The Best Beaches in Mexico

The Best Beaches in Mexico

There are 5,000 beaches on the Mexican Carribean and Gulf of Mexico. With that many beaches how can you possibly choose which one is perfect for your family? Some beaches are simply stretches of shoreline with no amenities on the beach front. Others involve a treacherous hike to arrive at the beach.

Best Beaches in Mexico
One of the most picturesque of all beaches is Tulum. The Mayan ruins overlook this beach making it one-of-a-kind sandy cove. Although it’s very small it’s perfect for swimming and sunbathing without hundreds of others. There are motels, restaurants and souvenir shops in Tulum village. Take a tour of the ruins and geological formations in the area.

Playa del Carmen is extremely popular and close to Cancun. This beach offers a casual atmosphere with nearby accommodations. The beach retains its low-key attitude even though people come from around the world to visit here. Take the ferry to Cozumel or shop a string of stores down Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue).

Puerto Escondido consists of several strips of shoreline. The area offers reasonable prices on everything from accommodations to dining. Visit the 2km long Zicatela known largely to the surfing community or one of the three coves like Playa Puerto Angelito. If you’re going to surf seas are likely to be rough from August to November.

Puerto Angel, on the Pacific coast is a peaceful area which includes Zipolite Beach, a favorite among hikers. Strong currents in deep water make it the water sometimes treacherous but overall a nice, relaxing spot.

Bahia de Matanchen in San Blas on the Pacific Coast is a small but fabulous beach. In the summer there is a problem with sand flies and mosquitoes so come prepared. Otherwise, the beach offers a prime spot for all types of water enjoyment.

Between Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta are hundreds of miles of beaches and attractions. There are small resorts with beach huts, huge beach areas surrounded by motels and restaurants, or tiny out-of-the way spots that may be difficult to get to, but are worthwhile in the long run.

Playa Solmar, 1 km west of Cabo San Lucas is the place to go for watching whales. The best time is from January to April. The area is also suitable for scuba diving and other water sports. Nearby Playa Costa Azul is known especially for the fabulous surfing opportunities.

There are so many beaches in Mexico and the Gulf that it would be nearly impossible to see them all in a lifetime. You can find out more information on the regional beaches by checking with travel agents, travel brochures and searching online for the right beach for your next family vacation.

Best Beaches in Mexico

3 traditional drinks for christmas

Today I will show you 3 traditional drinks for christmas

 Cola de Mono ( Chile )

Christmas in Chile often go along with a cold glass of Cola de Mono (also known as the fun is ” monkey’s tail ” ) . From the mixed liquor aguardiente , milk , coffee, vanilla and cloves dish ” version custard Chile ” has the flavor and ingredients similar to White Russian drinks Russian . Most core issues , the taste of Cola de Mono is great , especially suitable for the end of the day . However, unlike milk eggs , Cola de Mono is only for people over the age of minors for possession of alcohol .

Cola de Mono

The Cola de Mono beautiful bottle labeled manually shut iconic Christmas greeting . Photo:

3 traditional drinks for christmas .

Cocktail custard ( Canada , U.S. )

While there is still much debate about the origin of life , the egg cocktails drinks milk is still popular around Christmas in Canada and the U.S. . In addition to the raw materials are mostly eggs , milk and sugar , it is common to add a little rum for extra flavor and body to keep warm .

Cocktail custard

Egg Cocktail drinks milk is not to be missed when you ‘re Christmas in North America . Photo: therumhowlerblog /

3 traditional drinks for christmas .

Ponche Navideno ( Mexico )

Ponche Navideno made ​​from cane sugar , apple juice , pear juice or oranges , grapes , prunes and tejocote ( usually fruit native Aztecs in Mexico and North America use ) . For those who prefer a bit of alcohol , it will be mixed with tequila , brandy or rum . If your Christmas in Mexico make sure you do not miss a chance to drink Ponche Navideno available at most retail outlets roadside .

Ponche Navideno

Ponche Navideno be cooked from a wide variety of fruits and brandy will do little more Christmas evening extra warm . Photo: muybuenocookbook /

3 traditional drinks for christmas . I’m sure you will like them .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico

Today I will show you 4 interesting places to visit in mexico

1.Mexico City

Mexico has many places for tourists to visit and admire , a famous place in Mexico with visitors every option when it comes to this beautiful country of Mexico City ( aka Mexico City ) .

Mexico City is composed of 16 inner city suburban area of ​​1,499 km2 , accounting for 20 % of the population . This is one of the largest cities in the world.

interesting places to visit in mexico

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city.

If you have a chance to visit , please do not forget the tourists quaint museum , to see the oil painting on the wall at the Palacio Nacional , or the outdoor party in the Zocalo . Absolutely do not miss the opportunity to take photos at the foot of the great pyramid at Teotihuacan and past colonial days in Mexico is Puepla Museum .

Mexico City is divided into 2 areas . A site called Telae Tellioeke , which means the rest of Mexico ( named after the tribal god Moxite revered ) . The Aztecs called it Tenuoquiditelan Mexico City . According to legend , the origin of this city related to the theft hawk snake became the symbol of the city .

Mexico City has many scenic . Aztec Square , now the Constitution Square in the city center . The west is also famous country , the presidential palace , defense ministry , finance ministry , the national museum of Mexico . At the center of the door hanging a ” ring road itself ,” the bell that Hidago hero ( who led the Mexican people’s struggle against colonial domination of Spain) beat up . In the west plaza is the main industrial zone of Mexico City . The north has a large chapel , built by the Aztec ruins. The roundabouts in the city are the flower beds . A bronze reliefs called the morning Tenuoquidi now , is built on a high incline level and lower in the south to the north .

Mayuer Dakuba Street Square is home to the 3 cultures . This monument is the capital of the Indian men ancient world . Besides the large synagogue by the Spanish medieval building , the representatives of the colonial culture . Offsite building to be built in the new diplomatic modern architecture . Episode 3 of this culture has formed strong life , expressing cultural history of over 600 years in Mexico City .
4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

If you’ve seen the movie ” Pirates of the Caribbean ,” you will be attracted by the scene on the beautiful beach . One of those places is pretty dreamy beaches attract millions of tourists that visit Cancun .

Cancun is known as the Caribbean paradise with beautiful beaches famous . Each year thousands of couples to spend their honeymoon in Cancun . This a really romantic beach with full hotel services attentive service . Walk along the streets , you’ll see a lot of fancy restaurants and street bands with suits and traditional instruments .


Caribbean is 1 of 4 interesting places to visit in mexico .

Unlike any public waters , where stretches of white sand beaches , blue waters of turquoise . Tourists here can enjoy entertainment such as surfing, fishing, swimming , sunbathing play Golf . Especially for those who like diving, Cancun is like a paradise , blue Caribbean water crystal clear , you will be attracted by the beauty of the amazing scenery on the ocean floor .

Cancun also has a variety of water sports , visitors can freely choose a favorite pastime minh.Cancun considered natural wonders of the Mayan civilization .

Sightseeing Cancun waters at night is great and really makes you feel excited .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

3.Los Cabos
Go to Los Cabos in Mexico as a venue to contrast typical of those of the world .

Los Cabos

Visitors can not forget to admire the beautiful beach blue color with a fine white sand . It is famous for the wild sandy beach , hotel , villas , golf courses for tourists can delight your expectation . The desert gap alternating site with excavator and crane modernization . All these gardens , plants , lawns, golf grounds are green , but only the ” fullness ” of fresh water is fresh and new like . This is an ideal location for those who want to come to the arid desert , but no less compelling .
4 interesting places to visit in mexico city.
4.Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a seaside town stretching along the shores of Banderas Bay and the Pacific. This is the 5th largest city of Mexico . It is natural to favor natural beaches stretching dreamy . Known by the movie ” The Night of the Iguana ” by Richard Burton starred begin shooting in this beautiful city in 1964. From a romantic love story by two famous actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor with beautiful scenes on the beach , Puerto Vallarta has become an ideal tourist destination .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

To the beautiful coastal city of Puerto Vallarta , visitors will have unforgettable moments with poetic scenery . Around the beach in Puerta Vallarta and Costalegre are villas and luxury hotels with splendid features of Western architecture . After walking the ancient streets paved in old town Vallarta , Malecon and Marina neighborhood with British style architecture , visitors will have a few minutes to enjoy the wonderful feeling of the cool sea breeze , fresh air and peaceful beach beautiful sandy Mismaloya and pleasure with sports such as windsurfing, kayaking … This beach is also the favorite celebrity .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .
Besides the beauty of the sea with sandy beaches stretching , blue water , this beautiful coastal city , also known as a marine sanctuary . Come around from November to April you’ll have moments of unexpected discovery in the North Bay of Banderas , near the Marietas islands with wales , sea turtles … is turned on sea waves .

After moments of pleasure playing with the waves , you’ll have unforgettable memories of the lovely dolphins in amusement parks here. These moments you can do as swim with dolphins , pet , play music we hear … would be the memorable moments of your trip .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

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6 interesting places to travel in the world

Today I will show you 6 interesting places to travel in the world

The location of this beautiful tourist from all over the world , from the tomb , waterfalls , ancient villages to modern cities . For some people they may not be sufficient to attract , attractive , charismatic , but for some others, it was the most amazing places on earth .

Teotihuacan , Mexico

interesting places to travel in the world
Built in the year 200 BC, Teotihuacan is the land of world famous for individual tribes throughout the centuries and marked a series of different projects and attractions , including the great pyramids and murals ( wall paintings ) are preserved so beautifully colorful .

Teotihuacan today remains one of the largest archaeological sites in the world and is often seen as a candidate to replace price or join one of the seven wonders of the world .

Saint Petersburg , Russia

Saint Petersburg

The entire center of Saint Petersburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 , including 31 different regions and areas within the city center . Saint Petersburg is one of the city’s most recognizable Europe , thanks largely Three Moroccan architecture ( Baroque ) and its neo-classical .

It has countless monuments , monuments , museums , and many works such as Christ Church was built on land wets , makes the charming Saint Petersburg .

6 interesting places to travel in the world .

Alps Mountains

Alps Mountains

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world , the Alps are divided into many different ranges stretching across seven countries make up the natural beauty of the majestic mountains .

Mont Blanc , for example , the highest peak in the entire Alps , pristine beauty that was given the nickname La Dame Blanche in French , meaning White Ladies .

Rajasthan , India


Located in the northwestern part of India, Rajasthan stretches over 342,000 square kilometers , surrounded by the famous Thar desert .

While officially Rajasthan only 61 years old , it is in fact a combination of two separate regions of India and thus has a long history , illustrious and interesting .

There are so many places to visit in Rajasthan for a visit , but if you only have one chance to come here , be sure that you will come to Jaisalmer , also known as the Golden City , Mehrangarh Fort , a castle over 500 years old and located on a 122 m high mountain overlooks the city of Jodhpur and the Aravalli ranges , considered one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world .

6 interesting places to travel in the world .

Kerala , India


30 years ago , Kerala was almost completely unknown to anyone outside of Indian country , the southern region of India today is one of the most famous tourist destinations of this country , with visitors from all over the world to explore the wonderful weather , historical sites and natural landscapes .


6 interesting places to travel in the world .
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interesting facts about the tundra biome

interesting facts about japan

clown festival mexico

clown festival mexico

Hundreds of clowns from throughout Latin America flock to Mexico to participate in the festival for the clown is held here every year .

These days filled Mexico City colors and incredibly fun when hundreds of happy clown parade  in 18th  international  festival clown . This festival is like meeting for those who bring laughter to everyone .

Clown festival mexico

Clown festival mexico .The clown face brings laughter to all around the world .

Also known as the ” festival of laughter ” and the Association of Latin American countries are  founder , this year the festival attracts clowns from countries like Peru , Nicaragua , Costa Rica and the United States .

Pingo clown said : ” This year we welcome the 18th festival with more than 500 clowns from 12 countries have flocked to it . Annually , we discuss together  experience how to become a true clown . ”

Attending the festival , the clown will learn more skills , experience and trend updates .

These clowns will attend workshops to hone experiences , through which they will be updated with new costumes and best as shoes , makeup , wigs and amusing way for audience , especially children .

” We are a collective solidarity without borders and racial discrimination . Thing we want to do is always for the best affection for children around the world,”  Torrejita clown  said .


Each clown brings his own definition of hometown to Clown festival mexico .

Pompin clowns same point : ” To train ourselves better , just have to work every day . Fortunately , we are well trained and do not suffer too much pressure as the other job .”

The clown is very important in lives and culture of Mexico . They usually perform on the street and make a few pesos each day . Festival for the clown is held annually in part to find who supports for the entertainment industry . Each year thousands of trained clowns and professional in Mexico estimates that more than 10,000 clowns .
Clown festival mexico.

Hotels in florida

Florida (Listeni/ˈflɒrɪdə/) is a state in the southeastern region of the United States, bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the north by Alabama and Georgia and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Florida is the 22nd most extensive, the 4th most populous, and the 8th most densely populated of the 50 United States. The state capital is Tallahassee, its largest city is Jacksonville, and the Miami metropolitan area is the largest metropolitan area in the southeastern United States.

If you want to find where to rest you can visit Leesburg FL hotels . I sure you will be excited with them

Much of Florida is a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Straits of Florida. Its geography is notable for a coastline, omnipresent water and the threat of hurricanes. Florida has the longest coastline in the contiguous United States, encompassing approximately 1,350 miles (2,170 km), and is the only state that borders both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Much of the state is at or near sea level and is characterized by sedimentary soil. The climate varies from subtropical in the north to tropical in the south. Some of its most iconic animals, such as the American alligator, crocodile, Florida panther and the manatee, can be found in the Everglades, one of the most famous national parks in the world.

Since the first European contact was made in 1513 by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León – who named it La Florida upon landing there during the Easter season, Pascua Florida[8] – Florida was a challenge for the European colonial powers before it gained statehood in the United States in 1845. It was a principal location of the Seminole Wars against the Indians, and racial segregation after the American Civil War. Today, it is distinguished by its large Hispanic community, and high population growth, as well as its increasing environmental concerns. Its economy relies mainly on tourism, agriculture, and transportation, which developed in the late 19th century. Florida is also known for its amusement parks, the production of oranges, and the Kennedy Space Center.

Florida culture is a reflection of influences and multiple inheritance; Native American, European American, Hispanic and African American heritages can be found in the architecture and cuisine. Florida has attracted many writers such as Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams, and continues to attract celebrities and athletes. It is internationally known for golf, tennis, auto racing, and water sports.