clown festival mexico

clown festival mexico

Hundreds of clowns from throughout Latin America flock to Mexico to participate in the festival for the clown is held here every year .

These days filled Mexico City colors and incredibly fun when hundreds of happy clown parade  in 18th  international  festival clown . This festival is like meeting for those who bring laughter to everyone .

Clown festival mexico

Clown festival mexico .The clown face brings laughter to all around the world .

Also known as the ” festival of laughter ” and the Association of Latin American countries are  founder , this year the festival attracts clowns from countries like Peru , Nicaragua , Costa Rica and the United States .

Pingo clown said : ” This year we welcome the 18th festival with more than 500 clowns from 12 countries have flocked to it . Annually , we discuss together  experience how to become a true clown . ”

Attending the festival , the clown will learn more skills , experience and trend updates .

These clowns will attend workshops to hone experiences , through which they will be updated with new costumes and best as shoes , makeup , wigs and amusing way for audience , especially children .

” We are a collective solidarity without borders and racial discrimination . Thing we want to do is always for the best affection for children around the world,”  Torrejita clown  said .


Each clown brings his own definition of hometown to Clown festival mexico .

Pompin clowns same point : ” To train ourselves better , just have to work every day . Fortunately , we are well trained and do not suffer too much pressure as the other job .”

The clown is very important in lives and culture of Mexico . They usually perform on the street and make a few pesos each day . Festival for the clown is held annually in part to find who supports for the entertainment industry . Each year thousands of trained clowns and professional in Mexico estimates that more than 10,000 clowns .
Clown festival mexico.