6 interesting places to travel in the world

Today I will show you 6 interesting places to travel in the world

The location of this beautiful tourist from all over the world , from the tomb , waterfalls , ancient villages to modern cities . For some people they may not be sufficient to attract , attractive , charismatic , but for some others, it was the most amazing places on earth .

Teotihuacan , Mexico

interesting places to travel in the world
Built in the year 200 BC, Teotihuacan is the land of world famous for individual tribes throughout the centuries and marked a series of different projects and attractions , including the great pyramids and murals ( wall paintings ) are preserved so beautifully colorful .

Teotihuacan today remains one of the largest archaeological sites in the world and is often seen as a candidate to replace price or join one of the seven wonders of the world .

Saint Petersburg , Russia

Saint Petersburg

The entire center of Saint Petersburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 , including 31 different regions and areas within the city center . Saint Petersburg is one of the city’s most recognizable Europe , thanks largely Three Moroccan architecture ( Baroque ) and its neo-classical .

It has countless monuments , monuments , museums , and many works such as Christ Church was built on land wets , makes the charming Saint Petersburg .

6 interesting places to travel in the world .

Alps Mountains

Alps Mountains

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world , the Alps are divided into many different ranges stretching across seven countries make up the natural beauty of the majestic mountains .

Mont Blanc , for example , the highest peak in the entire Alps , pristine beauty that was given the nickname La Dame Blanche in French , meaning White Ladies .

Rajasthan , India


Located in the northwestern part of India, Rajasthan stretches over 342,000 square kilometers , surrounded by the famous Thar desert .

While officially Rajasthan only 61 years old , it is in fact a combination of two separate regions of India and thus has a long history , illustrious and interesting .

There are so many places to visit in Rajasthan for a visit , but if you only have one chance to come here , be sure that you will come to Jaisalmer , also known as the Golden City , Mehrangarh Fort , a castle over 500 years old and located on a 122 m high mountain overlooks the city of Jodhpur and the Aravalli ranges , considered one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world .

6 interesting places to travel in the world .

Kerala , India


30 years ago , Kerala was almost completely unknown to anyone outside of Indian country , the southern region of India today is one of the most famous tourist destinations of this country , with visitors from all over the world to explore the wonderful weather , historical sites and natural landscapes .


6 interesting places to travel in the world .
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Unique state of Rajasthan, India

Unique state of Rajasthan India

The world famous with beautiful golden sand dunes , architecture , cultural heritage … , the state of Rajasthan is one of the only tourist attractions that visitors should not miss the opportunity to visit western India .


In its travel itinerary with train Palace on Wheel , visitors will admire the stunning beauty of places like Jaipur ( capital of Rajasthan ) , ramparts Jaisamer gold , blue city Jodhpur , national parks Ramthambhor , symbol of chivalry Chittorgarp , romantic city of lakes Udaipur , Bharatpur bird sanctuary and the spirit of the Mughal capital Agra before returning to Delhi .

Unique state of Rajasthan India .

The palace was meticulously polished , the white building located on the lake shimmering in Udaiour , splendor of Jaisalmer city with honey yellow glow from the desert , the city of Jodhpur seems to glow with pieces blue and pink city Jaipur passionate … will be the highlights and unforgettable during the tourists visiting Rajasthan .

Located in western Rajasthan and covered the entire area Jodhpur , Jaisalmer , Barmer and Bikaner , the desert of Thar would be ideal for guests interested in exploring the natural beauty and wildlife . The most outstanding feature of the Thar desert is beautiful golden sand dunes and camels are very much used as a major means of transportation in this area . The strong fortress and the magnificent palace built on top of a high hill in the Thar desert as contributing embellished vivid for this area .

For guests interested in enjoying the quiet atmosphere after a long tour and want to experience new things in Rajasthan , the Rajasthan heritage villa is the best option .

Special culture .

Go to Rajasthan , seemingly visitors are visiting one of the museums with huge outdoor historical sites and ancient relics are well preserved . At the same time , the traditional dances bold Indian culture and unique cuisine will leave visitors more good impression of this peaceful land .

Unique state of Rajasthan India .

The simulation bold Indian culture .

Rajasthan which is famous for festivals and traditional fairs . So , you’ll have many opportunities to discover the unique culture of this land . Desert Festival ( February ) of Jaisalmer to celebrate the life of nomads in the desert region of Rajasthan through song and dance . Pushkar fair (January 11) near Ajmer attracts thousands of tourists visit each year . Teej Festival ( August ) welcomed the emergence of strong monsoon , usually held first. Festival of Holi ( March ) is celebrated with the people throwing paint at each other with the elephant procession was accompanied by more of the dancer dances are fun and unique .

Besides , Rajasthan is also famous for painting beautiful , unique music , culture rich folk . Guests will really fascinated by the folk dance of Rajasthan Ghoomar and Kalbeliya . The fluid moves , the vibrant colors of the costumes along with the details of the beautiful jewelry in the dancers … Highlights were created for each dance .

Guests also do not forget to enjoy the special dishes of Rajasthan – India made ​​in many styles . The perfect combination of spices with nutrient composition of foods such as vegetables , whole grains , fruits and beans … will satisfy every visitor ‘s taste .


Visitors can tour the whole area with its beautiful Rajasthan famous train Palace on Wheels . The car ‘s passenger rail carrier is designed as a replica of the old -style room Maharajas ( dynasties of ancient India ) .

Style and quality of service that the train company brings will certainly satisfy tourists from everywhere . We can say , traveling by train Palace on Wheels is one of the exciting experience that tourists should not miss when in Rajasthan .
Unique state of Rajasthan India .

Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams

Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams

Jaisalmer – ‘Golden City’ in North India featuring spectacular fortress existed since the 12th century filled with yellow sand of the desert. It’s like a dream land of mystical fairy tale ‘Thousand and One Nights’.

Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams .

With 1.3 billion people, mainly vehicles from region to region of the Indian people is the train. Train system in India depending on the type of the world’s busiest, a day Varanasi station as trains have to visit 230 minutes to pay and pick up. And no where in the world, cheap train tickets here. An economy class ticket from Delhi to lie Jasaimer, takes 18 hours only cost about 200,000.
Jaisalmer is the last city of Rajasthan is located on the vast Thar Desert in northwestern India. The city is also known under the name “Golden City”. And true to its name, the station set foot in Jaisalmer, a yellow sandstone cover the city, from the heritage of the historic architecture of the houses of the people.

As the country’s religious history to go through many changes in the religious war between Hindus and Muslims of India should have a system very special heritage and spread across the country. Religious influence also scramble up to the heritage are very beautiful and spectacular. Famous for its Hindu temples, Buddhist noted by the temple buildings .

From Golden Fort looked through a doorway, beneath the houses of the inhabitants of Jaisalmer city.

Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams .

In Jaisalmer, Golden Fort spectacular fortress impress strongly located in the city center, with prominent yellow desert sand. This fort was built in 1156 during the reign of King Rawal Jaisal and so far has been considered as one of the largest forts in the world.

At different times of the day, though still with a dominant yellow, but the color of the Golden Fort also change the sun shines on: when is the brilliant yellow of dawn, when golden brown gray spray every time the clouds, then yellow bile in the sunset …

Unlike legacy in India and many parts of the world, only to tourists admire, Golden Fort is a heritage “live”, where you live and the business of the city residents. Inside the fort there are small shops sold handicrafts items, Leopard build, beautiful tapestries, or the beautiful souvenirs. Visitors may have crept in walking fortress, could have chosen a cafe with a nice view to see the whole city because of the prime location in Golden Fort.

Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams .

But not only in Jaisalmer Golden Fort magnificent as the land of the fairy “Thousand and One Nights,” which is also famous for the journey to the Thar desert on camel back.

Thar Desert in Jaisalmer is a semi-desert type, ie not only the vast sand dunes that still grow trees, the village’s inhabitants. Along the way there are occasional deer spiraling release, the goats and sheep grazing leisurely, the focus of the spread wings to attract mates, or varieties of wildflowers growing on the sand with very eye-catching shapes.

When the red sun fading amniotic then, darkness covered all the desert with the wind chill. Visitors are taken to the nearby village of indigenous people to enjoy a show of traditional folk from Rajasthan and then go back for dinner, the flickering flames of a fire in the desert.

Go to Jaisalmer – land of dreams .

These delicious dishes to try on India

These delicious dishes to try on India , I’m sure you will like them .

In addition to flavor dishes odor concentration is Carri, anise, chili powder and countless other flavors, you taste the delicacies interesting very popular in India.

Lassi Yogurt

In the dish in India, the most popular is the lassi, a yogurt drink fermented goats and good for health. Lassi divided into several types, sour, sweet and fruit. Price per cup Lassi 20 Pr (8,000 VND). From the most luxurious restaurants or sidewalk stalls are selling lassi. The most interesting are the goblet containing lassi is made of simple clay.

delicious dishes

Naan bread

The Naan pie dough is made daily dish of India. Naan Bread is served with Carri or do not eat. Naan bread with cheese’s also very delicious. Two Naan bread is hot enough for breakfast, delicious and cheap.

Naan bread


Traditional dishes are available in the table and in the shops Thali menu. This is the common name of popular foods including rice, naan bread, Carri bean, Carri potatoes, unsweetened yogurt and a few other items. Thali is placed in the tray with several small bowls. Prices range 50Rp – 150Pp ($1 – $3).

Chicken Rice Carri

Carri chicken rice dish is easy to make in the Indian restaurants. With its special flavor and golden color, this easy dish attractive people can eat Carri. Carri bold are easy to eat with hot rice.
Chicken Rice Carri

Samosa Cake

After the meal, just cake dessert with Samosa, made famous taro, bread is usually triangular, semicircular or tetrahedral shape. Cake may be the sweet or the salty very attractive. Note to anyone not eat bread Samosa Carri sold on the street as there is in the taste.
Samosa Cake


Just blowing hot milk tea drinking is just another special drinks throughout the streets of India. With 2 -3 Rp (8000-12000 contract), you get a cup of milk tea hot enough. At some point, you can always throw a terracotta cup. Beverage items from the sidewalk, every alley in the freezing hallway tourists and visitors filled the station.



Dance as one art form to express emotion, show off skills, more dance, traditional dance has become a symbol of the intangible world countries.
1 . Celestial

This dance has existed for thousands of years in Campuchi from this . Even pictures of elegant dancers have been carved into the walls in many ancient works majestic Angkor Wat .

2 . Bellydance

Belly dancing , also known as a dance raq Sharqu comes from the Middle East . At first it was just passed down in the family and performed in important rituals . Gradually , this seductive dance has spread to become the art world’s most popular .

3 . Flamenco

Derived from the Andalusian songs , Spanish dance in red dress and proud became a symbol of the country gaur . The dance represents the feelings of a prayer life and a wish for a better life .

4 . Bharata Natyam

Developed centuries ago in the temples of South India , the dance was originally intended to dedicate the gods , later became an art form passed down through the generations .

5 . Fandango

Tone Fandango is one of the traditional dances in Portugal , in which the dancers legs knocked to the floor and position changes in the rules are quite complex .

6 . cancan

The beautiful female dancers in long skirts , black socks and move extremely sexy , sexy is what makes the beauty of the dance Cancan . Over the years , this dance has always been a symbol of the spirit of France .

7 . Kabuki

Kabuki is the theater of ancient art in Japan , in which the actor and acting , just dancing in traditional costume kimono . The performance is one of the Kabuki performances are preferred when visitors to Japan .

8 . Jump wave

Fluid dance like a wave of water comes from the cold country of Ireland . The dancers can dance alone or dancing in groups and make quick movements and flexibility in the foot , while the upper body remains quiet .

9 . jump newsstand

Is the traditional dance of the Philippines as Tinikling originated from … Spain. When done , two dancers will stomp true skill to avoid bamboo , wood by others typing rhythm . This dance also appeared in the mountains of northern Vietnam .

10 . Cossack

Cossack , also known as GOPAK the traditional dance of Ukraine , in which the dancers seemed hopping , bending his fancy circus is like .

11 . Kathak

As one of eight traditional dance of India, Kathak is derived from the nomadic group in northern India since time immemorial .

12 . Kekak

The dance combines with the singing of Indonesia is usually based on the tales of Indian origin , especially the Ramayana . This is one of the screen ‘s favorite tourists traveling to the island of Bali .

13 . Tango

Derived from country Argentina , bold dance Latin charm but still have the technical sophistication , complexity makes the dancers and the audience captivated .

14 . Capoiera

As the perfect combination between dance and martial arts , Capoeira is one of the cultural highlights of the interesting country Brazil .