Haw Par Villa Park bizarre in Singapore

Haw Par Villa Park bizarre in Singapore .

If you are in Singapore and want to visit a completely different location , go to Haw Par Villa .

” Why do you want to go there ? ” , The taxi driver asked us, while browsing through the morning mist . ” I think this place has closed. Nor point and tourist attractions in Singapore . Why did not the aquarium ? ” .

Haw Par Villa Park

Despite hearing the driver say , we still undeterred and continued towards Haw Par Villa , the most exotic destinations in Singapore (probably all of Asia ) . Haw Par Villa Park with all sorts of colorful objects , simulating a Chinese folk story . The park was built in 1937 by two Chinese businessmen moved to Singapore . Decades passed, everything is completely different . Today, the list of destinations in Singapore seem endless . Meanwhile , Haw Par Villa has ” all the time ” and become lonely , that many locals thought it was closed .

Haw Par Villa is really bizarre , at least for those who do not know about Chinese folklore . If the terms of the children’s park , Haw Par Villa is quite scary .

We walked through the gate under the eyes of two subjects followed by concrete ferocious tiger farming sides . First meets the eye is a pig dressed audience . After a series of scenes that are busy men butchering each mouse , bleeding profusely everywhere. Strangely most important woman for feeding an old man . After this we get to know a new character that old man married the girl’s father .

The most famous scene in Haw Par Villa is ” ten courts of hell .” This place is a tunnel in size and shape like a car wash shop . People go through this tunnel in death . Inside, the tragic soul drifted or hovering stabbing thorns . Read the list of sins punished as hell , we feel sorry for cheating , copying the next post will be carved intestine . I’m really cool hair-raising . This can be good or bad carpentry obsession for thousands of children in Singapore .

If for Singapore as a modern individual , busy , a successful businessman , the Haw Par Villa did not fit in with the overall image . This park is bizarre secrets from the distant past , hidden behind ” Amani suit ” modern and trendy Singapore .