Best Thai Restaurants in the Nashville Area

Best Thai Restaurants in the Nashville Area

Long gone are the days when people think of Nashville as just a hick burg where Dolly Pardon and Hank Williams, Jr. hang their hats and Opryland lures yelling kids to carnival rides. Oh yes, the Grand Ole Opry still attracts the top headliners on the country circuit and the hotels still do a booming business centered around the fact that Nashville is both a recording magnet for performers and a top place for new country-western talent to get into the spotlight.

But Nashville, like its sister cities of Memphis and Knoxville, has been slowly transformed by regional demographics. Over the past 15 or so years the entire state has seen a tremendous influx of Latin Americans and Southeast Asians who have migrated here because of the low costs of living and doing business in this state (one of a handful that has no state income tax).

There are discreet areas in the Tennessee countryside where Vietnamese and Hmong populations have settled. More and more Southeast Asians have come to the area for its mild climate. And they have also migrated to the urban area.
Because of this influx Nashville has been the beneficiary of some wonderful Thai Cuisine. There are five Restaurants that are highlighted on the Internet and which have brief information about the food and amenities. Let’s take a tour of them now. Many do not have their own web sites yet but I have retrieved as many available reviews as can be found.

Royal Thai 
120 19th Ave. N
Nashville, TN 37203
Royal Thai serves traditional Thai recipes like Thai Chicken soup with coconut, Thai stir-fried noodles, “Pad Thai,” Thai Sticky Rice, and Green Curry. The one review I found said that the food is excellent and the service is very attentive. It is centrally located and may be well worth a visit.

The Siam Café 
316 McCall St.
Nashville, TN 37211-2918
(615) 834-3181

Best Thai Restaurants in the Nashville Area
This out of the way restaurant is said to be small and friendly. Serving traditional Thai food, it is said to please even younger patrons. Overall, it is rated very favorably. Service is prompt and it has many loyal luncheon devotees. The food is very reasonably priced. Traditional Thai recipes like red and green curry and Pad Thai are served with very fresh ingredients.

Thai Taste Restaurant 
395 Haywood Ln
Nashville, TN 37211-5424
(615) 834-9250
This restaurant has had some very good reviews. Their blending of exotic spices and traditional ingredients is its distinctive feature. Spicy, sweet salty and hot flavors permeate this cozy unpretentious restaurant that is housed in a cinderblock building.

A papaya salad with tomatoes and spicy dressing is one of its signature dishes. All dishes are served according to customer’s choice, but the native Thai hot dishes can be tried at your own risk. There is a medly of seafood and other entrees. Inexpensive and clean, this restaurant sounds like a must try for families who want to test-taste authentic Thai food. Major credit cards accepted.

International Market and Restaurant 
2010 Belmont Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212
Cuisines: Asian, Thai

The cuisine here is Asian and Thai and the price range is very, very reasonable: $1 – $20. They’re said to have great food by several reviewers. International Market and Restaurant is open Monday through Sunday it is both an International market as well as a Restaurant. They serve the traditional Thai foods and you can both eat in or take out. This restaurant offers a “touch of Americana” for those who like the milder versions of the chicken soups, etc. Their egg rolls are made with rice noodles and are supposedly a real delight. Major credit cards are accepted. It’s a good place to browse after eating if you fancy a particular ingredient from dinner or lunch!

Royal Thai 
210 Franklin Rd, Ste 700
Brentwood, TN 37027-3252
(615) 376-9695

Moderately priced, this restaurant is a mini-chain, very hospitable for those on the run or families with children. Rice, noodle and curry dishes make up some of the categories of dishes they offer. Moderately priced, they take all major credit cards. They will also prepare your food as mild or spicy as you like. The traditional chicken soup with lime and coconut milk is a favorite. Most reviewers rated it mediocre, but it might be a good place to try out for families because of special preparation of food to suit the palate of the diners.

Nashville – music capital of the U.S

Nashville – music capital of the us

” Welcome to Nashville , you can take luggage bins and  guitar in conveyor ” the words of the hostess when you are landing in the state capital of Tennessee , USA .
As the state capital of east Tennessee Central America , Nashville is the center of the music industry and nickname ” Music City – the city of music ” also stems from that .

Nashville has over 125 places to play blues , rock , jazz and country ( country music ) . Looking for a place to listen to music in just a matter of  your hobby . Music is everywhere , you will be able to hear the songs emanating from speakers placed at the intersection or street side cafes .

Nashville has songwriter community is the largest and it’s unique place where you can drop ” music ” from the top down rather than ” time ball ” during the Eve as other cities .
There are many places to play music at Neshville . Photo: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

You can begin your exploration of Nashville at the Country Music Hall of Fame and museum has the same name , where it ‘s kept many mementos like country music album , video clip , clothes performances by singers from the green shoes of Carl Perkins ‘s Versace gown Faith Hill , Taylor Swift guitar or a shiny Cadillac of Elvis Presley . Also Music City ‘s Walk of Fame – Avenue for famous music artists are worth to visit and allow you to come closer to the singer , his favorite musician .

Also known as the ” House of thousands of hits ” , a visit to RCA Studio B can be make you know more about  Nashville . Located in the heart of ” Music Road ” ( 16th Avenue South and 17th ) , Studio B has recorded approximately 40 million singles each sold over 35,000 songs and over 200 Elvis songs Founded in 1957 , this studio to work the first day after Elvis died in 1977. coincidentally An amazingly .

Newest Museum in the city ‘s  ” Johnny Cash “ – musician , singer , actor and famous authors have great influence on American music in the 20th century . One of the precious artifacts is the marriage registration of June and Johnny , a portion of the wall of Hendersonville family had been destroyed by fire , a tin cup from Folsom Prison where Johnny Cash recorded albums and songs written tunes before he finally died .

Nashville 2

Wall portrays legendary singer songwriter – Johnny Cash . Photo: Cynthia Dial

Lower Broadway is district where entertainment of Nashville focus here . They are opened from 10am to 3am the next morning . You will feel the atmosphere of music ” dense ” surrounding streets . This step is where legends like Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson began his career . Nowadays , a lot of musical talent also seek opportunities to shine from Lower Broadway .

After wandering tired , you can stay at the Bluebird Café , close to Lower Broadway . From opening day in 1982, Bluebird has become Nashville ‘s treasures . Rich history in space , cafe is always ” mecca ” inspire so many musicians . Faith Hill and Kathy Mattea was trained on the stage this nice little cozy , plus singer -songwriter Taylor Swift also revealed 15 years old talent from here .

Most attractive destination city may include Grand Ole Opry . Many of the show from the young singer Carrie Underwood sang the country music legend Tammy Wynette with ” Stand by Your Man ” and Vince Gill … has left an unforgettable impression in the audience . In 1974, the theater Orpy moved from the old location to the current location Ryman and still exciting every night .

In addition to music , Nashville is still a lot of fun waiting for you to discover . The city was founded on Christmas Day 1779 . Near the highest point of the city – on Capitol Hill , you will be able to find one of the most wonderful place to stay , 5 star hotel Hermitage . Opened in 1910 , ” million dollar hotel ” luxurious Persian rug use , marble Sienna ( Italy ) on paved entrance and a glass ceiling in very artistic .