Krabi, attractive destinations in southern Thailand

Krabi, attractive destinations in southern Thailand

The serene beaches , not too crowded and still quite natural that pristine Krabi is becoming the new target of many tourists .

Phuket , the largest island in Thailand, which is one of the attractive destinations in the ” land of smiles ” . But city located on the coast opposite the name Andaman Krabi has emerged as a new address for those who intend to choose Thai country retreat .

Located west coast of the peninsula south of Thailand , Krabi has sunny beaches , fine sand , clear blue water and rocks left off . Mangroves and tropical greenery , rivers and hot springs that visitors are always ” busy ” with activities during their stay in Krabi .

Out on the Andaman Sea coast

Boat trip will take you across the wake of the many seams of limestone islets shaped like an egg floating on the ocean . Most of the traditional long boat relatives of people near Krabi will take you to Koh Poda and Chicken Island , an island with a narrow strip of land but chicken necks connecting the body and head. Some day rove below emerald green water , you ‘ll be spoiled watching coral reefs and hundreds of species of colorful fish not unlike Malpes or Fiji .


The island off Krabi is always associated with smooth sand , crystal clear sea and deep blue sky . Photo: Asiajourney – travel .

Soak in the hot waterfall Nam Tok Ron ,

Nam Tok Ron is one of the hot springs at the picturesque Krabi . This is like an outdoor spa with natural rock pools filled with water at a temperature of about 40 ° C. Hot springs and waterfalls situated Nam Tok Ron Krabi city center is only 45 km , suitable for trips or half a day. Admission 90 baht (about $3 ) .

Swimming in the lake of Sa Morakot Emerald

Tropical forest soils low in Thailand is the only biosphere reserve in Khao Pra Bang Songkhram and also the area most biodiversity in southern Thailand . Located deep in the forest canopy as Sa Morakot Emerald with pool between greenery .

After walking through the forest on the supply line in specific reserves , you can comfortably relax muscles in the swimming pool with water temperature around 30 degrees C. Reservoir wide alternating small waterfalls suited families for children to play. Admission price is 200 baht ( $7 ) for adults and 100 baht ( $3.5 ) for children .
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