Socotra island yemen – Land of ‘aliens’

Socotra island yemen –  Land of ‘aliens’

The isolated island of Socotra world that Yemen has plants and exotic animals such as images come from another planet .

Socotra Island located in the Indian Ocean , just 400 km from Somalia , is actually an archipelago made ​​up of four small islands . It split in contrast to the rest of the world , there are hot dry climate is harsh and every part of Africa about 6 million years ago .

On the island there are hundreds of species of animals and plants unique . One third of the 700 species on Socotra island can not grow in any other place in the world . In other words , where there is a special habitat for exotic animals and plants .

Socotra island

Dragon Blood tree to look like a giant umbrella .

One of the species most impressive on the island as ” dragon’s blood tree ” ( Dracaena Cinnabar ) , an umbrella -shaped tree . Legend has it that the resin of the plant purple formerly of dragon blood , have healing effects . In the Middle Ages , this resin is used to make workers herd of hairy cells . Currently it is the local people used in processing color paint and varnished .

There is also another great one species is known as the ” Desert Rose ” ( Adenium Obesium ) , charming shape and vigor stretched on rocky ground . Trees bloom pink flowers in April giant annually . Trunk is a precious water reserves for the land of the semi-desert climate . The tree can reach a height of 5 meters width and 3 meters in diameter .

pink flowers

The bright pink flowers rise on Socotra island .

Species of native mammals are bats on the island only . However there are also dogs and cats with sizes much larger than in Europe , weighing up to 27 pounds ( 12 kg ) . They are said to be descendants of wild cats were taken to the island by settlers .

Socotra island yemen –  Land of ‘aliens’ .

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