St Ppetersburg – Russian fashion sense

St Ppetersburg – Russian fashion sense

Like the city we live possesses unique architecture , elegant , the people of St. Petersburg – which was dubbed the fashion capital of Russia – always know how to dress the best taste . The people here are notoriously possesses personality style of dress and fancy adventure , they inflame the passion , creating the unique style of fashion and latest novelties .

St Ppetersburg

St Petersburg is considered as ‘ fashion capital ‘ in Russia . Photo: CNN .

If you want to find the clothing bazaar shops in the city , visitors can make people feel difficult tour . But if you take the time to sit for 30 minutes subway to the northern suburbs , we will have access to the ” gold mine ” in Russian clothing . In this market , you can find anything but a favorite fashionistas .

active market in Russia

An active market in Russia . Photo: CNN .

Near the station Udelnaya have a market that sells old furniture imported from Europe and the visitor is hard to ignore . The stores are full of clothes from the Soviet era , furniture , cameras , antiques , musical instruments , old military costumes … Every weekend , not only tourists but local people methods are very crowded gathered to trade and exchange .

Half of those sales were men and they were very professional in helping buyers find with something special – although their definition of special characters that may apply to the customer.

Besides the sale of secondhand clothing stores , markets on the outskirts of St. Petersburg also a destination of enthusiasts boots and turtleneck , those cute little accessories but hard to find .

Also passionate shopping , visiting St. Petersburg also fascinated by the famous scenic spots . Or sunbathe beside the Neva river side of the wall next to the Peter and Paul Fortress is the not to be missed when in the summer .

Peter and Paul fortress

Peter and Paul fortress beside the Neva . Photo: Internet .

St. Petersburg is also famous cities of the ancient palatial palace . So , two palaces and summer is winter destination that most visitors will want to visit as a chance to set foot in Russia.

3 interesting facts about japan

Today I will show you 3 interesting facts about japan

Japan is an island nation arc , located to the east side of the mango according to the Asian mainland , east of South Korea , Russia and China .

From past to present , Japan has become one of the countries with the most unique culture and science and technology development to attract the attention of the whole world .

These interesting facts about japan prove to the world that Japan deserves to be one of the leading countries by rich cultural tradition and strong economic super power .

1 . Japanese name means ” the sun’s origin ” and thus be understood as ” the land of the rising sun ” . Japan also has the aesthetic as ” land of cherry blossoms ” , because this flower bloom throughout Japan from north to south , or ” daisy country ” because flowers like daisies 16 solar wings are spread projection is a symbol of royalty and the Japan national emblem today.

3 interesting facts about japan

Or Japan also known as visceral – a kind of shrubbery . According to ancient Oriental myth shrubbery called hollow viscera or no increase , where the sun god rest before riding the train travels across the sky from east to west , so visceral connotations literature only where the sun rises .

3 interesting facts about japan 

2 . More than 70 % of Japan consists of mountains , of which there are 200 volcanoes and includes more than 6,800 islands .

interesting facts about japan

Japan has always endured natural disasters

Geographical location of the country that Japan is one of the countries natural disasters happen in the world . The two most serious threats are earthquakes and tsunamis . Every year Japan suffered minor earthquake 7500 , Tokyo has 150 own game .

3 interesting facts about japan .
3 . Japanese cuisine is very rich and special . Includes sushi , tea and other dishes like cakes made ​​from rice flour .

Japanese cuisine

However, Japanese cuisine is also quite dangerous with dishes like salad pufferfish ( Fugu Sashi ) . Part abdominal muscles and are considered relatively safe , but to have an eagle eye to eliminate the toxins . How many people have died from eating poison of the Fugu dishes . But here is considered Japan’s specialty . In central Tokyo there are many restaurants this item processing . Diners will compliment delicious if they were still alive after eating this dish .

3 interesting facts about japan .
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