The sacred shrine in Tokyo for grace

Forget the small alley in Shinjuku or Shibuya ‘s hectic , instead you visit the temple in Tokyo love to pray or simply exploring our current situation . Here are 3 mecca holiest love and are easy to find in Tokyo .

1 . The Tokyo Daijingu
sacred shrine in Tokyo

Temple Tokyo Daijingu . Photo: yqtravelling

According to locals , Daijingu Tokyo is the most sacred temple on the coast . In fact , it is one of the holiest shrines in Japan not only on the coast but in all aspects. This temple is a subsidiary of Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture , one of the most sacred places . The temple was built on the orders of Emperor Meiji in 1880 so that people can be blessed from Ise Shrine without having to take Mie Prefecture .

People , especially women , often to Daijingu for many reasons but primarily to pray for grace or love will not fall apart . There are many love talismans are sold here . The amulet will open that looks like a human heart has integrated image you love . There are also many wooden card ” enmusubi ema ” are painted with various shapes and different colors . Enmusubi is a term that is often tied to each other and are used to mount the amulet between love and marriage .

2 . Imado Jinja

Imado Jinja
Imado Jinja Shrine . Photo: Muza – chan

Imado Temple Asakusa Jinja lies at the bottom , away from the other temples , shops and Hanayashiki Amusement Park . It is considered the cradle of waving lucky cat Maneki Neko , or Japanese . However, the true symbol of Jinja Imado two cats, a male and a cat a cat , together with a waving front legs , their legs are raised higher .

According to locals , waving lucky cat footed or left footed difference , in which the cat foot holds up . The cat waved footed will bring good luck to people , and waved his left leg will bring good luck in the job . The temple is a pilgrimage destination ideal for those who demand the coast .

After praying , visitors often queuing up to buy the amulet and they may have to wait up to three hours , especially on holidays . Also , some people feel that it is taking a picture of two cats in the temple will bring good luck in love .

Most visitors will get a card has been enmusubi wood enmusubi ema ema , with the two cats in royal costume was painted on one side . Guests will write prayers of love , good luck on the other side and hang them in front of the main temple to the gods can read their prayers .

3 . Izumo Taisha Tokyo Bunsha

Roppongi is known as the capital of entertainment areas in Tokyo but where there is a famous temple of love – Izumo Taisha Shrine Tokyo Bunsha . It is located on the street on a hill facing the Roppongi and is surrounded by restaurants and other business establishments .

Izumo Taisha is known as a place for those who wish to marry but can not find half of my life . This is also a sacred place for engaged couples or couples wishing to marry their love will be lasting . There is also a lot of charms sold around the temple , to find love charms and amulets to make lasting marriage will be .

A trip to visit three temples on here would love to help you understand more about life and people of Japan . These prayers can help you find what looking for yourself , but you will never know when your true love will come to you . Pray in the temple is likely to bring good luck in love , but remember you also have to have faith and patience ( especially when standing in line to buy amulets ) will get what you want .