Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet

Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas is home to the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea just merged together through a stone slit , gives the most amazing images of nature .

Eleuthera is one of the nation’s island Bahamas , Nassau is the capital, about 80 km to the east . The island is 180 km long , 1.6 km wide . What makes Eleuthera is famous pale blue waters of the Caribbean Sea facing the green, and deep chasms thousands of feet of the Atlantic Ocean just over a cliff .

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet
Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet . Seen from above easily recognize the difference in the two colors of the sea . Photo: Bahamasvacation.com .

One of the most amazing places to look at both the sea adjoining the Glass Window Bridge . The bridge linking the town to the Lower Bogue Gregory at the narrowest point of the island . It is also the most visited tourists to Eleuthera .

Here , you can visually see and compare two different blue of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean . Under the bridge is low as a rock band gap barrier beach sometimes .

In previous centuries there has been a natural stone bridge connecting the north and south banks of Eleuthera Island . By the 1940s , more storms to break rocks and structural concrete Glass Window bridge was built instead.

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet .

Decades passed, Glass Window regularly maintained and repaired . 1992 hurricanes caused damage to bridges caused strong transport hampered the banks . Followed by Hurricane Floyd in 1999 destroyed almost the entire Window Glass and it takes several months to Queen highway traffic .

The surface of Eleuthera geographical changes too much from it . The road workers on the island always busy roads and bridges reinforced by the effects of erosion from waves.

Visitors can drive themselves or rent a car to visit the special bridge . If your going to take the rocks out to sea , in this perspective , you will definitely feel Mother Nature ‘s results have boundless creativity .
Strong Atlantic

Strong Atlantic while Caribbean seems more quiet . Photo: Pleasetakemeto.com .

However, you have to be careful when visiting the bridge along the rocks around especially when rough seas . These waves can be extremely powerful to hit the deck and then spill over at any time . Since there is no reef to restrict the power of the waves from the shore off the bucket , so at great risk both transport and knocked overboard .

Also, in Eleuthera , visitors can also play Surfers surf at south coast town of Gregory , the Atlantic coast , where the waves are pretty high and second only to Hawaii (USA ) . Life on the island is very peaceful people very hospitable . You can visit the restaurants , popular restaurants to enjoy the local seafood or relaxing on the beach side of the bar

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet .