Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

Come to Hong Kong and Macau Tower let himself out by taking part in bungee jumping game , you will ” spiraling labor ” from a height of 233 m .

Macau Tower is the key locations of the city of Macau and is one of the most famous bungee jump in the world. Tower was designed by Gordon Moller , the famous architect of New Zealand . The work was completed in 12/ 2001 2 year anniversary in Macau on returning to China.

This is the 8th tallest tower in Asia and the 10th highest in the world ( 338 m ) , a member of the Federation of the world’s tallest tower . Macau Tower is really attractive tourist destination , attracting more than a million people visit each year .

Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower
Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower . Photo: xtremespots .

When bungee jumping , players will freefall bungee jump from the bridge at speeds up to 200 km per hour . The freefall lasted 4-5 seconds before the bungee rope 50 m long stretch starting approximately 4 times its natural length . Finally , players will continue to pop up in the distance jumped nearly 30 m above the ground .

Macau Tower Bungee jumping is jumping with the most technical of its kind in the world . Cables along the sides that allows the player to jump close to the tower without any collisions . Distance that the player is only a few meters of concrete tower during a bungee jump . In addition , players are equipped with a tie wrap to close and secure the foot .

In 2006, only 5 years after the tower opened , world record for ” highest bungee jump from a building ” has been defeated by the same people who had previously set a record in the Guinness Book of Records – AJ Hacknett . AJ Hacknett the famous bungee jump , each set many records in terms of bungee jumping as well as many similar sports . AJ helped Hacknett sport adventure bungee jumping became famous and popular all over the world .

Opening Hours :

Monday – Thursday : 11h – 19h30

Friday , Saturday and Sunday : 10h – 21h .


Costs bungee jumping ( includes certificate, membership card and T-shirt ) is 2.688 HKD ( about 347 USD ) for the first time jump and 888 HKD ( about 115 USD) to jump next time .
Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower .