7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter

The winter months are a great time to admire the interesting moments and beautiful of Europe . It is Christmas time and the air New Year’s Eve flooded roads . Winter travel in Europe, you have the opportunity to place the hotel is surprisingly cheap prices , and destinations in Europe to bring an indescribable charm .

These are 7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Rudesheim , Germany

places to visit in europe

Rüdesheim is a small town located at the foot of the mountain Niederwald Rhein River with about 11,000 residents . Though small, Rüdesheim is one of the famous tourist city in the world . Not only is this delicious wine in the famous city wearing a very ancient beauty but also because of the scenic beauty of the picturesque Taunus mountains romantic connection with the Rhein river gave the land a rare beauty .

If you visit this place in December will have the opportunity to admire the sparkling town lights and Christmas filled the air , spreading Dosselgasse main road of the town – which will be filled with music on the street .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Skye Island , Scotland

Isle of Skye recent National Geographic magazine has been voted the 4th beautiful islands in the world . The island is favored by incredible scenery , pristine wilderness scenery and a tranquil atmosphere . In winter , you can find a quiet space for yourself , enjoy the crisp winter weather , pristine landscapes and cozy fireplace peacefully . Wild scene on the island in winter are perfect conditions for photography enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor activities .

Skye Island

Isle of Skye was formed 64 million years ago by volcanic activity of the volcano . Fog shrouded island year round , so it is also known as the ” island mist ” . Skye is the 2nd largest island in Scotland after Lewis and Harris Islands . The natural world is wild on the island of Skye , showing the beauty characteristic of Scotland . The ideal time to come Skye is from May to September when the weather becomes quite stable . This time , the trip will bring eco- tourists a lot of fun .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Wengen village , Switzerland

The village is situated on the stunning Swiss Alps will bring visitors feeling very peaceful and relaxing , where tourists never encounter traffic jam scene crowded or dusty car exhaust pollution , by cars blocked off from the village for hundreds of years . Wengen is a village surrounded by a parking lot and walking trails connecting to the mountain by cable car and railway Jungfau . Village overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley , and many restaurants have beautiful views across the valley .


In winter , you’ll find romantic village with houses made ​​of wood surrounded by trees , white snow peaks . The local people are trying to preserve original features inherent in the Swiss culture of this village .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

The ancient city – Cesky Krumlov , Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov City from the 18th century to now, there is little change . Many visitors choose Český Krumlov accommodation as there is just to enjoy the architecture and culture , to be released into beautiful nature and can participate in sports activities such as boating along the River Vltava kajak .


In winter , visitors can visit the Cultural Heritage sites of UNESCO world along the cobblestone path winding sheets .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Annecy , France

Annecy is a beautiful city in southeastern France. Conceived in 50 BC by the Romans , Annecy is crucial trade gateway linking the regions of France, Italy and Switzerland . Today, Annecy became the center of culture and tourism of the region is famous .

With the canal flows around , enveloping the city , Annecy is the EU ‘s known as the Venice of France . In the city of Venice was named the most similar to the original Annecy .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Ghent , Belgium

This beautiful Belgian town often overlooked by most popular sites ” neighbors ” – better known Bruges , however , in winter , Ghent is a perfect shelter .

Visitors can come to visit exciting Christmas market in Ghent from 23/11 to 6/12 to admire and shop at the colorful stalls . Also, you can visit the Church of St. Nicholas from the 13th century , beautiful church St . Bavo , and climb the castle tower Belfort Graventeen to enjoy the refreshing feeling to be able to look at the whole city . In addition, visitors can walk wandering along the canals , the cobbled streets to explore the cozy restaurants and shops where you can enjoy the local culinary delights .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Rättvik , Sweden

Rattvik , Sweden – iVIVU.comRattvik located on the shores of Lake Siljan Dalarna in central and tourists can travel around the lake , visit the pretty village , lovely nearby .

This area is famous for horses made ​​of wood and painted red , handmade lace , traditional Swedish clothing and other Scandinavian handicrafts . Located on either side of the narrow street is the old wooden houses and a variety of interesting shops . At Christmas time , you can reside in one of the wooden buildings here and enjoy gingerbread Christmas , cozy fireplace and participate in recreational activities such as dance and learn the traditional dances folk of the locals .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .
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44 euro to experience Paris at night

44 euro to experience Paris at night

With the amount of 44 euro you are likely to discover that some features of the magnificent capital of France in one night.
International airport Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is the capital ‘s main airport and is the European hub of many flights to other countries in the Schengen area . If you have to transit at Charles de Gaulle overnight , then do not hesitate to send luggage at the airport and catch the car into the city to explore the world capital light with 44 euros ( about 1.3 million) .

The first thing you need to do is try as much sleep on the plane by the flight from Vietnam to Paris in less than 10 hours long . If you can not sleep on the move , even just a little nap so as to arrive healthy and just starting the journey .

9 euro to move into the city center by bus or metro

Distance from international airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris center is more than 30 km and can move in many ways . If you go metro , you will buy tickets to Chatelet – Les – Halles station and take the train to transition toward Cité Universitaire . Go where you walk to the Saint Michel – Notre Dame to start Versailles metro direction , down the Champ de Mars station ( walking on the ground as the Eiffel Tower ) . If you go Bus will drop you at the opera house . From here , you go towards Balard metro M8 , École Militaire to the station and walk to the Eiffel Tower .
Paris at night

Eiffel Tower – the pride of France .

Take the metro in Paris when the city began to light you will see a lot of interesting things . The capital of France is one of the places in Europe to focus a lot of Vietnam metro to go in the evening you will encounter many children and they are willing to just give you more experience before exploring Paris by night .

In the train , you will see many tired faces after a day of work come home totally drunk seems opposed to singing and playing the music of artists performing at metro streets looking to make some money last days . Sometimes they stir up the wagon with vibrant music , but also at a tender love song , sweet as a French kiss . Paris will come into your mind starting from the image of the street artists .
experience Paris at night .
8 euro to buy the last ticket on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is the symbol not only of France but also the pride of the people of Paris . ” Bureau of yellow iron ” This charming place is ” forced ” to go to anyone arriving this magnificent city . In the dark , the Eiffel Tower and the horns emit yellow light magic . If you first see this wonder of the night , you will probably be ” straight up ” in a few seconds at the beauty of it . Please buy the last ticket of the day (around 22h30 ) to the second floor panoramic Paris Eiffel Tower at night . Go late shift will rarely have to queue and will not be as crowded scene on the tower .
scene of Paris
The scene of Paris is saw from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower .

Standing on the world famous tower , you will understand why Paris is called by the rhetoric as ” capital light ” , ” golden cities ” . You can see the Arc de Triomphe , Champ – Elysee Avenue or River Seine gentle sparkle in the night and can be reached out to blue light in the distance like the city of Gatsby in his famous story ” the Great Gatsby ” writer F. Scott Fitzgerald .
experience Paris at night .
15 euro for a meal at a restaurant the night indigenous

In the area around the Eiffel Tower there are many restaurants and cafes open 24/24h . Please choose a place like that and enjoy meals right ” of ” Paris for the price of 15 euros . You can call steak , foie gras pate , potato soup served with French bread , or grilled salmon with a delicious glass of red wine . Dine between poetic view of Paris night would be an experience that you never forget.

0 euro to Paris at midnight stroll

After a hearty breakfast the night , spend the remaining time to walk the stone path in the dim yellow lights . To move your soul , slow feet walked on the road and eye opening , you will see Paris at night how much beauty .

Quiet streets , little chilly night from the wind , the yellow light from the street lamp pours sparkling river Seine , a few sporadic street musicians still stand at the corner of small town charm with his music , looking for love lock on the river Seine to the young couple … Take a walk in the Seine near the Eiffel tower , you will also come across the boat carrying tourists cruises on the river and over a bridge , waving to each visitor goodbye . This is a feature in Paris .

A restaurant near the Eiffel Tower is open 24/24 .

Maybe if you’re lucky , you also have the carriage he had put Gil in ” Midnight in Paris ” became prosperous in France in the 1920s .

3 euro to take a taxi to the nearest metro station or where the bus

After you have experienced the beauty part of Paris at night , if you still feel fit and have time to linger , you try to wait for sunrise and early breakfast with croissants . And when tired then wait to catch a taxi ( about 3 euros / person if attending four people – 12 euros / car four seats) to the nearest metro station or the Opera House ( which caught the airport bus ) .

When sitting on the bus , ask the driver to open the famous song ” Joe le Taxi ” by singer Vanessa Paradis to see Paris in the early morning melodies pulsating music .

9 euro to return to Charles de Gaulle airport

Metro in Paris will cease operations after 12 midnight weekdays and 1am the following weekend . The bus was after 1am on weekdays and 2am the following weekend . Earliest flight of the metro and the bus 5am and be assured that the transport in Paris is always on time .

Instead of wandering in airports or sitting café – shopping , take advantage of transit time to create a memorable adventure at midnight in the magnificent capital of France .
experience Paris at night .

Green space in the heart of Tokyo

Visitors can easily find four ‘ green space ‘ peaceful , creative in the heart of Tokyo Modern and vibrant .

When referring to an industrial country , consuming tons of electronics every year , whaling activities or nuclear disaster , people often think of the ” land of the rising sun ” . Few Japanese pictured a green and environmentally friendly . However, you’ll easily see where there is no breakthrough initiatives for environmental solutions such as Japan since arriving in this country.

Pasona garden

Prominent green building , is unique Pasona corporate headquarters in Marunouchi district . No one can mistake of building Pasona by countless small tree branch growing out of the floor board . Inside the company equally “green ” , especially canteen area , looks like the greenhouse pots hanging by the ceiling . Furthermore, the campus has buildings farm growing vegetables , even the rice plant . The 1.5 hectare farm , with the support of artificial light , can be harvested three times a year .

Green space

However, it consumes a lot of energy to maintain the farm house . Pasona company said they do not recommend this project as an ecological solution . Works as an effort to promote understanding of environmental issues and food supply industry . More importantly , this is a pioneering experiment to develop urban farms in the other . The visit here will be no charge , but you should be set.

Agricultural markets UNU

Taking place every Saturday and Sunday , from 10h – 16h at Aoyama United Nations University ( UNU ) , the market sold fresh organic products and handicrafts map . The market has attracted traders flavoring , natural cosmetics and some other items . The best time to visit here is from 17h – 19h Saturday of the third week of every month when taking out version ‘ night market ‘ .

Shinijuku Gyoen Park

The park is located in Yoyogi Koen center with gardens and traditional Korakuen Kiyosumi Teien . This is the ideal place to rest , relax , away from the noise of life . Spread over 58 hectares , the park is over 100 years old garden style combination of three countries England, France and Japan .

Shinijuku Gyoen Park
In spring , the garden filled with delicate pink cherry blossoms . Summer roses in the French style gardens bloom , the most splendid . When autumn comes , the streets littered lawns interspersed with colorful fallen leaves . All year round , Shinijuku Gyoen is a perfect garden . Tickets to the park are not expensive , only $ 2.4 .

” Village ” Yoyogi

It takes only 10 minutes walk from the port of Shinijuka Sendagaya Gyoen , this land is present as ” the blue wing ” of Tokyo . It is called ” villages ” started in 2011 by manufacturing magnate pop – rock band from Japan – Mr . Children collaborate with Kurkku , which owns restaurant chains – the café and ecological ” green design ” of stores and libraries in Omotesando .

Village Yoyogi
” Village ” is designed to cool the two walls , trees along the wooden walkway , modern architecture , but simply to make up the comfortable shopping scene . Complex includes clothing store with organic fabrics environmentally friendly , an Italian-style restaurant , a friendly café , an elegant spa and bar .