Exploring the primeval forests – Taman Negara

Located between Taman Negara national park , tropical forests is a part of the natural landscapes of the most impressive in the region of Malaysia ecological exist from ancient times to the present.

Taman Negara formerly known as National Park King George V , but then when Malaysian independence , it was renamed to Taman Negara (ie national parks ) .

Park was absolute protection throughout 70 years and is constantly reminiscent to as a treasure of rich natural mothers , with no habitat disturbance and fauna have evolved a way naturally over millions of years .

Taman Negara
Map National Park . Photo: silvermaanventure

This is a fascinating place where visitors can explore by bus from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Tembeling , and a train from Kuala Tembeling the river road 60 km in 2 to 3 hours . Once in the park , visitors can stay entirely in one of the environmentally friendly vacation here to enjoy life in the jungle at night . If not , you can make trips in a day . Admission is 1 RM ( 7,000 ) per person , 5 RM ( 35,000 ) for the camera and RM 50 ( 350,000 dong) for tickets .

The highlight of any visit to Taman Negara is how to walk the journey along unusual lines hanging across the rainforest . The way this thin wire hanging look as if it has existed for a generation here , but it is a real work was completed recently and is very safe .

Adventurous visitors can make jungle expedition in the daytime or at night, walking along the trail have been marked, or cross section of rapids on the river Tembeling. Some settlements of nomadic Batek people, the natives still keep hunters and gatherers living tradition, located between the national park as well as highlight attract visitors. Near the town of Kuala Tahan, you can also visit the cave Gua Telingga shaped like an ear.