10 interesting facts about france

Today I will show you 10 interesting facts about france

French is the official language in many countries such as Canada , Ivory Coast , Monaco , Congo …
– ” salut ” in French means implies ” hello ” and ” goodbye ”
– French is the official language of England for 300 years and is the mother tongue of 75 million people around the world.
– French is the official language of the UN Commission .
– 34% of French can speak English .
– Approximately 6-11 million Americans can speak French .

10 interesting facts about france .

2.Love and life
– You are illegal to kiss on railway tracks
– French Kiss is known as kiss of soul .
– France is one of the leading countries where people has high life in the world .
– France men has the lowest obesity rates in the European Union countries while French women have higher obesity rates second behind Denmark .

3.Culture and Tourism
– France is a country with the largest ski World .
– France is also the country receiving the largest number of tourists world , approximately 75 million people each year .
– The first declaration of human rights of France was declared in 1789 .
– France ‘s colonial rule nations second largest in the world , accounting for 8.6% of the territory in the world .
– The famous French invention include heat balloons , submarines and sky diving .
 10 interesting facts about france .
4.Paris – City of Love

interesting facts about france
– Approximately 20% of French live in Paris .
– Paris was named the capital of the world of light , to talk about the genius who came from Paris .
– Once every 7 years , the Eiffel Tower is repainted once .
– The oldest bridge of the city of Pont Neuf Paris called – which means new bridge .
– Location of foreign tourists visit the most is not the Eiffel Tower ( 5.5 million) , or county Louvre ( 5 million) that is Disneyland Paris ( 13 million people ) .

10 interesting facts about france .

5.The other interesting thing
– France is the second largest film producer in the world .
– French croissants are made essentially for the first time in Australia .
– Health Minister of France had declared milk as the national French food .
– France is a country of 28 World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO .
– In France , it is illegal if you take pictures of the police or their vehicles .
– France is the country won more Nobel Prize in literature in the world.
– April Fool’s Day originated in France in 1564 .
– Statue of Liberty is a well-known buildings in France and was awarded the United States in 1886 .

10 interesting facts about france .
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44 euro to experience Paris at night

44 euro to experience Paris at night

With the amount of 44 euro you are likely to discover that some features of the magnificent capital of France in one night.
International airport Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is the capital ‘s main airport and is the European hub of many flights to other countries in the Schengen area . If you have to transit at Charles de Gaulle overnight , then do not hesitate to send luggage at the airport and catch the car into the city to explore the world capital light with 44 euros ( about 1.3 million) .

The first thing you need to do is try as much sleep on the plane by the flight from Vietnam to Paris in less than 10 hours long . If you can not sleep on the move , even just a little nap so as to arrive healthy and just starting the journey .

9 euro to move into the city center by bus or metro

Distance from international airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris center is more than 30 km and can move in many ways . If you go metro , you will buy tickets to Chatelet – Les – Halles station and take the train to transition toward Cité Universitaire . Go where you walk to the Saint Michel – Notre Dame to start Versailles metro direction , down the Champ de Mars station ( walking on the ground as the Eiffel Tower ) . If you go Bus will drop you at the opera house . From here , you go towards Balard metro M8 , École Militaire to the station and walk to the Eiffel Tower .
Paris at night

Eiffel Tower – the pride of France .

Take the metro in Paris when the city began to light you will see a lot of interesting things . The capital of France is one of the places in Europe to focus a lot of Vietnam metro to go in the evening you will encounter many children and they are willing to just give you more experience before exploring Paris by night .

In the train , you will see many tired faces after a day of work come home totally drunk seems opposed to singing and playing the music of artists performing at metro streets looking to make some money last days . Sometimes they stir up the wagon with vibrant music , but also at a tender love song , sweet as a French kiss . Paris will come into your mind starting from the image of the street artists .
experience Paris at night .
8 euro to buy the last ticket on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is the symbol not only of France but also the pride of the people of Paris . ” Bureau of yellow iron ” This charming place is ” forced ” to go to anyone arriving this magnificent city . In the dark , the Eiffel Tower and the horns emit yellow light magic . If you first see this wonder of the night , you will probably be ” straight up ” in a few seconds at the beauty of it . Please buy the last ticket of the day (around 22h30 ) to the second floor panoramic Paris Eiffel Tower at night . Go late shift will rarely have to queue and will not be as crowded scene on the tower .
scene of Paris
The scene of Paris is saw from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower .

Standing on the world famous tower , you will understand why Paris is called by the rhetoric as ” capital light ” , ” golden cities ” . You can see the Arc de Triomphe , Champ – Elysee Avenue or River Seine gentle sparkle in the night and can be reached out to blue light in the distance like the city of Gatsby in his famous story ” the Great Gatsby ” writer F. Scott Fitzgerald .
experience Paris at night .
15 euro for a meal at a restaurant the night indigenous

In the area around the Eiffel Tower there are many restaurants and cafes open 24/24h . Please choose a place like that and enjoy meals right ” of ” Paris for the price of 15 euros . You can call steak , foie gras pate , potato soup served with French bread , or grilled salmon with a delicious glass of red wine . Dine between poetic view of Paris night would be an experience that you never forget.

0 euro to Paris at midnight stroll

After a hearty breakfast the night , spend the remaining time to walk the stone path in the dim yellow lights . To move your soul , slow feet walked on the road and eye opening , you will see Paris at night how much beauty .

Quiet streets , little chilly night from the wind , the yellow light from the street lamp pours sparkling river Seine , a few sporadic street musicians still stand at the corner of small town charm with his music , looking for love lock on the river Seine to the young couple … Take a walk in the Seine near the Eiffel tower , you will also come across the boat carrying tourists cruises on the river and over a bridge , waving to each visitor goodbye . This is a feature in Paris .

A restaurant near the Eiffel Tower is open 24/24 .

Maybe if you’re lucky , you also have the carriage he had put Gil in ” Midnight in Paris ” became prosperous in France in the 1920s .

3 euro to take a taxi to the nearest metro station or where the bus

After you have experienced the beauty part of Paris at night , if you still feel fit and have time to linger , you try to wait for sunrise and early breakfast with croissants . And when tired then wait to catch a taxi ( about 3 euros / person if attending four people – 12 euros / car four seats) to the nearest metro station or the Opera House ( which caught the airport bus ) .

When sitting on the bus , ask the driver to open the famous song ” Joe le Taxi ” by singer Vanessa Paradis to see Paris in the early morning melodies pulsating music .

9 euro to return to Charles de Gaulle airport

Metro in Paris will cease operations after 12 midnight weekdays and 1am the following weekend . The bus was after 1am on weekdays and 2am the following weekend . Earliest flight of the metro and the bus 5am and be assured that the transport in Paris is always on time .

Instead of wandering in airports or sitting café – shopping , take advantage of transit time to create a memorable adventure at midnight in the magnificent capital of France .
experience Paris at night .