Mysterious Forest in Poland

Mysterious Forest in Poland

Step into the mysterious jungle lie and drop his books in the trunk bent 90 degrees , is ideal to experience a quiet trip .

True to its name , ” Las Krzywy ” ( curved forest ) is a forest of about 400 pine trees located adjacent to the lower body bent nearly 90 degrees mysteriously . About this forest lies in the vast forests of Poland, close to the borders of Germany .
Mysterious Forest in Poland
Mysterious Forest in Poland . Photo: krzywylas .

This forest was planted at the right time of the Second World War . At that time , the forest actually belongs to Germany in 1945 and belongs to the Poles , so no one knows exactly what the Germans or the Poles have grown up around this strange forest .

Many scientists have different explanations for this mysterious forests . There are people that shaped tree bent down towards the ground so that the influence of gravity in strange areas . May argue that the old days when the big snow slide member , the trunk was blocked but not broken but bent trunk inertia , and so continued to develop .
Go forests lie

Go forests lie on the trunk curved like a hammock . Photo: DailyMail .

And the locals are confirmed , the large tanks of the Soviet army used during War II went through the forest , leaving the stalks bent but not broken today .

In addition, there is an explanation , the ancient planters were bending , bending the tree shape around the time they are 10 years of age . The curved trunk will be used to close the curved body style wooden boat ancient Poles , or to play in the interior .

This seems to be the most reasonable explanation , because we now have the tricks to grow and adjust the direction of the trunk grows liking . However , the way the ancient people used to ” bend ” hundreds of bathing trunks are going to disappear forever mankind .

Perhaps , you should ignore all the explanations , just the woods , immersed in the mystery and leaned back in the ” hammock natural ” , to enjoy quiet moments .
Mysterious Forest in Poland .