art water puppet

art water puppet in Vietnam .

Water Puppet is a unique art form born from rice culture . From an art folk elements , water puppetry art has become a tradition . And along with classical drama, puppet show is considered art is located high in the national art scene . Speaking puppet nation is almost always there , but the only water puppetry is unique to Vietnam . Essence of Water puppetry is receiving increasing admiration of many international friends , to be a product of the unique art of Vietnam.
A unique art of Delta

Water puppetry was born and crystallized from the research , creation and association of his father before the simple life , associated with wet rice agriculture in North Delta .
art water puppet
According to various sources , water puppetry was born in the Ly dynasty ( 1010-1225 ) . Over time , the art of water puppetry is transmitted from generation to generation , gradually becoming an elegant hobby of people during the festival . And so far , water puppetry has become an art form in the folk tradition , should be preserved , protected and promoted .

Compared with conventional puppet , puppet show with many other features such as the water used to stage ; troubled water chamber also called water balance family structure , the pavilion symbolizes rural Vietnam stage is the water puppet show .

As for the puppets , to make the ” puppets ” have gone through many stages , requiring billions of rash , the ingenuity of the artisans . Material is made ​​of wooden puppets sung – a long wooden , lightweight , flexible to puppets can float on water and puppeteer who can easily perform . The water puppet army often used in performances including pay TEU , fairies , the plow or fishing …

But in particular , the success or failure of the water puppet depends largely on the skill of the puppeteer artist . Skilled puppeteer will create movement , action and more flexible puppet looks . After the veil , the puppet performers throughout the country to stand in the cold waters of the hips to control the puppets using wire system is arranged outside and underwater .

addition, an indispensable element of the show is the sound of water puppetry. Previously, water puppet show at the outdoor stage usually between lakes should mess up the sound of water needed to keep stirring rhythms and air performance. The music, ethnic percussion commonly used in the water puppetry is blank, canvas brain, gong, fire, and building prisons. Water puppets bring the music of cheerleading festival, with stronger effects for both the performer and the viewer.
Normally, opening for the water puppet show is the appearance of pay TEU plump body, wearing no brace buttons installed, witty expression led mission, the story begins. Through Puppetry repertoire, the audience will be led into a rich fantasy world. The colorful puppets, playful facial expressions, gestures show flexibility on the water, combined with factors unique sound has made a unique puppetry of the Delta, become a focus for cultural activities indispensable for people in the festival from one life to another.

drama Romeo and Juliet

drama Romeo and Juliet .

Once upon a time , in a hot city of Verona in Italy called people treated each other badly advised and reminded them wives and children and friends to hate each other , and the feud is transmitted from the this generation to generation . Also in the city of Verona has two Montague and Capulet families hate each other : the old quarrel noisily in the streets , even the loss of a child who fight in public places makes someone lose their lives . The stupidity of these two families making the city the Prince angry , he has a law that prohibits the streets to cause trouble and criminals will be executed . Both Montague and Capulet families had to obey the rules , but in fact, the feud still inside their hearts .


When that son Romeo is not involved in the dispute , Marquis Montague and she was delighted , but they do not understand why their precious son was not playful . They ask Benvolio , and one of them was a friend of Romeo then , new Benvolio discovers that Romeo is in love . And the love of Romeo ‘s Rosaline , a brilliant girl , do not respond to this love affair . To make up fun Romeo , Benvolio suggest both should disguise , secretly attended evening Capulet family . Rosaline and Benvolio there would also promised to find a nice girl Romeo , Rosaline more excellent . Listen to this proposal , Roméo hunch that one of the dangers , but then agreed to go along with Benvolio and Mercutio , a wise friend .

That night , Capulet family held great evening for Paris to Count Capulet Marquis asked whether there would be married to Juliet , the only daughter or not . Count Paris is a relative of Prince Escalus and a single character ‘s brightest Verona City . Juliet Capulet family said was 13 , had never known love and was too young , young to get married . Anyway , Marquis Capulet also touched and told her daughter to Count Paris please meet at the dance .

On the night of the prom , Romeo met Juliet . Paris and Rosaline are neglected . Two young people have seen above each other, meet each other and kiss while they were deeply in love . But Juliet’s cousin Tybalt called Romeo realized . Tybalt is hot-tempered man , said that one of the Montague family to attend prom without being invited , and this is something insulting , he vowed revenge . After the assembly ended, Romeo and Juliet and learn about the new requirements . When Roméo away from the noisy friends and hide under a tree , no doubt , this place just below the window of Juliet’s room . Then on a romantic balcony , two lovers who have sworn to each other and decided to marry in secrecy .

Father Lawrence , a Franciscan monk and father swollen stream of Roméo crime , very concerned about the sudden passion of two young people , but eventually agreed to do the ceremony for the young with the hope that the marriage of we will end a long feud between the two families . However , the world’s love of Romeo and Juliet’s secret soon severely injured . Tybalt is seeking revenge and met with Romeo and Mercutio and Benvolio go . Tybalt called Romeo ‘s name and the biggest prick sword duel , but Romeo refused , calling Tybalt as ” cousins ​​” and vowed that loved Capulet family’s reputation as the reputation of his family . You were surprised by Romeo ‘s rejection of words Romeo and Mercutio tempered guy got the challenge . When Romeo rushed to prevent the sword fight was Tybalt stabbed Mercutio .

Roméo feel guilty about new events occur , the anger over the death of close friends , so chasing Tybalt . A battle took place mortal sword and defeated Romeo . Only after the dead Tybalt , Romeo realizes his desperation to find a hiding.

Juliet now excited about the upcoming wedding , then her breasts are bad news : his cousin was killed Tybalt and Romeo Prince Escalus has not been banned from loitering in the Verona . She said breast also present Romeo Juliet is hiding in the room of Father Lawrence . Juliet will be glad to arrange a night of love with Romeo before this guy escaped from Verona .

Then things went from bad to worse. Marquis Capulet very sad because of Tybalt ‘s death and that he will make everyone in the family happy on the wedding arrangements take Count Paris Juliet . Juliet back pain ! The refuse this marriage will make her parents suffer and even nanny also advised her to marry Count Paris . Do not know who to trust , Juliet had run hard thanks to Father Lawrence .

Father Lawrence is only a hope, but this is a risky program . Father gives Juliet a potion , drink it will make her breath , looks dead in 42 hours and during this period , Father Lawrence will go to Mantua and then search Roméo Roméo father would come home and tomb , where Juliet will live again . Romeo will take her away , and Father Lawrence will comfort people , to announce the marriage of the young so that they can return to happy living in Verona . Juliet will receive oral doses .

The next morning , when she was preparing for a nanny to Juliet try wearing her wedding dress and found a corpse has no soul . The joy of the Capulet family converted into infinite sadness because of her daughter’s wedding only , this becomes a funeral .

Meanwhile , Father Lawrence sent a communication to the person looking back Roméo blocked midway for simultaneous epidemics , Romeo ‘s servant Balthasar informs Romeo that Juliet is dead . Romeo went looking to buy poison and express to the family house of Capulet tomb . Go to the tomb , Romeo Count Paris is seen weeping over the corpse of Juliet and Paris when Romeo refuses to go through , the two fought and eventually , Romeo kills Paris . Last request of Count Paris is buried near Juliet . In the tomb , Romeo Tybalt pray forgiveness but it ‘s beauty makes Romeo Juliet lonely , do not want to live . He swore live on forever lover should have drank poison and dies .

When Juliet wakes up to now , Father Lawrence to the grave , then saw Paris and Romeo dead so scared , father fled . Wake up , see Juliet ‘s dead lover , while others are going to the outside , she must act than by using Romeo ‘s dagger and committed suicide .

The tragic death of two young people unite two families in sorrow . Not in the life of the dead, two who love each other have brought peace to their families .

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