St Ppetersburg – Russian fashion sense

St Ppetersburg – Russian fashion sense

Like the city we live possesses unique architecture , elegant , the people of St. Petersburg – which was dubbed the fashion capital of Russia – always know how to dress the best taste . The people here are notoriously possesses personality style of dress and fancy adventure , they inflame the passion , creating the unique style of fashion and latest novelties .

St Ppetersburg

St Petersburg is considered as ‘ fashion capital ‘ in Russia . Photo: CNN .

If you want to find the clothing bazaar shops in the city , visitors can make people feel difficult tour . But if you take the time to sit for 30 minutes subway to the northern suburbs , we will have access to the ” gold mine ” in Russian clothing . In this market , you can find anything but a favorite fashionistas .

active market in Russia

An active market in Russia . Photo: CNN .

Near the station Udelnaya have a market that sells old furniture imported from Europe and the visitor is hard to ignore . The stores are full of clothes from the Soviet era , furniture , cameras , antiques , musical instruments , old military costumes … Every weekend , not only tourists but local people methods are very crowded gathered to trade and exchange .

Half of those sales were men and they were very professional in helping buyers find with something special – although their definition of special characters that may apply to the customer.

Besides the sale of secondhand clothing stores , markets on the outskirts of St. Petersburg also a destination of enthusiasts boots and turtleneck , those cute little accessories but hard to find .

Also passionate shopping , visiting St. Petersburg also fascinated by the famous scenic spots . Or sunbathe beside the Neva river side of the wall next to the Peter and Paul Fortress is the not to be missed when in the summer .

Peter and Paul fortress

Peter and Paul fortress beside the Neva . Photo: Internet .

St. Petersburg is also famous cities of the ancient palatial palace . So , two palaces and summer is winter destination that most visitors will want to visit as a chance to set foot in Russia.

Travel to Liverpool city

Travel to Liverpool city

Liverpool is not just the team name in England tradition but also the cultural city of Europe with pride 800 year history .

Early 19th century , Liverpool was known to be a major port and a city rich from the slave trade . When Albert port flourished , new businesses have sprung up across the city including breweries and garment factories . At that time , the city became the center of many vital industries .

After decades , the big boss disappearing from Liverpool for cheap labor attractive appearance elsewhere . The city gradually fell into recession , the most visible are the plants and abandoned factories .

Travel to Liverpool city

Travel to Liverpool city  . Photo: gohistoric .

In recent years , Liverpool been up by a wave of new investment . Albert port city reborn and become an important tourist destination of the country. The visitors do not just come here to visit the home of the legendary band The Beatles and the famous football field , but also to witness the industrial heritage of the world .

Sitting on a boat down the River Mersey , you will easily recognize the old buildings on both sides of the river , a testament to the industrial development phase of Liverpool . Some buildings have been converted into apartments , offices or art galleries .

Merseyside Maritime Museum give visitors a true sense of the vital role of ports in the historical development of the city. Museum not only exhibits highlighting the ups and downs of the period but also port documents and artifacts about the tragic story of the Titanic .

Port city Liverpool

Travel to Liverpool city . Royal Liver Building with ancient architecture makes beauty of Port city Liverpool . Photo: everystockphoto .

Alternatively, Cunard Building was built in 1917 just as a reminder of the glory days of the city. The building is always there with beauty ‘s surface , interior marble facade and large , luxurious .

Along with Cunard , Royal Liver Building is also seen as a symbol of the city with architectural splendor voluminous and has been recognized by UNESCO . It is the pride of the people of the city because it was one of the first buildings in the world built entirely of reinforced concrete . The building height to 90 meters and is the tallest building in Europe until 1934.

Two buildings mentioned above , we can not ignore the Port of Liverpool Building . All three buildings that form the charm of the Pier Head terminal , said visitors to the Three Graces of Liverpool .

Travel to Liverpool city .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter

The winter months are a great time to admire the interesting moments and beautiful of Europe . It is Christmas time and the air New Year’s Eve flooded roads . Winter travel in Europe, you have the opportunity to place the hotel is surprisingly cheap prices , and destinations in Europe to bring an indescribable charm .

These are 7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Rudesheim , Germany

places to visit in europe

Rüdesheim is a small town located at the foot of the mountain Niederwald Rhein River with about 11,000 residents . Though small, Rüdesheim is one of the famous tourist city in the world . Not only is this delicious wine in the famous city wearing a very ancient beauty but also because of the scenic beauty of the picturesque Taunus mountains romantic connection with the Rhein river gave the land a rare beauty .

If you visit this place in December will have the opportunity to admire the sparkling town lights and Christmas filled the air , spreading Dosselgasse main road of the town – which will be filled with music on the street .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Skye Island , Scotland

Isle of Skye recent National Geographic magazine has been voted the 4th beautiful islands in the world . The island is favored by incredible scenery , pristine wilderness scenery and a tranquil atmosphere . In winter , you can find a quiet space for yourself , enjoy the crisp winter weather , pristine landscapes and cozy fireplace peacefully . Wild scene on the island in winter are perfect conditions for photography enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor activities .

Skye Island

Isle of Skye was formed 64 million years ago by volcanic activity of the volcano . Fog shrouded island year round , so it is also known as the ” island mist ” . Skye is the 2nd largest island in Scotland after Lewis and Harris Islands . The natural world is wild on the island of Skye , showing the beauty characteristic of Scotland . The ideal time to come Skye is from May to September when the weather becomes quite stable . This time , the trip will bring eco- tourists a lot of fun .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Wengen village , Switzerland

The village is situated on the stunning Swiss Alps will bring visitors feeling very peaceful and relaxing , where tourists never encounter traffic jam scene crowded or dusty car exhaust pollution , by cars blocked off from the village for hundreds of years . Wengen is a village surrounded by a parking lot and walking trails connecting to the mountain by cable car and railway Jungfau . Village overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley , and many restaurants have beautiful views across the valley .


In winter , you’ll find romantic village with houses made ​​of wood surrounded by trees , white snow peaks . The local people are trying to preserve original features inherent in the Swiss culture of this village .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

The ancient city – Cesky Krumlov , Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov City from the 18th century to now, there is little change . Many visitors choose Český Krumlov accommodation as there is just to enjoy the architecture and culture , to be released into beautiful nature and can participate in sports activities such as boating along the River Vltava kajak .


In winter , visitors can visit the Cultural Heritage sites of UNESCO world along the cobblestone path winding sheets .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Annecy , France

Annecy is a beautiful city in southeastern France. Conceived in 50 BC by the Romans , Annecy is crucial trade gateway linking the regions of France, Italy and Switzerland . Today, Annecy became the center of culture and tourism of the region is famous .

With the canal flows around , enveloping the city , Annecy is the EU ‘s known as the Venice of France . In the city of Venice was named the most similar to the original Annecy .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Ghent , Belgium

This beautiful Belgian town often overlooked by most popular sites ” neighbors ” – better known Bruges , however , in winter , Ghent is a perfect shelter .

Visitors can come to visit exciting Christmas market in Ghent from 23/11 to 6/12 to admire and shop at the colorful stalls . Also, you can visit the Church of St. Nicholas from the 13th century , beautiful church St . Bavo , and climb the castle tower Belfort Graventeen to enjoy the refreshing feeling to be able to look at the whole city . In addition, visitors can walk wandering along the canals , the cobbled streets to explore the cozy restaurants and shops where you can enjoy the local culinary delights .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .

Rättvik , Sweden

Rattvik , Sweden – iVIVU.comRattvik located on the shores of Lake Siljan Dalarna in central and tourists can travel around the lake , visit the pretty village , lovely nearby .

This area is famous for horses made ​​of wood and painted red , handmade lace , traditional Swedish clothing and other Scandinavian handicrafts . Located on either side of the narrow street is the old wooden houses and a variety of interesting shops . At Christmas time , you can reside in one of the wooden buildings here and enjoy gingerbread Christmas , cozy fireplace and participate in recreational activities such as dance and learn the traditional dances folk of the locals .

7 interesting places to visit in europe in winter .
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9 most amazing cliffs in the world

9 most amazing cliffs in the world

What could be more wonderful witness of the immense ocean , listening to the waves while standing on top of the towering cliffs .

1 . Etretat
most amazing cliffs in the world
Located in the region of Normandy ( France ) , the famous white cliffs Etretat by the beautiful shapes , a source of endless inspiration for many French artists packed mind . Great painter Claude Monet (1840 – 1926) also have ” leaned ” title at the beauty giant elephant beside the deep blue waters of the painting ” L’ Aiguille and the Porte D’ Eval ” his fame . Summer, Etretat attract visitors to the beach , sun , surfing , kayaking or canoeing … Many people like to climb the hill watching the sea , walking in quiet waters or riding horses on the wall stone .

2 . Paracas


Paracas National Reserve is the conservation of nature with popular beaches on the southern coast of Peru , many species of wildlife , especially birds … always attractive .

9 most amazing cliffs in the world .

3 . White Cliffs of Dover

White Cliffs of Dover extends from the east and west of the port city of Dover, England, jutting high above the sea , is one of the ramparts offer the deepest impression to people around the world . Dover citadel at the highest point on the white cliffs , 114 meters above sea level , was built over thousands of years to prevent invasion into Europe. Along the many footpaths atop the white cliffs around Dover , beautiful scenery .
9 most amazing cliffs in the world .
4 . Latrabjarg

Located at an altitude of 440 m above sea level and stretches up to 14 km , Latrabjarg is one of three largest bird cliffs in Iceland . This is a paradise for those who like to admire the birds with many species and beautiful .

5 . Bunda

Bunda Cliffs ( Australia ) is one of the spectacular scenery and pristine in the world . Standing here with the feeling of being at the end of the world , where only the sun , sea and spectacular cliffs . Bunda stretches over 200 km , bending around the Great Australian Bight . The cliffs closely adjacent the end of the Bunda is vast Nullarbor Plain has been “hand ” natural flat trim molding .

9 most amazing cliffs in the world .

6 . Cabo Girao

Cabo Girao located in the south of the island of Madeira , Portugal . Located at an altitude of 570 meters above the sea level , is the highest cliffs in Europe with great scenery , the ocean and the house looked like the terraced fields on the green meadow …


7 . Acantilados de Los Gigantes

Acantilados de Los Gigantes , also known as the giant cliffs , the sea cliffs along the west coast of the Canary island of Tenerife . The vertical cliffs , at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, with vast beauty , immense beauty mingles with the huge cliffs , is a tourist destination that can not be ignored .

9 most amazing cliffs in the world .
8 . Santorini

Santorini in the Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea is located 200 km southeast of Greece . This is the largest island of a small archipelago , the circle with the same name and is the remnant of a volcano . For a long time , it was known for its steep cliffs hugging black sand beach of volcanic features , along with unique architectural features of the two colors white and blue . Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic explosion destroyed the first settlement on a single island , and created sunken volcanic geology pan today.

9 . Moher

Cliffs of Moher , also known by the name of Cliff lovely Dandelion , is one of the top tourist destinations of Ireland , has been recognized as a Global Geopark . This stretches 8km cliff on the west coast of Ireland , located in county Clare . The highest point of the cliff is 214m . Cliff called Dandelion by simply where the roof of brilliant yellow flowers – dandelions .

9 most amazing cliffs in the world .

The exciting experience at Algarve

Being blessed with warm sunshine and clear blue beaches and fresh seafood , Algarve , Portugal will make you feel the first time you arrive .

There are many reasons why you should definitely come here and there are many things you can do on the Algarve coast . Below is a list of interesting experience when you try to Algarve .

1 . Skydiving pair

If you intend to jump out of a plane , then at least to find where the landscape is majestic in a warm weather and blue sky with rainfall . In the Algarve , you can even share the feeling of floating in mid-air to him with double skydiving service in Portimão Airport located right next to the beautiful village of Alvor and beaches .

2 . Fun with dolphins

Who does not love dolphins ? And who does not want to spend time playing with intelligent creatures just to adorable ? With interactive program called Dolphin Emotions , Zoomarine in the Algarve is the only place across Europe can help you playing in the water with the dolphins as well as learning how to communicate with them .

3 . diving

Late in 2012 , two ships of military force Portugal was sunk off the coast of Algarve and become underwater museum attracts many tourists diving . This is a unique dive sites where you can witness large artificial reef in the world as well as the lives of the creatures on the ocean floor .

4 . surfing

Portuguese waters known for big waves , especially near the sea area Nazaré , where Garrett McNamara made ​​specifically spectacular surfing on huge waves about 30m high . The waters of the Algarve is a popular surf spot in Europe , especially for anyone aspiring to conquer the waves . Here you can see beautiful scenes or surf yourself to experience the power of the waves is small .

The wonderland scene of Tisza river

The wonderland scene of Tisza river .

Tisza River covered by long -tailed mayfly mating dance of the whirling creatures only three hours to live , ” love ” and died .

Every year from late spring to early summer , the river Tisza , Hungary took place bizarre spectacle of nature . Millions of plankton known as long tail Palinggenisa longicauda focus into the mobile giant cloud on the water , to find a mate and die , all within a few hours . This is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena on rivers in Europe, takes place in 4-5 days . They named it the ” Tisza blooming season .”
Tisza river

Palinggenisa longicauda also called evanescent Tisza or Tisa , where they can find insects . Palinggenisa longicauda for 3 year life time for larval development in the mud at the bottom of the river . After hatching , the males only have time to find ” her ” for a few hours before his death and mating . The males will fly close to the river , trying fertilization success with children . Females after mating , flying upstream and drop eggs on the way . The eggs drift downstream and up to 45 days to hatch into larvae , dig deep mud hidden under three years . Once fully mature , as well as fleeting moment Tisza just three hours before he died .

There is no time for courtship , mating of the mayfly is enforceable . Approximately 20 males will mate with a female .

The activity of mayfly create beautiful scenes on the Tisza River to attract large number of people visit it every year . Visitors will admire the unique dance of nature for millions of covered pay ephemeral river . However, three hours after the end of the short life of dead plankton male covered roads , bridges near the river , affecting traffic .