death lake in the world

death lake in the world

Natron lake , Tanzania beauty magic with bright red as blood , as the creatures are petrified to step mysterious .

death lake

Located in northern Tanzania , lake natron no different from death on earth . The cause of this phenomenon is rare in lake alkalinity levels too high for the animals that unfortunately fell into the lake stumble decomposed and calcification . When the water level lowering , the carcasses wash ashore , coated with salt on her . With a large lake and bright as a mirror , not hard to imagine why these small animals lay unfortunate slip her into the lake .
” Culprit ” causing the volcano lake natron is a million years old Lengai Ol Doinyo south lake natron . The lava flowed down from the mountain carrying amount of other minerals, particularly with conventional seawater salt .

Identify the animal is too well preserved , the shape of our life remain , encased in the cement layer of salt . Living organisms once submerged in the lake will be destroyed in a very short time . Perhaps so that their body shape remains the same as when he was alive . Nick Brandt , a passionate photographer wildlife reconstruct the animal mummies and record images as vivid as when they were alive .

The few lucky species exist in natron are a few types of algae , bacteria and endemic flamingos . Lake Death is only the ideal place for flamingos nest during the breeding season . This is often the breeding grounds of approximately 2.5 million flamingos .

This crane species are also fall into a threat because they do not have an ideal environment for breeding other than lake natron . Alkaline environment of the lake is great traps against enemies trying to reach their nests . Lethal capability of the natron lakes provide peaceful space for breeding flamingos .

If deep water just enough , they will pass on the nest ledge salt and mud from the volcano. There are also disadvantaged eye flamingo lake and also downed become mummified in salt layer of cement and washed ashore as the other animals .

Apart from decomposing animals phenomenon is creepy lake natron also brings a magical beauty with bright red as blood by special bacteria .
death lake in the world .