3 interesting facts about japan

Today I will show you 3 interesting facts about japan

Japan is an island nation arc , located to the east side of the mango according to the Asian mainland , east of South Korea , Russia and China .

From past to present , Japan has become one of the countries with the most unique culture and science and technology development to attract the attention of the whole world .

These interesting facts about japan prove to the world that Japan deserves to be one of the leading countries by rich cultural tradition and strong economic super power .

1 . Japanese name means ” the sun’s origin ” and thus be understood as ” the land of the rising sun ” . Japan also has the aesthetic as ” land of cherry blossoms ” , because this flower bloom throughout Japan from north to south , or ” daisy country ” because flowers like daisies 16 solar wings are spread projection is a symbol of royalty and the Japan national emblem today.

3 interesting facts about japan

Or Japan also known as visceral – a kind of shrubbery . According to ancient Oriental myth shrubbery called hollow viscera or no increase , where the sun god rest before riding the train travels across the sky from east to west , so visceral connotations literature only where the sun rises .

3 interesting facts about japan 

2 . More than 70 % of Japan consists of mountains , of which there are 200 volcanoes and includes more than 6,800 islands .

interesting facts about japan

Japan has always endured natural disasters

Geographical location of the country that Japan is one of the countries natural disasters happen in the world . The two most serious threats are earthquakes and tsunamis . Every year Japan suffered minor earthquake 7500 , Tokyo has 150 own game .

3 interesting facts about japan .
3 . Japanese cuisine is very rich and special . Includes sushi , tea and other dishes like cakes made ​​from rice flour .

Japanese cuisine

However, Japanese cuisine is also quite dangerous with dishes like salad pufferfish ( Fugu Sashi ) . Part abdominal muscles and are considered relatively safe , but to have an eagle eye to eliminate the toxins . How many people have died from eating poison of the Fugu dishes . But here is considered Japan’s specialty . In central Tokyo there are many restaurants this item processing . Diners will compliment delicious if they were still alive after eating this dish .

3 interesting facts about japan .
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Etiquette of Japanese in New Year

Etiquette of Japanese in New Year

New Year in Japan also known as Shougatsu . On this day , they usually decorate the house, work together and present Mochi Otoshidama for good luck and happiness .

1 . New Year’s Eve with family

There are many Japanese people back home to welcome the new year with family . Just like in Vietnam , South Korea , China and many other Asian countries , the Japanese new year concept is also an opportunity for loved ones to gather , review the memories of the past year .

2 . Decorating the house

The house in the new year will be decorated with lucky charms style Japanese tradition , expressing beliefs and desires in the new year . The Japanese can buy or order as a straw wreath is beautiful and talisman for good luck and hang on your front door . In addition, they should also put a side door kadomatsu ( lucky tree – a tree or through certain scenes ) , or have a comment Maneki neko ( lucky cat ) in the house , or on the desk of its a kumade ( coal rake for good luck ) .

etiquette of japanese

Maneki neko –  lucky cat  is very popular in traditional Japanese

Etiquette of Japanese in New Year .

3 . Mochi recipe

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake , tough and sweet . It is also often referred to this dish as ” O – mochi ” , ” o ” is a syllable added to the solemn , suggesting that spiritual food . Mochi is an indispensable part of the celebration of the new year in Japan . You can enjoy Mochi in many ways . People often have breakfast with hot soup dish known as Mochi is Zouni , or eaten with soy sauce or mustard . In addition , you can use fresh bread for dinner with a bit of traditional green tea .

4 . Held a Bonenkai ( old year farewell party )

This may be a party was held in the tea room with tatami mattress and Japanese style low table , or a Western-style restaurant , but the food is traditional food of Japan . It could be shashimi , soba noodle , red fish soup , fugu dishes , rice , caviar , tempura , and sake . Traditionally , Japanese people are not self- filling wine that usually fill their cups of friends to see their cup run .

Etiquette of Japanese in New Year .

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Night sleep between Cuc Phuong National Park

Night sleep between Cuc Phuong National Park .

Spacious contemporary expression of thousands with cool blue will make people forget their tiredness . Dust of 120 km road from Hanoi to Cuc Phuong ( Ninh Binh ) will vanish when stepping through the gate into the jungle .

Sugar crept into the forest through the trees . The late afternoon sun was collected light thin mist gave way to divert around the table space . Where , ringed birds chirping hear each other on the call , his voice insects hiding in the green grass . Night and darkness to quickly spread rapidly throughout the alleys and side streets . Sparse road lights .

Cuc Phuong National Park
From the forest in the middle of the forest about 20 km , the distance is not very long , but because of the poetry of a night ride in the wind incessant whispering of leaves thousands that anyone not in a hurry to go fast . The car tandem arrays of light to scan the sides . Each time a steeper line , each time a dense forest and sparse absent more . Clear nights are cold enough and windy night full cheeks do more hands pressed deep into his pockets to help cool .

Donate to the wing several times to Cuc Phuong run just to get some time inhaling the flavor of the forest . Between open space , hundreds of thousands of cool plants , sometimes they just interested in walking the trails , look for the rare species in the dense forests or sometimes three times running joke bicycle inversely , happily enjoying the fresh air this . There is not much to go away , they just swinging on the swing foot tapping front resort , squinting happily with sunlight dancing through the foliage .

Wooden house deep in the forest mingle with friendly forests . Night on the small balcony of the house breaks around the forest , a warm cup of tea with you the story of the people . Partly down cold . Smell of incense , the taste death nail cinnamon wafting from the small burner in golden candlelight as confidential . Wind gently , not enough candles , made ​​only more aromatic wood , extra long flowing story . In addition to the space jungle , faint smell of wet earth , his throne of grass , the smell of wood and fog .

Wake Forest visitors travel by song songbird . English chirping chatter that most guys also have trouble sleeping leaning chin on hand to enjoy. In tune with joy to praise the sun, with joyful smiles of happy couples , are welcome song of the jungle . Coo .

Both forests as newly washed overnight dew soaked bathroom . The morning light adorn the mist and gently scratching the grass barefoot . A yellow and white butterfly butterflies beams underneath the walkway , passing footsteps enough to make beautiful butterflies fluttering . The spider is holding blinds low beams , pay later crackling grasshoppers jump grass , coconut beetle leaf silence … It looks like things are busy with their own work , as well noisy rush , all well described and down , somewhere in the deep forests , the insects are making a more beautiful forests .

When the stranger passionately absorbed in the natural beauty of the morning , it seems, how anxiety and fatigue are all melted together beautiful vivid colors of the jungle . Although time has passed away , a night to Cuc Phuong still deep in a corner in the hearts of those who once experienced , then be attached and then re- run occasionally in the arms of the jungle .

The experience culture trip in the sunrise country

The experience culture trip in the sunrise country .

Culture with a unique blend of traditional and modern Japanese made ​​become the ideal destination for those who love to explore .


Art enjoy a traditional tea ceremony has the country’s longstanding Japanese . The steps in the process of tea , tea will be followed by four basic principles jaku wa kei sei aka Hoa – Glass – Bar – Pure . Wa – harmony ( between man and nature ) , kei – respect (for others, sei – purity ( of mind ) and jaku – silence . Purpose of the tea ceremony is directed to clean the air by his soul to nature , from that to the cultivation of enlightenment .

sunrise country

Many visitors choose to participate in the tea ceremony while in Kyoto , the city is famous by the classic elegant beauty , its traditions bold . Note that in this tea party , bring the relatively bitter tea because tea drinking originated from matcha – a green tea powder . Therefore, cakes usually served with , just to lessen the bitterness has increased the taste of green tea .


In modern-day Japan , so for as we can see geisha , except that where traditional Kyoto geisha strongest remaining . Trained a standard way of traditional disciplines such as classical Japanese dance , flower arrangement , tea ceremony … geisha become very popular throughout the years of the 19th century . But today the geisha still active but the number is declining . Geisha are not prostitutes , they are both talented artists perform dance music had the ability to talk , and is known for its sophisticated style makeup and costumes traditional kimono .

Today, it is difficult to catch a true geisha in Kyoto standards because they often appear only in private clubs , but occasionally can be seen walking on the geisha district of Gion streets at dusk . Besides this place also hosts many concerts geisha that anyone can join. Although this may not be true geisha standards , they also share the transmission characteristics of traditional Japanese culture to visitors .


This wine is traditionally cooked Japanese rice . Sake has emerged from a year ago and is an integral part of the spiritual and cultural life of the Japanese ( sake plays a very important role in a number of Shinto ritual ) . This is a very popular drink , second only to beer consumption .

Sake is meant sip and enjoy . There are hundreds of factories in Japan Sake , abundant species with taste and different flavors . Depending on the type of sake that wine stored in different ways : hot , cold or at room temperature . Because the sake enjoy relatively complex , it would be great if you try different types of sake under the professional guidance of those who served at the bar .


Perhaps food is the most exported around the world from Japan is sushi . Although the bar can find this special rice rolls in almost all countries in the world , but nothing is being enjoyed by hundreds of sushi on the ground produced it .

My favorite place to explore and enjoy the freshest sushi around the area Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo . Come to the market early in the morning to admire the fish market scene with lots of sea creatures , then walk into a sushi restaurant to enjoy this delicious fresh food . Or you can choose to combine sightseeing tour Tsukiji fish market with a basic course sushi .

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo is a traditional martial arts are all Japanese citizens honor . In fact , it is the national sport . This wrestling has a history of hundreds of years and have close relationships with the ritual dances of the Shinto religion . A wrestling match usually has many ritual elements so gladiators must comply with extremely strict regime , as the monks so .

Visitors can very easily participate in a sumo wrestling match in Tokyo , Osaka or in any major city in Japan .

Modern youth culture

Japan, which is known for its history and rich cultural traditions , but also very well known in terms of popular culture ( pop culture ) colorful and extremely unique .

A stroll around the ring through the streets of Tokyo will help you have a more comprehensive view of modern culture of Japan. Especially when visit Harajuku neighborhood , you will see a lot of young Japanese dressed in full fashion style , or were dressed in costumes cosplay ( dress up like comic character , video game , cartoon ) or even style ” kawaii ” ( cute ) .

Even more interesting is when you arrive in Akihabara , also known as the famous electronics market in Tokyo . Visit the area at night to see the bright lights sparkling while going along the electronics stores and a variety of shops dedicated to the fans of comics , anime … Go to Akihabara , you will have the feeling seems to be making a trip to the future .

These delicious dishes to try on India

These delicious dishes to try on India , I’m sure you will like them .

In addition to flavor dishes odor concentration is Carri, anise, chili powder and countless other flavors, you taste the delicacies interesting very popular in India.

Lassi Yogurt

In the dish in India, the most popular is the lassi, a yogurt drink fermented goats and good for health. Lassi divided into several types, sour, sweet and fruit. Price per cup Lassi 20 Pr (8,000 VND). From the most luxurious restaurants or sidewalk stalls are selling lassi. The most interesting are the goblet containing lassi is made of simple clay.

delicious dishes

Naan bread

The Naan pie dough is made daily dish of India. Naan Bread is served with Carri or do not eat. Naan bread with cheese’s also very delicious. Two Naan bread is hot enough for breakfast, delicious and cheap.

Naan bread


Traditional dishes are available in the table and in the shops Thali menu. This is the common name of popular foods including rice, naan bread, Carri bean, Carri potatoes, unsweetened yogurt and a few other items. Thali is placed in the tray with several small bowls. Prices range 50Rp – 150Pp ($1 – $3).

Chicken Rice Carri

Carri chicken rice dish is easy to make in the Indian restaurants. With its special flavor and golden color, this easy dish attractive people can eat Carri. Carri bold are easy to eat with hot rice.
Chicken Rice Carri

Samosa Cake

After the meal, just cake dessert with Samosa, made famous taro, bread is usually triangular, semicircular or tetrahedral shape. Cake may be the sweet or the salty very attractive. Note to anyone not eat bread Samosa Carri sold on the street as there is in the taste.
Samosa Cake


Just blowing hot milk tea drinking is just another special drinks throughout the streets of India. With 2 -3 Rp (8000-12000 contract), you get a cup of milk tea hot enough. At some point, you can always throw a terracotta cup. Beverage items from the sidewalk, every alley in the freezing hallway tourists and visitors filled the station.