9 interesting facts about the tundra biome

Today I will show you top 9 interesting facts about the tundra biome

Biome is a large ecosystem , relatively limited and characterized by unique climate , the major communities include live animals and plants in relation to features that allow distribution and identification the biological life forms of this region ( trees , shrubs , trees … ) . The basis for classification is the climax vegetation .  In biology we classify by high land , specific to living conditions of each region and the stage of development  which the life form dominant .

interesting facts about the tundra biome

9 interesting facts about the tundra biome .

On the continent , in many regions due to the climatic conditions are very different , especially temperature and rainfall zones have formed the main biological tundra ( tundra biome ) in the Arctic and high mountain ( Alpin ) , forest coniferous , deciduous forest  … elevation topography also strongly affects to  ecosystems , changes in flora populations , increased the height is the same as the change from hot climates to cold climates . Here , we consider the characteristics of the tundra biome .

Today I will show you top 9 interesting facts about the tundra biome

The Tundra Biome is one of the most deadliest environment.
The summer in Tundra Biome has only 6 weeks .
There is not much rain .
The land has very little nutrients for plants.
The Tundra Biome is the biome which is most affected by human pollution.
The sun is almost 24 hours in summer day, meaning that there are mostly no nights.
In the winter, Tundra Biome has few hours of sunlight.
The Tundra Biome is covered by a frozen layer of soil.
The Tundra Biome is the most important role in keeping temperature of global at a stable place.

10 interesting facts about france

Today I will show you 10 interesting facts about france

French is the official language in many countries such as Canada , Ivory Coast , Monaco , Congo …
– ” salut ” in French means implies ” hello ” and ” goodbye ”
– French is the official language of England for 300 years and is the mother tongue of 75 million people around the world.
– French is the official language of the UN Commission .
– 34% of French can speak English .
– Approximately 6-11 million Americans can speak French .

10 interesting facts about france .

2.Love and life
– You are illegal to kiss on railway tracks
– French Kiss is known as kiss of soul .
– France is one of the leading countries where people has high life in the world .
– France men has the lowest obesity rates in the European Union countries while French women have higher obesity rates second behind Denmark .

3.Culture and Tourism
– France is a country with the largest ski World .
– France is also the country receiving the largest number of tourists world , approximately 75 million people each year .
– The first declaration of human rights of France was declared in 1789 .
– France ‘s colonial rule nations second largest in the world , accounting for 8.6% of the territory in the world .
– The famous French invention include heat balloons , submarines and sky diving .
 10 interesting facts about france .
4.Paris – City of Love

interesting facts about france
– Approximately 20% of French live in Paris .
– Paris was named the capital of the world of light , to talk about the genius who came from Paris .
– Once every 7 years , the Eiffel Tower is repainted once .
– The oldest bridge of the city of Pont Neuf Paris called – which means new bridge .
– Location of foreign tourists visit the most is not the Eiffel Tower ( 5.5 million) , or county Louvre ( 5 million) that is Disneyland Paris ( 13 million people ) .

10 interesting facts about france .

5.The other interesting thing
– France is the second largest film producer in the world .
– French croissants are made essentially for the first time in Australia .
– Health Minister of France had declared milk as the national French food .
– France is a country of 28 World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO .
– In France , it is illegal if you take pictures of the police or their vehicles .
– France is the country won more Nobel Prize in literature in the world.
– April Fool’s Day originated in France in 1564 .
– Statue of Liberty is a well-known buildings in France and was awarded the United States in 1886 .

10 interesting facts about france .
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death lake in the world

death lake in the world

Natron lake , Tanzania beauty magic with bright red as blood , as the creatures are petrified to step mysterious .

death lake

Located in northern Tanzania , lake natron no different from death on earth . The cause of this phenomenon is rare in lake alkalinity levels too high for the animals that unfortunately fell into the lake stumble decomposed and calcification . When the water level lowering , the carcasses wash ashore , coated with salt on her . With a large lake and bright as a mirror , not hard to imagine why these small animals lay unfortunate slip her into the lake .
” Culprit ” causing the volcano lake natron is a million years old Lengai Ol Doinyo south lake natron . The lava flowed down from the mountain carrying amount of other minerals, particularly with conventional seawater salt .

Identify the animal is too well preserved , the shape of our life remain , encased in the cement layer of salt . Living organisms once submerged in the lake will be destroyed in a very short time . Perhaps so that their body shape remains the same as when he was alive . Nick Brandt , a passionate photographer wildlife reconstruct the animal mummies and record images as vivid as when they were alive .

The few lucky species exist in natron are a few types of algae , bacteria and endemic flamingos . Lake Death is only the ideal place for flamingos nest during the breeding season . This is often the breeding grounds of approximately 2.5 million flamingos .

This crane species are also fall into a threat because they do not have an ideal environment for breeding other than lake natron . Alkaline environment of the lake is great traps against enemies trying to reach their nests . Lethal capability of the natron lakes provide peaceful space for breeding flamingos .

If deep water just enough , they will pass on the nest ledge salt and mud from the volcano. There are also disadvantaged eye flamingo lake and also downed become mummified in salt layer of cement and washed ashore as the other animals .

Apart from decomposing animals phenomenon is creepy lake natron also brings a magical beauty with bright red as blood by special bacteria .
death lake in the world .

Lawrence, grasshoppers in the lavender bush

For many travelers , like Lawrence grasshopper green notes of pineapple and smooth lavender want , see life from a dense bush calm and curious .

Retorted the patter of raindrops falling on the car window hastily , while two all forever push the lever a cloudy afternoon . Inside the car window , purple lavender bundles located in the wheel gentle , fragrant silence his throne .


Lawrence is the sixth largest city of the state of Kansas with the lovely lavender farm like that . Do not hide the excitement in his eyes seemed to know at that moment , lavender is in season and everything will happen very quickly within two weeks . On the first day of the season just blooming lavender , some young girl crept from flowers to the branches unripe cotton turned dark purple tinged pink .

Those who go see lavender in a sunny day certainly would not know what had interesting nose on a flowering branch , sleepy smell fragrant smell of the earth rushing up with the rain coming thunderstorm .

And instead of the purple flower petals dotted with black and white stripes of a beautiful butterfly haughty , people will be happy to pleasure the children chased the grasshoppers uncle quietly hiding in dusty lavender blue .

In a moment that felt like grasshoppers green notes of pineapple and smooth lavender want , see life from a dense bush calm and curious . Wind , clouds and lavender , the world ‘s only about that stuff .

In the evening , about the night sky suddenly lit lights on the kickball field . The kickball game in Lawrence Sunday night like a carnival , people carry on their shoulders the bucket of cold beer , and do not forget to go all the dogs to tow . The baby stands trifle boisterous beer gulping sound , voice chat , smoke smell wafting up in the air tube lights illuminate the courtyard below .

Everything in the stands every game kickball overly excited until drunk or too tired audience cheered because , although nobody focused on the game . In fact , take a look at kickball just an excuse for the young people in Lawrence have public outdoor courtyard for dating, drinking beer comfortable , showing off tattoos , screaming , releasing smoke …

Much awaited moment when the game is close to ending . It is at the local youth celebrate by standing up and singing the U.S. National Anthem crashed car keys into beer . If you have the opportunity to participate in such an evening in Lawrence , you should definitely look up and practice for a circuits by the end of beer before the song ends .

In a town with the placement of the baby together, you will not be surprised if you recognize yourself sitting on the sidelines, kickball match is a group of beautiful girls bisexuality and homosexuality . In the state of Kansas , Lawrence is not known tourist place . But the interesting secrets of this city lies in the parallel bars lovable eccentric . On 8th Street , Sand Bar can be sold for $ 2 a cocktail accompanied by a shark picture tubes contain alcohol .

While the restaurant yelling : ” Shark ! Shark ! Shark ! ” ( Shark ! Sharks ) , the slope drinking wine from a shark mouth on blue glass and red looking liquid has been spilled out like a shark attack . That’s when visitors realize why there are three bars on the ceiling shark effigy gasped as threatening to break down the floor .

As well past midnight , while Lawrence has pillow to sleep , visitors step on the deserted brick paved walkway between the town center , wondering why people have crammed between urban and crowded noisy America ?

* Kickball : A sport similar to baseball , but instead of using sticks to beat , the foot playing soccer . Ball used in the game is kickball rubber ball about the size of football . Kickball was born in America in the twentieth century .

The wonderland scene of Tisza river

The wonderland scene of Tisza river .

Tisza River covered by long -tailed mayfly mating dance of the whirling creatures only three hours to live , ” love ” and died .

Every year from late spring to early summer , the river Tisza , Hungary took place bizarre spectacle of nature . Millions of plankton known as long tail Palinggenisa longicauda focus into the mobile giant cloud on the water , to find a mate and die , all within a few hours . This is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena on rivers in Europe, takes place in 4-5 days . They named it the ” Tisza blooming season .”
Tisza river

Palinggenisa longicauda also called evanescent Tisza or Tisa , where they can find insects . Palinggenisa longicauda for 3 year life time for larval development in the mud at the bottom of the river . After hatching , the males only have time to find ” her ” for a few hours before his death and mating . The males will fly close to the river , trying fertilization success with children . Females after mating , flying upstream and drop eggs on the way . The eggs drift downstream and up to 45 days to hatch into larvae , dig deep mud hidden under three years . Once fully mature , as well as fleeting moment Tisza just three hours before he died .

There is no time for courtship , mating of the mayfly is enforceable . Approximately 20 males will mate with a female .

The activity of mayfly create beautiful scenes on the Tisza River to attract large number of people visit it every year . Visitors will admire the unique dance of nature for millions of covered pay ephemeral river . However, three hours after the end of the short life of dead plankton male covered roads , bridges near the river , affecting traffic .

Church in cave of Zabbeleen, Egypt

Church in cave of Zabbeleen, Egypt

Village ” junk ” Cairo suburb owns the Middle East ‘s largest church , located in a unique cave with a capacity of 20,000 people .
Saint Simon Monastery , also known as the Cathedral Cave , located in the southeast of Cairo , Egypt . This area is called ” garbage city ” because most of the people living here Zabbaleen employed to collect waste . The Zabbale are descendants of farmers who migrated from Upper Egypt to Cairo in 1940. Running from poor harvest crops and poverty, they came to the city looking for work and made ​​temporary settlements around Cairo . Initially , their life quite difficult with conventional pigs, goats , chickens and other animals . But in the end , they also found work brought better income : collecting and sorting garbage . Those Zabbaleen waste classification from households in the city , take usable items and sell things more valuable, while the organic waste becomes food for cattle .

Church inthe cave

Church in cave of Zabbeleen, Egypt .

For years , the temporary settlements of Zabbale to move around the city to evade authorities . Finally , a large group settled on the cliffs of Mokattam quarries or Moquattam eastern edge of the city. This area population growth from 1980 to 8000 community ” junk ” in the capital, Cairo ‘s largest with more than 30,000 people living Zabbale .

Egyptians mostly Muslim , but 90% of people Zabbale the Coptic Christians ( Coptic is the Egyptian language was used until the 17th century ) . Christian community in Egypt is very rare . So , people still prefer to reside Zabbale Mokattam and their communities , although many fully capable of buildings elsewhere .

Local Coptic Church in Mokattam village was built in 1975 . After church , people feel safer Zabbale and start focusing peaceful settlement with the solid brick house , stone . Previously was expelled from Giza in 1970 , the only Zabbale live in makeshift huts . In 1976 a major fire occurred in Manshiyat Nasir . The villagers began to build the first church in the mountain Mokattam mountain in the area of ​​1000 m2 . Several other churches were also built . Cave Church of St. Simon in Mokattam is the largest church in the Middle East with a capacity of 20,000 people .

Church in cave of Zabbeleen, Egypt .

The luxury accommodation in Dubai

The luxury accommodation in Dubai

The stunning artificial structures , hotels , upscale restaurants lavish shows , sumptuous and unique that any visitor must also admiring the city to the Middle East .

Burj Al Arab Hotel located on an artificial island in Dubai , overlooking the Persian Gulf . Sails of a hotel on the beach is known as one of the world’s most luxurious 2-storey ultra-luxury 20 room , 4 swimming pools , a private beach club , butler service on request needs of each client.

luxury accommodation in Dubai
With the shuttle from the airport in a Rolls Royce , Mercedes or helicopter … worthy Burj Al Arab is located in the highest point of luxury . Inside , the lobby areas filled with colorful designs harkened Islam, with extensive design and spacious , all rooms have nice view of the bay , desert or city .

The luxury accommodation in Dubai .

Al Qasr Hotel ( also known as The Palace ) to bring a unique beauty , lies in the crossover segment Jumeirah Beach and Al Sufouh . In the evening , seemed fanciful from hundreds of lit bulbs that you thought this was inlaid with gold property .

Upon entering the hotel lobby , you will be surprised by the fragrant of thousands of rose petals were scattered around the pool . Those in this room are overlooking the canal Arabeque and Persian Gulf . In the room , colors, brown , gold key that you lost in the kingdom, the power of the king . Room rates range from $ 1,100 per night .

6 star hotel Atlantis The Palm Roa located on artificial islands Palm Jumeirah palm tree decorated with 1,529 rooms were beautiful , sumptuous . Low rates starting from 800 USD and up to $ 26,000 a night .

The luxury accommodation in Dubai .

One of the main features of the Atlantis is the unique space of the bathroom . You will experience the feeling downright enjoy exploring the network of water pouring down from the ceiling here . The guests passionate about exploring underwater life certainly can not miss the opportunity to just relax in the tub while watching modern design look of sea creatures swimming.

The restaurant and bedrooms are surrounded by ocean with many ocean species . The resort also has an outdoor pet with the rich variety and 20 dolphins .

Kempinski Mall of the Emirates is not only a shopping center but the hotel is the most luxurious 5 star Dubai , located on Sheikh Zayed Road . Not only is a five star hotel for the fashion followers , it gives you great scenery from desert to Ski Dubai , one of the artificial sand sliding largest planet .

The hotel also has beautiful rooms with exquisitely designed wooden or fireplace is very special . From the bedroom to the dining room , visitors can see the ski , sled or a penguin in the fridge is about 22,500 square meters .

Kempinski Mall of the Emirates , Sheikh Zayed road , which cost about 281 USD per night .

The luxury accommodation in Dubai .

Unique state of Rajasthan, India

Unique state of Rajasthan India

The world famous with beautiful golden sand dunes , architecture , cultural heritage … , the state of Rajasthan is one of the only tourist attractions that visitors should not miss the opportunity to visit western India .


In its travel itinerary with train Palace on Wheel , visitors will admire the stunning beauty of places like Jaipur ( capital of Rajasthan ) , ramparts Jaisamer gold , blue city Jodhpur , national parks Ramthambhor , symbol of chivalry Chittorgarp , romantic city of lakes Udaipur , Bharatpur bird sanctuary and the spirit of the Mughal capital Agra before returning to Delhi .

Unique state of Rajasthan India .

The palace was meticulously polished , the white building located on the lake shimmering in Udaiour , splendor of Jaisalmer city with honey yellow glow from the desert , the city of Jodhpur seems to glow with pieces blue and pink city Jaipur passionate … will be the highlights and unforgettable during the tourists visiting Rajasthan .

Located in western Rajasthan and covered the entire area Jodhpur , Jaisalmer , Barmer and Bikaner , the desert of Thar would be ideal for guests interested in exploring the natural beauty and wildlife . The most outstanding feature of the Thar desert is beautiful golden sand dunes and camels are very much used as a major means of transportation in this area . The strong fortress and the magnificent palace built on top of a high hill in the Thar desert as contributing embellished vivid for this area .

For guests interested in enjoying the quiet atmosphere after a long tour and want to experience new things in Rajasthan , the Rajasthan heritage villa is the best option .

Special culture .

Go to Rajasthan , seemingly visitors are visiting one of the museums with huge outdoor historical sites and ancient relics are well preserved . At the same time , the traditional dances bold Indian culture and unique cuisine will leave visitors more good impression of this peaceful land .

Unique state of Rajasthan India .

The simulation bold Indian culture .

Rajasthan which is famous for festivals and traditional fairs . So , you’ll have many opportunities to discover the unique culture of this land . Desert Festival ( February ) of Jaisalmer to celebrate the life of nomads in the desert region of Rajasthan through song and dance . Pushkar fair (January 11) near Ajmer attracts thousands of tourists visit each year . Teej Festival ( August ) welcomed the emergence of strong monsoon , usually held first. Festival of Holi ( March ) is celebrated with the people throwing paint at each other with the elephant procession was accompanied by more of the dancer dances are fun and unique .

Besides , Rajasthan is also famous for painting beautiful , unique music , culture rich folk . Guests will really fascinated by the folk dance of Rajasthan Ghoomar and Kalbeliya . The fluid moves , the vibrant colors of the costumes along with the details of the beautiful jewelry in the dancers … Highlights were created for each dance .

Guests also do not forget to enjoy the special dishes of Rajasthan – India made ​​in many styles . The perfect combination of spices with nutrient composition of foods such as vegetables , whole grains , fruits and beans … will satisfy every visitor ‘s taste .


Visitors can tour the whole area with its beautiful Rajasthan famous train Palace on Wheels . The car ‘s passenger rail carrier is designed as a replica of the old -style room Maharajas ( dynasties of ancient India ) .

Style and quality of service that the train company brings will certainly satisfy tourists from everywhere . We can say , traveling by train Palace on Wheels is one of the exciting experience that tourists should not miss when in Rajasthan .
Unique state of Rajasthan India .

art water puppet

art water puppet in Vietnam .

Water Puppet is a unique art form born from rice culture . From an art folk elements , water puppetry art has become a tradition . And along with classical drama, puppet show is considered art is located high in the national art scene . Speaking puppet nation is almost always there , but the only water puppetry is unique to Vietnam . Essence of Water puppetry is receiving increasing admiration of many international friends , to be a product of the unique art of Vietnam.
A unique art of Delta

Water puppetry was born and crystallized from the research , creation and association of his father before the simple life , associated with wet rice agriculture in North Delta .
art water puppet
According to various sources , water puppetry was born in the Ly dynasty ( 1010-1225 ) . Over time , the art of water puppetry is transmitted from generation to generation , gradually becoming an elegant hobby of people during the festival . And so far , water puppetry has become an art form in the folk tradition , should be preserved , protected and promoted .

Compared with conventional puppet , puppet show with many other features such as the water used to stage ; troubled water chamber also called water balance family structure , the pavilion symbolizes rural Vietnam stage is the water puppet show .

As for the puppets , to make the ” puppets ” have gone through many stages , requiring billions of rash , the ingenuity of the artisans . Material is made ​​of wooden puppets sung – a long wooden , lightweight , flexible to puppets can float on water and puppeteer who can easily perform . The water puppet army often used in performances including pay TEU , fairies , the plow or fishing …

But in particular , the success or failure of the water puppet depends largely on the skill of the puppeteer artist . Skilled puppeteer will create movement , action and more flexible puppet looks . After the veil , the puppet performers throughout the country to stand in the cold waters of the hips to control the puppets using wire system is arranged outside and underwater .

addition, an indispensable element of the show is the sound of water puppetry. Previously, water puppet show at the outdoor stage usually between lakes should mess up the sound of water needed to keep stirring rhythms and air performance. The music, ethnic percussion commonly used in the water puppetry is blank, canvas brain, gong, fire, and building prisons. Water puppets bring the music of cheerleading festival, with stronger effects for both the performer and the viewer.
Normally, opening for the water puppet show is the appearance of pay TEU plump body, wearing no brace buttons installed, witty expression led mission, the story begins. Through Puppetry repertoire, the audience will be led into a rich fantasy world. The colorful puppets, playful facial expressions, gestures show flexibility on the water, combined with factors unique sound has made a unique puppetry of the Delta, become a focus for cultural activities indispensable for people in the festival from one life to another.