Tokyo . Let’s go dancing shoes on and headed to the Super Deluxe , a space filled with art and music experience hidden in the basement of an abandoned building , where you can sip the natives a little Tokyo Ale , or tasted homemade pizza or vegetarian curries , the white leather sofa luxury .
bar in tokyo

You should mingle with the natives enjoy cocktails attractive and vibrant music when visiting Zoetrope . This is really where ” indulge a meal ” Whether you choose to try whiskey or a random menu item with ambiguous names unknown. In the dim light surrounds who tipsy , silent films will be projected on the walls at night and colorful surrealist paintings of Takeo Kimura .

Nightlife in Tokyo .

Dinner in the heart of Japan’s capital is also quite interesting . For example, in Isen , one of Tokyo ‘s most delicious restaurant tucked away in a narrow alley , on the second floor of the office building anonymous . Once inside , choose seats at the counter eating the wooden puzzle and watch the chefs working in the open kitchen . If sushi is your favorite item , then walk towards the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in the world, with up to 450 different kinds of fresh fish to choose delight .

And not to be missed , it’s Womb , fashionable nightclub has appeared in films Inarritu ‘s Babel , spread over four floors with the top-quality laser beam and an impressive sound system with house music , electro and techno . If you love the music of international DJs such as Fatboy Slim and Paul Van Dyck go to Ageha , all native Japanese nightclub . Consistency between industrial Shin Kiba , with four bars, an outdoor swimming pool and a private dance floor . This club is a perfect place to dance until dawn.

When the first rays of the sun through the window , find the way back to the hotel. Across the bedroom and went straight to the spa for beauty treatment rooms , sauna and swimming pool , where you can kicked off the shoes and feet refreshing jump into the blue waters throughout .

Nightlife in Tokyo .

Green space in the heart of Tokyo

Visitors can easily find four ‘ green space ‘ peaceful , creative in the heart of Tokyo Modern and vibrant .

When referring to an industrial country , consuming tons of electronics every year , whaling activities or nuclear disaster , people often think of the ” land of the rising sun ” . Few Japanese pictured a green and environmentally friendly . However, you’ll easily see where there is no breakthrough initiatives for environmental solutions such as Japan since arriving in this country.

Pasona garden

Prominent green building , is unique Pasona corporate headquarters in Marunouchi district . No one can mistake of building Pasona by countless small tree branch growing out of the floor board . Inside the company equally “green ” , especially canteen area , looks like the greenhouse pots hanging by the ceiling . Furthermore, the campus has buildings farm growing vegetables , even the rice plant . The 1.5 hectare farm , with the support of artificial light , can be harvested three times a year .

Green space

However, it consumes a lot of energy to maintain the farm house . Pasona company said they do not recommend this project as an ecological solution . Works as an effort to promote understanding of environmental issues and food supply industry . More importantly , this is a pioneering experiment to develop urban farms in the other . The visit here will be no charge , but you should be set.

Agricultural markets UNU

Taking place every Saturday and Sunday , from 10h – 16h at Aoyama United Nations University ( UNU ) , the market sold fresh organic products and handicrafts map . The market has attracted traders flavoring , natural cosmetics and some other items . The best time to visit here is from 17h – 19h Saturday of the third week of every month when taking out version ‘ night market ‘ .

Shinijuku Gyoen Park

The park is located in Yoyogi Koen center with gardens and traditional Korakuen Kiyosumi Teien . This is the ideal place to rest , relax , away from the noise of life . Spread over 58 hectares , the park is over 100 years old garden style combination of three countries England, France and Japan .

Shinijuku Gyoen Park
In spring , the garden filled with delicate pink cherry blossoms . Summer roses in the French style gardens bloom , the most splendid . When autumn comes , the streets littered lawns interspersed with colorful fallen leaves . All year round , Shinijuku Gyoen is a perfect garden . Tickets to the park are not expensive , only $ 2.4 .

” Village ” Yoyogi

It takes only 10 minutes walk from the port of Shinijuka Sendagaya Gyoen , this land is present as ” the blue wing ” of Tokyo . It is called ” villages ” started in 2011 by manufacturing magnate pop – rock band from Japan – Mr . Children collaborate with Kurkku , which owns restaurant chains – the café and ecological ” green design ” of stores and libraries in Omotesando .

Village Yoyogi
” Village ” is designed to cool the two walls , trees along the wooden walkway , modern architecture , but simply to make up the comfortable shopping scene . Complex includes clothing store with organic fabrics environmentally friendly , an Italian-style restaurant , a friendly café , an elegant spa and bar .