5 places you should visit in the world

5 places you should visit in the world

They are places where everyone wants travel  .
1.Avenue of the baobab trees , Madagascar

Along the dirt road connecting Morondava and Belon’I Tsiribihina Menabe western region of Madagascar is the giant baobab trees reach up to the sky . This scene looks like a place out of the earth and the most attractive destinations in the island nation off the coast of Africa. July 2007 , boulevard was put on the list of countries protected by the ” Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment , Water and Forests ‘ issue . This is the first step in transforming the venue into a national symbol .

Along the way are dozens of large baobab trees 30 m in height they adansonia grandidieri , endemic only in Madagascar . Many baobab trees have a lifespan of up to 800 years and is part of the tropical forests remain today. Over the years , the country’s population is increasing , they have cut down forests for agriculture , leaving huge baobab trees .
the places you should visit

The baobab trees higher than 30 m and 8 centuries old is becoming a valuable asset of Madagascar . Photo: Wikipedia .
5 places you should visit in the world .
2.Dynamic glow worm , New Zealand

Waitomo , New Zealand is an ordinary quartz , but thanks to the glow stick insects all over cliffs have attracted curious visitors . The insect emits phosphorescent caves turned into a sparkling starry sky .

The interesting point is the fact that this insect is luminous larvae . When all larvae shine , they mistook the prey is out and the sky is not how it will fly comfortably and finally stick to the traps available . The larvae are as hungry as strong glow . You can take a boat into the heart to look at this magnificent spectacle .

5 places you should visit in the world .
3.Dune Pyla , France

Bordeaux is situated approximately 60 km south of Arcachon Bay , Europe’s highest sand dunes called Great Dune of Pylan ( or Pilat ) rose to 107 m above sea level . From above , you can see sand stand between a jungle and across a vast ocean .

It contains the best sand with silica particles have a uniform size . This is the ideal place to play sports paragliding , athletes often climb , gearing and borrowing winds to the air with colorful umbrellas .

5 places you should visit in the world .
4.Ice Hotel , Sweden

Although there are many ice hotels in Finland , Canada ( Québec ) , Norway and Romania , but Jukkasjärvi hotels , New Sweden is the oldest and the most famous . Located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic route ( Arctic Circle – a circle drawn in the fifth on the world map ) , in a small village in Lapland , the hotel offers full- band space is extremely impressive .
Ice Hotel

The hotel just opened in the winter months due to the summer ice will melt . Every year people re- build one hotel to serve tourists . Stay in the ice hotel will certainly be an unforgettable experience for anyone who is looking for something new .

5 places you should visit in the world .
5.The capital of the kingdom of bears , Canada

Churchill is a town on the banks of Hudson Bay in Manitoba , Canada . It focuses bulk polar bears reside . In the fall , they move to the coast and then inland to make a name called ” the capital of the kingdom of bears .” Tourists flock here to see bears close-up big and strong north polar region . They are transported in tank trucks have improved and the heart of the ” capital ” . Late October and early November is an ideal time to visit thousands of white bears . They wait patiently for the water to freeze on Hudson Bay to hunt quiche is the fatty seals round .

5 places you should visit in the world .