Malaysia attractive destination for tourists

Malaysia attractive destination for tourists

Malaysia shows up as a picture of the human heart as infatuated with the chic city , crowded ; glass tower in the world’s second highest ; vast green paddy fields ; beach in green , fresh …

Malaysia possesses unique location in the heart of Asia – Pacific. It is split into two distinct areas Peninsular Malaysia is beautiful , modern and pristine Malaysian islands , mysterious by the vast South China Sea , deep blue . Each region brings its own beauty but are still contained the general definition , blend together , creating a shimmering Malaysia , fantasy and fun destination for world travelers this year . Malaysia shows up as a picture of the human heart as infatuated with the chic city , crowded ; the highest tower in the world’s second diameter ; the vast green paddy fields ; blue beaches , fresh …

Beautiful nature in Malaysia .

Malaysia is also known as one of the richest countries traditional and multi- cultural , multi- ethnic mix of different cultures to create a separate identity . The festival traditionally attractive , vibrant , charismatic as : Malaysia festive colors , lantern festival tour , festival of lights … always giving visitors more enjoyable experience , unforgettable .

Besides the traditional festivals , Malaysia is also known for tourism festivals and major shopping centers in the luxury trade , busiest . Here , visitors seeking pleasure and possess the item from ordinary to luxury brands in the world with cheap price and thousands of promotions other attractions.

attractive destination
In addition, Malaysia also has unique food culture because it is the crossroads of many cuisines . Features in the culinary culture here is to use the natural , fresh , colorful fruits of nature. Each dish is a combination of subtle color between 3 factors – the – taste and carries a particular significance for the tourists that had once come here and enjoy unforgettable and will always want to come back .

In particular , in recent years , Malaysia is increasingly attracting international tourists to visit and tour the country by owning the modern amusement parks , unique , such as Legoland , Sanrio Hello Kitty Town , Sunway Lagoon … In particular , the Legoland amusement park in accordance with Lego art of Asia is made up of more than 50 million Lego bricks . Once here , visitors will be immersed in art paradise puzzle game with intellectual , adventurous , creative ability triggered .

Everything you want has in Kinabalu, Malaysia

Everything you want has in Kinabalu, Malaysia .

Climbing , through jungle , swimming and diving, gourmet cuisine , cultural bold and shopping malls , all on the beautiful island Kinabalu .

Flights from Kuala Lumpua Kota Kinabalu to the island takes about an hour . The atlas , free brochures that visitors get at the airport is not only a detailed introduction of the prominent tourist attractions , restaurants , motels but also buses .

Kota Kinabalu City is located on the island of Borneo ( the third largest island in the world , under the sovereignty of the three countries of Brunei , Indonesia and Malaysia ) . The beaches are pristine and the definition of service on the beach serves the needs of tourists such as surfing , hot-air ballooning , scuba diving , walking the island by canoe … If you want a night on the island with feeling really wild , you can rent tents and utensils needed for camping here .
Everything you want

Every day there are about 100 tourists and conquer Kinabalu 4,095 m peaks here . Photos : TripAdvisor .

Cool air for long long sea flavor drowned out the heat of the equatorial region . With a visit to the mosque , you should be careful about the dress issue , manually choose the shirt , pants and shoes all . If you forget to bring the peace of mind you can , because the church are available map for the visit coincides with the long black coat and head scarf exclusively for women .

In the city there are many mosques with characteristic bulbous roof and yellow highlights that from a distance you can get out . The church has strict rules for visitors , some churches are not allowed to participate in the hour of teaching experience , a few churches on the carpet just let go and not be photographed . All women are forced to scarf . The church has beautiful feet and the women are not allowed in this area . Majid Bandaraya , located outside Kinabalu is one of the most impressive temple in the voluminous works .

The island with blue water reflecting the many games the beach .

One of the other interesting things that most visitors will want to try is to visit national parks and mountain climbing . Kinabalu National Park is 754 km ² in area , is home to many plant and animal species , including the world’s largest flower iRafflesia CAMRY . Here , visitors can participate in the games explorer travel , hiking or sailing through the cascade of grim forests .

Crocker Mountain Range to 4095 m altitude is not only the center of the park but also the highest mountain in Southeast Asia . This majestic mountain is a fascinating geological history and was formed about a million years ago . Every day , there are over 100 visitors determined to conquer this famous mountain . The cost for a climb of about 200 dollars and climbing package scheduled for two days .

Kinabalu has many bustling market day . Market fruit market and sell handmade map during the day and close at 7pm . In many bazaars selling souvenirs such as eye masks , puppets and even a colorful head scarves Muslim women . Most of the women here are not masked , they can scarf colorful and modern dress when going on the street .

After 7pm is the time of night markets . The seafood stall steaming , the ABC store food ( ice water dish with condensed milk , palm sugar , roasted peanuts , red beans , canned corn and black jelly ) is located close to the market for fruit and vegetables , most tourists attraction in Kinabalu each night . Over 12 midnight , the new fair city tan and asleep .

nightlife in malaysia

Nightlife in malaysia

When night falls on the city is also big in Malaysia wear the gorgeous gown , modern and different.

Capital cuisine Gurney Drive , Penang
If Penang is known as the ” culinary capital ” of Malaysia , the Gurney Drive is the most delicious food of this country . Walking on the beach Gurney Drive at night , you will fully enjoy all the colors and atmosphere Penang playful , lively and vibrant . Not only that , this place is a paradise of the traditional street food famous attractions such as Penang Laksa , Bak Kuk The ( non stewed ribs herbal ) , Oh Chien ( oyster omelette ) , grilled squid … with aroma and eye-catching colors , hard to resist .

Land of Light I – City , Selangor

nightlife in malaysia
Located in Shah Alam , Selangor , I – City is known as the land of light and is one of the tourist destinations attract many tourists . CityPark and City Walk visitors will see performances mesmerizing light . Visitors can also stroll in the park , watching the impressive sculptural work to enjoy a new world of shimmer and vibrant .

nightlife in malaysia .

Sunway Pyramid Pyramid fashionable , Selagor

As part of the Sunway Lagoon theme park , commercial center will provide you with a unique shopping experience with over 300 booths . Inspired by Egyptian architecture , Sunway Pyramid is shaped like a pyramid of glass.

Kuala Lumpur’s shopping paradise

As the fourth largest shopping mall in the world , Kuala Lumpur is the paradise of shopping devotees , with the leading commercial center in the world, will take you into a fascinating world shopping . You will be spoiled for choice with so many products of different brands .

Petaling Street Night Market ancient

Petaling Street is the center of Kuala Lumpur , bringing more air and the ancient traditions of Malaysia , especially on nights when the street extension burden on the roads . Visitors can purchase anything here, from gems and jewelry to fashion , toys … It ‘s interesting when this night market is the way that visitors soak up the atmosphere of living life often with full sound and colors of the local people .

nightlife in malaysia .

The most beautiful clock towers in the world

The most beautiful clock towers in the world

Tower clock not only means that there is only time for many exhibits historical events . They become architectural icons and tourist attractions around the world .

most beautiful clock towers
Big Ben clock tower located in the center of London, UK . Completed in 1859 , the tower was built with stone slabs , big marble and became one of the symbols of the land of fog . In 2012, Big Ben was renamed Clock Tower Elizabeth ‘s Diamond Anniversary celebration of the Queen – Elizabeth .
Saviour Russian clock tower
Saviour Russian clock tower was designed in 1491 by architect Italy – Pietro Antonio Solari . Saviour began operation in 1625 . By 1851 , the tower was renovated and add pentagram . Star bright , day and night , and as a continuous rotating pinwheel

The most beautiful clock towers in the world .

Zytglogge tower
In the land of Swiss watches , Zytglogge tower 54.5 m tall with medieval . First, do Zytglogge guard mission west of Bern , and was used as a prison inmate , before returning to its proper name astronomical clock tower . In the 15th century , the astronomical clock was moved to predict the position of planets and determine day of the week . The architecture of the clock slowly changing times each century and most recently renovated in 1890 .


Sultan Abdul Samad Clock Tower
Sultan Abdul Samad Clock Tower located in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur . Built in 1897 under British colonial rule , associated buildings and clock tower is an integral part of Merdeka Square . This is the architecture of the mosque is adorned by the Moroccan style . Tower as living witnesses of the event down the British flag , flag Malaysia on 08.31.1957 , end of period colonial countries.


Rajabai Clock Tower

Rajabai Clock Tower was built in dorm Mumbai University , India in the 19th century . The father of this work is the architect George Gilbert Scott . This is particularly the British architect who never once set foot in Mumbai , he only sent the design from its offices in the capital London . Rajabai Clock Tower evaluated many similarities with the Big Ben clock tower .

The most beautiful clock towers in the world .