Visit to Jeju island

In contrast to the bustling capital Seoul, busy people and cars, tall buildings closely, Jeju deposition and peaceful, worthy of the title “island of peace”. For South Korea, Jeju island with beautiful scenery serene, full of sunshine coast and wind, is the ideal place for the honeymoon couples or newlyweds, or the period helping families stay mounted. Along menly explore unique landmarks in Jeju only.

Jeju island

Halla Mount

Jeju Island is the result of the formation of many volcanoes on the sea. The most famous mountain is Halla, a dormant volcano peaks for thousands of years, with a height of 1,950 meters, is called “the roof of Korea”.

The mountain is located in the national park and Hallsan been recognized as a UNESCO heritage thanks to the biodiversity. Here, there are more than 1,800 species of trees and thousands of species of animals.
Halla Mount

Mountain visitors also have the opportunity to admire this crater became a lake on the mountain and enjoy the panoramic beauty underneath.

Beef Island

Beef Island is for the pearl island of Jeju island, thanks to the unique landscape. Locals say that the island looks like a sleeping cow, so they called Cow Island. Today, tourism is Beef Island development. At this point, one of the prominent tourist destinations of the island of Beef with black sand beaches and sandy bays.

Glass Castle

Not only the scenery, but the poetic Jeju Glass Castle also brings beauty mysterious, romantic fairyland.

Glass Castle of Museum Jeju art glass including a beautiful garden outside. As we enter the castle, visitors will encounter giant bean germplasm in the hall – a unique work of art is the creative artist in 3 months. In the exhibition space inside, visitors will see first European city glass brightly colored lights. Most visitors arrive here feeling lost in the world of fairy tales.

The interesting places in South Korea

The interesting places in South Korea

Visitors so excited to be exploring the bustling capital, unleash a dip in the cool blue waters Busan or enjoy the beautiful island of Jeju.

1 Seoul, the bustling capital

Since prehistoric times, this is an area of ​​strategic importance, especially in the fields of politics, economics, society and culture. During the Three Kingdoms period (from the 4th century to the mid-7th century), this area is often used as a battle between the kingdom’s rulers of ancient Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla, and is recognized as the city the capital of South Korea under the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

Since then, the city continues to grow to become the largest city in the country. After escaping from Korea’s colonial rule of Japan in 1945, the city was named Seoul which means ‘outreach.’ In 1949, Seoul was recognized as the capital.
interesting places in South Korea

The traditional Korean house with cool green space created poetic landscapes. Photo: KTO

Seoul is home to more than 10 million people from all over the country and the world to live and work in the modern skyscraper. The city also attracts tourists by a mix of traditional and modern, technology and nature.

Guests will be visiting the royal palace is a UNESCO world cultural heritage, high technology buildings where activities of the organization or the global shopping center Europe’s largest underground street Asia, a calm look Hangang river flows through the city. Here, the subway system wide is ready to shuttle tourists to the important points in the city.

2 Busan, a beautiful port city

Busan is the second largest city and is the commercial port of one of South Korea. The city lies geopolitical position adjacent to the Korean Straits and Japan, which have the advantage of Busan trade and tourism.

Shopping in this port city has also become quite popular. Many Lotte department stores, arcades Choryang for foreigners, Nampo streets, markets and market Gukje Seomyeon located in the city center is the location of foreign tourists looking for.

A unique angle on the beaches of Busan city. Photo: KTO

Certainly the most attractive tourist sites of Busan’s beautiful beach scene with rocks and islands with marvelous shapes. The famous beaches such as Haeundae, Gwangalli and Songjeong a lot of tourists preferred. Here, visitors can paddle, surfing and banana boat racing and other fun activities. Guests also can feel the natural beauty of Busan by rambling on yachts in the harbor.

On the season, Busan also has the attractive activities. The summer, a series of festivals are held in most of the beach, while in the fall, they held Jagalchi fish market, a cultural festival for foreign tourists. In addition, there are many eating places in Busan so you can explore the cuisine of Korea.

3 Jeju Island – the island volcano voluptuous

Located in the southwest of the Korean peninsula, Jeju Island is a volcanic island oval length 73 km. The weather is much warmer here than on the mainland, even in the cold winter months. Jeju Island is sometimes referred to as “Samdado Island” (meaning “three many”) because of the rocky island, wind and women. The wind from the sea blows in continuous operation throughout the year and the volcanic eruption of previously spread over numerous islands of the beautiful black stone and shaped weird. This island is also famous for many women since fishing is the main livelihood and many men were lost at sea.

Each tourists to Jeju Island can certainly see Dolhareubang (stone statues old man). The statues look very serious, it looks funny statues, these statues are scattered all over the island and became one of the distinctive symbol of the island.

Cute souvenir from Jeju Island

Cute souvenir from Jeju Island .