3 interesting facts about japan

Today I will show you 3 interesting facts about japan

Japan is an island nation arc , located to the east side of the mango according to the Asian mainland , east of South Korea , Russia and China .

From past to present , Japan has become one of the countries with the most unique culture and science and technology development to attract the attention of the whole world .

These interesting facts about japan prove to the world that Japan deserves to be one of the leading countries by rich cultural tradition and strong economic super power .

1 . Japanese name means ” the sun’s origin ” and thus be understood as ” the land of the rising sun ” . Japan also has the aesthetic as ” land of cherry blossoms ” , because this flower bloom throughout Japan from north to south , or ” daisy country ” because flowers like daisies 16 solar wings are spread projection is a symbol of royalty and the Japan national emblem today.

3 interesting facts about japan

Or Japan also known as visceral – a kind of shrubbery . According to ancient Oriental myth shrubbery called hollow viscera or no increase , where the sun god rest before riding the train travels across the sky from east to west , so visceral connotations literature only where the sun rises .

3 interesting facts about japan 

2 . More than 70 % of Japan consists of mountains , of which there are 200 volcanoes and includes more than 6,800 islands .

interesting facts about japan

Japan has always endured natural disasters

Geographical location of the country that Japan is one of the countries natural disasters happen in the world . The two most serious threats are earthquakes and tsunamis . Every year Japan suffered minor earthquake 7500 , Tokyo has 150 own game .

3 interesting facts about japan .
3 . Japanese cuisine is very rich and special . Includes sushi , tea and other dishes like cakes made ​​from rice flour .

Japanese cuisine

However, Japanese cuisine is also quite dangerous with dishes like salad pufferfish ( Fugu Sashi ) . Part abdominal muscles and are considered relatively safe , but to have an eagle eye to eliminate the toxins . How many people have died from eating poison of the Fugu dishes . But here is considered Japan’s specialty . In central Tokyo there are many restaurants this item processing . Diners will compliment delicious if they were still alive after eating this dish .

3 interesting facts about japan .
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4 best destination for christmas

Today I will show you 4 best destination for christmas

This Christmas you can go to Lapland to meet Santa Claus in the flesh , or enjoy the Christmas Markets in Germany .
 1 . Santa Claus Village , Lapland , Finland

Furniture Many children believe Santa Claus lives at the North Pole but actually Lapland , Finland was the real abode . Lapland is famous fairy land where many children in the world When she read the Snow Princess are known . Come to Lapland , visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery here inundated with snow covered space .

best destination for christmas

Santa Claus Village in Lapland .

Furniture One of the places we can not miss the Santa Claus post office in the town of Rovaniemi . This place is always full of letters Accompanying the Treaty ‘ s adorable babies sent worldwide . According to statistics from the Local Government , the office every year Santa Claus in Lapland Nearly 16 million letters received from 198 countries .

4 best destination for christmas .
In addition to the post office , the village of Santa Claus ( Santa Claus village ) makes Lapland Become one of the biggest tourist attraction in northern Europe , Especially each of the Christmas . The village is enclosed the between the natural landscape is extremely beautiful and spectacular with crystal blue lakes , majestic mountains , the Glaciers and snow white as pure cotton , thick forests and the murmuring Waterfalls VAST … Entering the village of Santa Claus , as we set foot into the world of a sweet fairy domain – where dreams back in his childhood was always dreaming .

Besides , We Also have the opportunity to enjoy this special place as salmon and caribou meat and participate in the exciting sport like skating ride pulled by reindeer , Rafting , fishing , camping . Also Guests have the opportunity to relax in the hotel made ​​entirely of ice and snow . Many admit chúng Tourists Attracted by the VAST wilderness of the land of this wonderful and worthy here is the top tourist destination in the world .

4 best destination for christmas .

2 . New York , USA

It would be flawed if not Classified as New York landmarks on the list of attractions of the beautiful Christmas season . Since the beginning of December , Christmas filled the air and on busy streets . The streets are decorated with brightly colored lamps . Santa Claus , giant tree , glittering garlands … xuất hiện everywhere , making this place one of the most splendid trở Christmas .

New York

Splendid Christmas in New York .

A new day starts really interesting , When you step foot into the store FAO Schwarz , the paradise of the People who love toys . This shop has Become an attractive destination of New York from the year 130 . Hotels near Plaza Furniture can bring you full of Christmas atmosphere . For shoppers , a cup of afternoon tea in the Palm Court will be mellow relaxation , where you can buy the ultimate gift for a loved one During the day .

4 best destination for christmas .

After shopping, visitors can eat Leisurely stroll on the famous street , watching the snow fall over the streets of Manhattan luxury hustle and flow of the People shopping for Christmas presents . To New York , we cũng seeing a giant Christmas tree located near the center Rockefller . This iconic dragon pine Christmas in New York . This year , local Governments spent about 45 thousand light bulbs to decorate the tree and star Swarovski 3 m in diameter near the top highlights . Thousands Attend direct light at Rockefeller tradition with millions watching live TV on NBC on 9/12 .

For those who are not afraid to wait in line at the ice rink During the holiday season , a round on the rink will close an enjoyable holiday . Everything prosperous , bustling New York will definitely save you time making this place one day longer .

4 best destination for christmas .

3 . Cologne , Germany

Ancient city of Cologne today Become Important locations and is a key commercial transportation with Germany ‘s Highest railway traffic . It is Also known as one of the city ‘s major universities , is a stronghold of multicultural and ethnically diverse , iaso tone and culture . Also Considered The city is a center of gay people.


Cologne has dedicated roads for shopping with stores selling clothing , footwear , perfume , Souvenirs … crowded . First Carnival or Christmas is the time of the shops here jubilantly promotion for visitors , and depending on brand đó prices ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred euros .

4 best destination for christmas .

Not only Tourists , many locals Also enjoy the racing promotions and furniture shopping for winter . If Accidentally drifted into the maze of shops selling jewelry , though certainly difficult to Tourists anywhere to hook it up to the pair of earrings , necklace with sophisticated design , spectacular re Both very affordable prices . But we have to buy things and move Quickly , Because the stores closed here pretty soon . More than 20h , most stores have turned off the lights .

4 best destination for christmas .

Walk to the shopping or sightseeing in Cologne , Tourists will not get tired on the road by rows of seats are available for free and enjoy beautiful wood base Performances by street artists . Helped conservatively Sax riffs and drumming , cute music emanating from the music box is turned by hand , all help visitors feel relaxed and get back mentally for a day trek .

In addition , 7 am also concentrating scattered Cologne Christmas Markets in the ancient town and harbor of Germany . Among them , the most famous bazaar under Colonge Cathedral built in the gothic architecture . Located at the foot of the cathedral in the city of Cologne , Christmas bazaar will leave you overwhelmed with Countless traditional types of goods sold as candies , ornament with many unique and beautiful designs fancy .

4 best destination for christmas .

4 . Tokyo , Japan

From mid – November until the end of the year , Neighborhoods in Tokyo , Japan Seems brighter , more dazzling under the lights of Christmas decorations Offered . The major centers like Tokyo station in Tokyo , Ikebukuro , Shinjuku , Shibuya , Roppongi , Ginza … hanging lamp illumination are known as very beautiful .


The squares are placed tree . Supermarkets sell a lot of toys for Christmas like red boots filled with candy inside , the round red silk ribbon tied pine and gilded bell , Including Christmas Panettone cakes như Italy European origin .

4 best destination for christmas .

Christmas splendor in Tokyo .

Japan is a Buddhist country , many Japanese temples nên go to church for Christmas Eve . Thay , They usually hold the party at home or offices , gifts or send postcards to friends far away . Youth is fun at the bar until dawn .

Christmas is an occasion for family members to reunite , sit together to review what has been done in years . The Japanese enjoyed the feeling of Receiving a gift in Christmas night and enjoy the hot soba noodles . One of the most meaningful gift this occasion the crimson petal Poinsettia . The most beautiful flower blooming in the Christmas season nên Normally be displayed in the corner of most pages in a Japanese family . One of the other popular gift is a mini colorful petals preserved for a long time in a glass box , Everlasting life expression of love .

4 best destination for christmas .

Balconies on the sea of ​​clouds in Japan

Balconies on sea of ​​clouds in Japan

Located on the island of Hokkaido in Tomamu , Japan , the balcony is Unkai Terrace interesting feeling for tourists floating in the clouds .

The island of Hokkaido is the northernmost capital of Japan known as tundra and wild . However, the resort island located between the famous beauty wonders of the natural hot springs of fresh water .

At Tomamu resort , if no snow , visitors can take the cable car up the mountain Unkai Terrace , through the cloud layer in the lower floor to see firsthand the dreamlike scenery below. But all depends on luck , because depending on the weather each day that sea of ​​clouds will appear clear or fuzzy .

In Japanese , ” Unkai ” means ” sea of ​​clouds ” , very appropriate name given to the mountain Unkai Terrace and balcony with stunning views this .
visitors crowded

From early morning , visitors crowded cable car went up the mountain to wait for the sun . Photo static.panoramio.com .

On top of the mountain , walkways take visitors to a balcony overhang outside depths . On nice weather , you can see dawn slowly brighten up the horizon and clouds spelled arms as the waves glide . Hidaka and Tokachi mountain peaks rising in the distance in the haze layer looks mysterious .

The two towers of Hoshino Resort Tomamu lights hidden in the fog early as two touches of fantasy paintings . The temperature is in the high 15 degrees C is ideal to stroll around or lying on the rocks to see the clouds drifting across the heel .
sea of ​​clouds

Sea of ​​clouds in Japan . Cloud looks like a modified large waterfall . Photo: mypacetravel.com .

Only about 40 % of the time the cable car open so visitors can see layers of white clouds floating in the courtyard outside. If times are bad, the whole mountain will be covered by fog and haze . Still not seeing fairy landscape from above , visitors can still be felt through postcards when purchasing bundled cable .

Here , you can also use the postcard he sent to his beloved , from special postal clouds located halfway to anywhere in the world absolutely free .
sea of ​​clouds in Japan .

yellow leaves in tokyo

yellow leaves in tokyo

Tokyo intrigued by the architectural integrity of the ancient temples combined charms of the modern works , is considered one of the cities with the dynamic rhythm of life , all leading Asian pop .

Located Tokyo , Japan, about 70 km to the northwest , Narita airport is very modern building . When the flight from Vietnam to Tokyo landed here , visitors can catch a bus straight to the hotel in Tokyo , takes about 2 hours away by rail or overhead, or slow boat . Luxury is by taxi for transportation in Tokyo is very expensive .

Tokyo the most beautiful in the spring , from March to April , when the cherry blossoms colors exploding sun blisters , brightly across the roads or the campus , in the city of temples . White , pink blend of natural earth . Somewhere throughout the campus , at full bloom , people gather under the canopy of flowers inside the cup of warm sake esophagus , eating together , singing . Weekends with the people here really like festivals .
yellow leaves in tokyo
yellow leaves in tokyo. Photo: Imgur .

But in the fall , around October , November , Tokyo is magnificent , as the city is covered with a yellow, red autumn leaves , the air is clean and fresh . The bank almond tree with fan -shaped leaves twisting in the canopy . Brightly colored maple leaves were changing to red , a brilliant airspace . Yellow , red intertwined themselves , creating beautiful colors throughout the grounds , temples that tourists are not surprised from .

The Japanese give themselves a rest period really . The natural beauty of the stupor when we step on the yellow carpet . On the streets , children playing , shouting , jumping , couples romantic stroll , taking pictures of each other under the rug gold leaf , red . Flood gurgles pupils cycling , boisterous laugh , old people together arm in arm , walking under the sun collection .
yellow leaves in tokyo .

But Tokyo is also attractive because the integrity of the ancient architecture combined with the allure of modern construction and dynamic rhythms , all leading Asian pop . It still retains the old houses are hundreds of years old with a tile roof , wooden pillars and painted wooden signs in Asakusa , is recognized as a world cultural heritage .
beautiful red leaves
The beautiful red leaves carpet the roads around . Photo: Autumn .

It was fun walking the streets Nakamise only 200 m in length , where the shops sold souvenirs, traditional Japanese sweets or visit the Sensoji temple in Tokyo ‘s oldest , where you can feel received the traditional culture of the land of the rising sun .

Leave seem quaint , visitors can also experience the dizzying changes by the modern right in this city . The skyscraper houses the most modern in the world, the crowded streets , the bustling crowds poured from the district offices, subway stations , busy day and night . So Tokyo was considered one of the busiest cities in the world. In the city , transportation is most appropriate by subway convenient , safe and cheap .
yellow leaves in tokyo .

If you want to see the city from above , visitors can climb the tower Tokyo . From more than 300 m altitude , visitors can see the famous attractions such as the aquarium , wax museum and amusement park Disneyland is always crowded with tourists .

Tokyo was considered one of the busiest cities in the world. Photo: tic – booking .

Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world . In addition to fashion items , visitors can search for items “made in Japan ” quality . Ameyoko Mall near Ueno station is considered to be the giant flea market sells snacks , popular clothes that any visitor can also visit .
yellow leaves in tokyo .

Nightlife in Tokyo

Nightlife in Tokyo

Tokyo is most expensive city in the world, crazy city and the hustle of the day job , but also a dazzling city lights of sleepless nights .

From nightclubs with loud electronic music , to the delicious cocktail connoisseurs and those sidewalk cafes , the city that never sleeps, there are many things to captivate those who are looking for a night memorable .
Nightlife in Tokyo

Nightlife in Tokyo .

Night lights shining down illuminating sidewalks workaholics who are looking for a fun game night . Connoisseurs are always looking to the east of the county , starting a night at Eleven , luxury bar formerly known as Space Lab Yellow . The difference compared to the club ” wild ” than in Roppongi , this bar playing reggae music every week , famous for wines and soft luxury clients .

But the fun takes place in Roppongi , best known for the role partying and ” stirring ” to dock , which left an impression on those who first came to Tokyo . Let’s go dancing shoes on and headed to the Super Deluxe , a space filled with art and music experience hidden in the basement of an abandoned building , where you can sip the natives a little Tokyo Ale , or tasted homemade pizza or vegetarian curries , the white leather sofa luxury .
bar in tokyo

You should mingle with the natives enjoy cocktails attractive and vibrant music when visiting Zoetrope . This is really where ” indulge a meal ” Whether you choose to try whiskey or a random menu item with ambiguous names unknown. In the dim light surrounds who tipsy , silent films will be projected on the walls at night and colorful surrealist paintings of Takeo Kimura .

Nightlife in Tokyo .

Dinner in the heart of Japan’s capital is also quite interesting . For example, in Isen , one of Tokyo ‘s most delicious restaurant tucked away in a narrow alley , on the second floor of the office building anonymous . Once inside , choose seats at the counter eating the wooden puzzle and watch the chefs working in the open kitchen . If sushi is your favorite item , then walk towards the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in the world, with up to 450 different kinds of fresh fish to choose delight .

And not to be missed , it’s Womb , fashionable nightclub has appeared in films Inarritu ‘s Babel , spread over four floors with the top-quality laser beam and an impressive sound system with house music , electro and techno . If you love the music of international DJs such as Fatboy Slim and Paul Van Dyck go to Ageha , all native Japanese nightclub . Consistency between industrial Shin Kiba , with four bars, an outdoor swimming pool and a private dance floor . This club is a perfect place to dance until dawn.

When the first rays of the sun through the window , find the way back to the hotel. Across the bedroom and went straight to the spa for beauty treatment rooms , sauna and swimming pool , where you can kicked off the shoes and feet refreshing jump into the blue waters throughout .

Nightlife in Tokyo .

Snow street in Japan

Snow street in Japan

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine snow road also known as the Great Snow Walls attractions in Japan , attracting thousands of visitors every year .

When planning your Japan trip , you usually think of the popular destinations in Tokyo , Osaka and the ancient capital of Kyoto … However , Japan is not only that , originating Tang also points to new , if less impressive , after the water you should definitely plan to return to this wonderful place . One of them is ” snow route ” Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Snow aka Great Walls . It attracts thousands of visitors each year .

Snow street in Japan

Snow street in Japan .

Due to the winter lasts from November to April it snows in this area more than 20m thick . As soon as the snow stopped falling , the Japanese embarked on a cleaner, compressed snow , dig through the thick snow made ​​roads passing through spectacular mountains north of Japan. Vehicles are primarily in electric vehicles , buses and cable cars .

Ignoring the noisy bustle of the city , you will be overwhelmed with the vast space of the snow white snow in this great offer . The gift of nature and creativity of people made ​​special way . With snow wall runs 90km a long way , you ‘ll be spoiled watching the beauty of snow , the snow lay hands on the wall , walking on the path between the spotless snow walls towering around with.

Snow street Japan

Not only the pure white snow , snow routes and paths running through almost all of the most beautiful scenery of mountains and valleys Tateyama Kurobe as Kurobe – the largest hydroelectric dam in Japan , a height of about 186m , is arrested across the Kurobe river . You will be amazed at the great work and ecstasy in the beautiful space of Kurobe River emerald sparkle in the sun .

In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the landscape of Tateyama , one of the sacred mountains in Japan , part of the National Park Chubu sangakus . The appropriate time for you to admire the way the snow is on June – September .

Snow street in Japan .

The experience culture trip in the sunrise country

The experience culture trip in the sunrise country .

Culture with a unique blend of traditional and modern Japanese made ​​become the ideal destination for those who love to explore .


Art enjoy a traditional tea ceremony has the country’s longstanding Japanese . The steps in the process of tea , tea will be followed by four basic principles jaku wa kei sei aka Hoa – Glass – Bar – Pure . Wa – harmony ( between man and nature ) , kei – respect (for others, sei – purity ( of mind ) and jaku – silence . Purpose of the tea ceremony is directed to clean the air by his soul to nature , from that to the cultivation of enlightenment .

sunrise country

Many visitors choose to participate in the tea ceremony while in Kyoto , the city is famous by the classic elegant beauty , its traditions bold . Note that in this tea party , bring the relatively bitter tea because tea drinking originated from matcha – a green tea powder . Therefore, cakes usually served with , just to lessen the bitterness has increased the taste of green tea .


In modern-day Japan , so for as we can see geisha , except that where traditional Kyoto geisha strongest remaining . Trained a standard way of traditional disciplines such as classical Japanese dance , flower arrangement , tea ceremony … geisha become very popular throughout the years of the 19th century . But today the geisha still active but the number is declining . Geisha are not prostitutes , they are both talented artists perform dance music had the ability to talk , and is known for its sophisticated style makeup and costumes traditional kimono .

Today, it is difficult to catch a true geisha in Kyoto standards because they often appear only in private clubs , but occasionally can be seen walking on the geisha district of Gion streets at dusk . Besides this place also hosts many concerts geisha that anyone can join. Although this may not be true geisha standards , they also share the transmission characteristics of traditional Japanese culture to visitors .


This wine is traditionally cooked Japanese rice . Sake has emerged from a year ago and is an integral part of the spiritual and cultural life of the Japanese ( sake plays a very important role in a number of Shinto ritual ) . This is a very popular drink , second only to beer consumption .

Sake is meant sip and enjoy . There are hundreds of factories in Japan Sake , abundant species with taste and different flavors . Depending on the type of sake that wine stored in different ways : hot , cold or at room temperature . Because the sake enjoy relatively complex , it would be great if you try different types of sake under the professional guidance of those who served at the bar .


Perhaps food is the most exported around the world from Japan is sushi . Although the bar can find this special rice rolls in almost all countries in the world , but nothing is being enjoyed by hundreds of sushi on the ground produced it .

My favorite place to explore and enjoy the freshest sushi around the area Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo . Come to the market early in the morning to admire the fish market scene with lots of sea creatures , then walk into a sushi restaurant to enjoy this delicious fresh food . Or you can choose to combine sightseeing tour Tsukiji fish market with a basic course sushi .

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo is a traditional martial arts are all Japanese citizens honor . In fact , it is the national sport . This wrestling has a history of hundreds of years and have close relationships with the ritual dances of the Shinto religion . A wrestling match usually has many ritual elements so gladiators must comply with extremely strict regime , as the monks so .

Visitors can very easily participate in a sumo wrestling match in Tokyo , Osaka or in any major city in Japan .

Modern youth culture

Japan, which is known for its history and rich cultural traditions , but also very well known in terms of popular culture ( pop culture ) colorful and extremely unique .

A stroll around the ring through the streets of Tokyo will help you have a more comprehensive view of modern culture of Japan. Especially when visit Harajuku neighborhood , you will see a lot of young Japanese dressed in full fashion style , or were dressed in costumes cosplay ( dress up like comic character , video game , cartoon ) or even style ” kawaii ” ( cute ) .

Even more interesting is when you arrive in Akihabara , also known as the famous electronics market in Tokyo . Visit the area at night to see the bright lights sparkling while going along the electronics stores and a variety of shops dedicated to the fans of comics , anime … Go to Akihabara , you will have the feeling seems to be making a trip to the future .

student life

student life in the world

1.student life in Japan

Students to Japan after the major means of transport is bicycle, bus and underground train. In areas of big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, students travel by bus or subway. Elsewhere, students often use bicycles or motorcycles (if there by motorcycle, and the change in law enforcement motorcycle will be the guide). Bicycles and motorcycles in Japan are very low, students can purchase the car from locking students before, or rent a car in the dorm.

student life

2.student life in USA

Most students in U.S. universities live in or near the hostel and take advantage of opportunities to participate in student activities such as skiing, visiting different cities and so on … These activities exposed this will dramatically improve your language skills.

The American has fun lifestyle , friendly and pleasant. They tend to be passionate and love to meet new friends, like to join the party and enjoy visiting new places. Schools often have cultural events, sports, arts so you can participate. And there are other scenic spots, the commercial and cultural center for you to explore.

3.student life in UK

When you come to the UK, will have a lot of support to help you settle down.

Most of the UK will welcome event for international students, with a welcome speech from a representative case, a meal or a party. This is a great opportunity to acquaint you with the other international students, as well as a new surprise to the UK.

You can also participate in “Orientation Programme for international students.” This program will take you to visit the school and the neighboring required places.