A Guide to Nightlife in Brussels

A Guide to Nightlife in Brussels

After a whole day touring Brussels, Belgium what most visitors like to do is kick back and relax with a drink or dance the night away, depending on the age and inclination of the visitor. The nightlife in Brussels is high quality, though it may lack variety. Like all European countries, there are pubs on every corner where you can enjoy a draft of beer. Yet, for those who want to do more than bar hop, Brussels offers so much more.

A Guide to Nightlife in Brussels

The nightlife in Brussels is all about the bars, clubs and the discos. You can find anything from bars that boast the 40’s oldies to techno music that is upbeat and hip. So here is a guide to the nightlife in Brussels that will help you choose the best routine for your visit.

Brussels boasts cocktails bars of all type and variety from the traditional to the unique. Tourists can enjoy dinner shows, cabarets, theaters, and puppet theaters of the traditional variety, jazz clubs and even opera and ballet.

If you like a casual and relaxed atmosphere where dress code is low on the priority list and fun is high, then opt to go to Lower City, Brussels. There are a lot of private nightclubs that offer a nights membership and while ultra casual attire is not allowed, semi-formal to casual is accepted. This area is hip and upbeat and ideal for those who are still in the throes of youth!

One bar that usually boasts hosting the youthful intelligentsia of Brussels is “The Kafka” where the conversation can seem ethereal. The interior is musty and great with an ambience that is ancient, while still entertaining. This is a place to relax when the night is coming to an end. Other more formal clubs include The Fuse located in the Marolles district. Le Soleil, is a little bar great for the quieter crowd that likes to drink and chat.

For something different you can opt for the Théâtre de Toone VII where you can watch puppet shows while drinking. Jazz clubs are popular in Brussels with the live music scene taking dominance. Jazz clubs like L’Archiduc and Sounds Jazz Club, are two of the popular ones while the Ancienne Belgique wil have everything from Rock to Jazz to the Electro. The Chez Maman offers the glitter and dazzle of feathers in a great cabaret experience. While the DJ bar, with an underground experience in open air, is the Le Gazon, where DJ’s play anything from eletro to acid house.

If you have had enough of the bar and club scene, opt for the Goupil le Fol which is a converted junk shop where you can sit on sofas in a quiet, serene environment and sip on unique wines. The nightlife in Brussels has a lot to offer it just depends on who you ask and what you are looking for, look in the right places and you can have a blast of a time…your way.