Hua Hin Thailand – The paradise land

Hua Hin Thailand – The paradise land

If you need to find ancient pieces , a few dark corners alternates gentle sunset , Hua Hin is the most attractive destination to find old feelings and quiet of their own .

Klai Kangwon Summer Palace

More than half a century , Klai Kangwon Palace where the King Bhumipol Adulyadej ( Rama IX , King of Thailand at present) and Queen Sirikit honeymoon .

Hua Hin
Klai Kangwon Summer Palace is quite isolated in the northern outskirts of Hua Hin . Although built in the early years of the twentieth century , but this place is almost unchanged. Currently, the Royal Thai resort still here . In addition to the main house building style villas , palaces mostly low-rise architecture is Spanish , several dotted Sala Thai style architecture with lower level parallel columns are formed windy corridor . Upstairs are enclosed in double room accommodation .

Contrary to the palace and royal splendor manner , gaudy , colorful in Bangkok , the Summer Palace is open space , weaving between the array of green garden . The color here is not fierce glare , or gimmicky opposition that remained largely neutral , harmony , creating the feeling of relief and relaxation . At the center of the maze with a fountain and some benches painted white wooden legs for travelers . Near the entrance , the Royal museum displays photos, memorabilia and royal seat is also for tourists to buy souvenirs .

Hua Hin Thailand – The paradise land .

Hua Hin train station

Station built during the reign of King Rama VII , coinciding with the period Hua Hin was chosen as the summer retreat of the king . Hua Hin Railway Station with wooden architecture and traditional Thai Sala primarily to serve the convenience of moving from Royal Bangkok to Hua Hin . Hua Hin railway station is one of the most beautiful and antique railway station in Thailand , today became inseparable symbol of this city .

At this point in the afternoon , when the city began to light up , you will see like yesterday traditions that are returned . After jingle bells , train and also busy selecting the end of the day to come, and rush to hurry through. Station in the quiet old with golden light spilled onto the sticky wood lacquer same time span lingering loose words .
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Pace in the field of peace when there are no trains . Photo: gotothai .

Hua Hin Shopping and culinary

After leaving Hua Hin train station , from the station entrance , turn left and walk along the street running through the front of the station , you will see Hua Hin night market bustle and smells fragrant Thai food . This bazaar will surely make you enjoy is listed food , souvenirs and boisterous voices laughing .

You can also visit Pleanwan to buy antique items for his unique and family . Pleanwan eco-village model is the first vintage in Thailand . The entire village was rebuilt in 2009 with the purpose of reproduction and storage features activities from Hua Hin where there is a fishing village with small fishing port .

Hua Hin Thailand – The paradise land .

Here, you will see pictures of the house on his anchor and pillar of all activities taking place high above the living tradition of the residents familiar waters . In the old space , the story of Hua Hin in the past recounted stalls selling traditional cast presentation interspersed between the imitation antiques shop . Many street corners along the ancient lifestyle of Hua Hin is redrawn with large murals .
If you find something great , a work that overwhelmed you , you probably will not find in Hua Hin . But this is definitely a great destination for you and your family to leave the place prosperous city , returning to something old , simplicity , intimacy and warmth of the day is not too distant past

Hua Hin Thailand – The paradise land .