Top 10 most beautiful state of United States

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States

If you intend to travel in the U.S. , you should not ignore the state beautiful landscape below.

1 . State of California

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California is known as the most beautiful states in the U.S. by the great beauty of the beaches , the picturesque vineyards and majestic landscape of mountains , forests , lakes , parks , desert … Besides , California also addresses many tourist attractions such as Hollywood , Disneyland , Yosemite national Park , Napa valley and San Francisco Bay .

2 . Montana State

Montana StateMontana – land of unspoiled landscape and blue sky – is one of the most beautiful states in America . The address where tourism is popular in Glacier National Park , Lawis & Clark Trail , Yellowstone , Big ski resort Ski or rocky mountains west of Montana .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

3 .   Alaska State

Alaska State

Reaching out of the Arctic Ocean , Alaska is the state with the largest area in the United States . Alaska is a great combination of endless snow-capped mountains and river systems and lakes, diverse wildlife , rich . It is also regarded as a paradise for lovers of adventure and a place to admire the beautiful scenery in the world .

4 . Utah State
Utah State

Utah is known as the state with the incredible beauty of the natural wonders . Here, visitors will admire the beauty of Arches National Park , Canyonlands National Park and Stone Mountain Basin – home to the best ski resort in the United States .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

5 . Arizona State

Arizona State

Arizona State is where a lot of the most frequent visitors to the United States . It has stunning views of the canyon , forest , lake and river valleys weird .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

6 . Hawaii


Hawaii is known for its unique culture as well as the abundance of fauna and flora and the natural landscape . This is the only U.S. state made ​​up of islands and there are many great sanctuaries National Monument Papahanaumokuakea , Haleakala National Park , National Park Hawaii Volcanoes … The place attracts many visitors especially Pearl Harbor , Maui , Big Island and Kauai .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

7 . State of Colorado

Owning a series of scenic spots in the national parks , ski resorts , the wildlife conservation … , Colorado is in the top 10 of America’s most beautiful state . Colorado has the natural beauty of the landscapes and the diversity , the richness of nature. From the stunning beauty of the rocky mountains to the Colorado River gorge deep in the address are attracting tourists to come here .

8 . Michigan State

Michigan State

Michigan State luckier than other states in the U.S. because there are many large lakes and natural beauty. The scenic highlights may be mentioned here that Pictured Rocks , Mackinac Island , the wildlife preserve Isle Royale , Sleeping Bear sand dunes …

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

9 . State of Oregon
Oregon State

Oregon is one of the states in the American popular culture and landscape . Besides the beauty of Steens Mountain , Crater Lake National Park , famous places in this state is the coast of Oregon , Columbia Historic Highway Lake and Cascade Lake Highway . Oregon is such a great gift that ” mother nature ” bestowed on American soil .

Top 10 most beautiful state of United States .

10 . Florida State

Florida State
The state of Florida is located in the southernmost point of the U.S. . It has a harmonious blend of blue beaches , colorful cities , romantic light , balmy weather and the sweet Latin tunes .

With beautiful Miami beaches such as Venice of America and the entertainment world’s most famous – Disney World , Florida is always an ideal destination for tourists . The highlight here is the gorgeous beaches , vibrant life of people and a lot of hidden outback interesting things for you to discover .

Top 10 most beautiful state of  United States .