Things to do in Bali Indonesia – Tropical Paradise

Things to do in Bali Indonesia – Tropical Paradise

Among the thousands of islands in Indonesia , Bali emerged as a brilliant diamond . It named ” tropical paradise ” by travelers .

Bali , the beautiful tropical island of Indonesia become one of the most beautiful destinations in Asia. In 2012 the island has welcomed 2.8 million tourists , mostly from European countries . BaliĀ  attracted tourists by the beautiful sea , culture with many festivals and beautiful temple is situated on the sea .
Things to do in Bali Indonesia
Fly with Singapore Airlines , visitors will transit at Changi airport and quickly to Bali , which contained countless new things . In publications travel guides , artistic element is always emphasized when someone introduce about Bali . Their tour guide will take you to reach the world of folk art in Bali . Creative arts are attributes of this beautiful island . Bali has thousands , tens of thousands of temples . All ports are modeled on the iconic Mount god ” Meru” which split in two , opening up devout space insideĀ  .

Tanah Lot temple
In particular , the famous Tanah Lot temple on the sacred and unique . Go here , you will see a temple as separating tidal waters in the morning . Journey will visit followed the Royal Temple , an ancient temple of Mengwi dynasty architectural perfection ; Gunungkawi Kingstombs tomb and temple Tirta Empul spring – where legend has been making water ageless man .
In fact , the immortality is physically distant dream , but retained the youthful emotional not too difficult . Visitors can see this in the course of exploring Bali to Batubulan Cultural Village , a lovely village Barong and Keris dance tradition . Here, you will receive a cool breeze on Kitamani high plateau 1,500 meters above sea level , magnificent panoramic view of the volcano and lake Batur . Watch the scene , mixing feel the wonders of heaven and earth , many things make sense creativity of Balinese art , especially in the village of Mas and Ubud . Here , folk artists use materials of steel , glass , wood , stone , rattan , bamboo … to create thousands of types of items indigenous sexism is very popular with visitors .

Visitors to Bali enjoy surfing , and the Vietnamese often go shopping or beach . The island has hundreds of large and small sandy beach , where appropriate also to relax under the warm sun . On the shore are hundreds , thousands of restaurants, a bar , where you enjoy Chinese food , France , Italy , India … with a special taste . As a Muslim country but Indonesia has relatively liberal lifestyle . Bali received all kinds of visitors to the cultural mix as special , so anyone will find out for themselves what attractive .

Things to do in Bali Indonesia – Tropical Paradise .