Night sleep between Cuc Phuong National Park

Night sleep between Cuc Phuong National Park .

Spacious contemporary expression of thousands with cool blue will make people forget their tiredness . Dust of 120 km road from Hanoi to Cuc Phuong ( Ninh Binh ) will vanish when stepping through the gate into the jungle .

Sugar crept into the forest through the trees . The late afternoon sun was collected light thin mist gave way to divert around the table space . Where , ringed birds chirping hear each other on the call , his voice insects hiding in the green grass . Night and darkness to quickly spread rapidly throughout the alleys and side streets . Sparse road lights .

Cuc Phuong National Park
From the forest in the middle of the forest about 20 km , the distance is not very long , but because of the poetry of a night ride in the wind incessant whispering of leaves thousands that anyone not in a hurry to go fast . The car tandem arrays of light to scan the sides . Each time a steeper line , each time a dense forest and sparse absent more . Clear nights are cold enough and windy night full cheeks do more hands pressed deep into his pockets to help cool .

Donate to the wing several times to Cuc Phuong run just to get some time inhaling the flavor of the forest . Between open space , hundreds of thousands of cool plants , sometimes they just interested in walking the trails , look for the rare species in the dense forests or sometimes three times running joke bicycle inversely , happily enjoying the fresh air this . There is not much to go away , they just swinging on the swing foot tapping front resort , squinting happily with sunlight dancing through the foliage .

Wooden house deep in the forest mingle with friendly forests . Night on the small balcony of the house breaks around the forest , a warm cup of tea with you the story of the people . Partly down cold . Smell of incense , the taste death nail cinnamon wafting from the small burner in golden candlelight as confidential . Wind gently , not enough candles , made ​​only more aromatic wood , extra long flowing story . In addition to the space jungle , faint smell of wet earth , his throne of grass , the smell of wood and fog .

Wake Forest visitors travel by song songbird . English chirping chatter that most guys also have trouble sleeping leaning chin on hand to enjoy. In tune with joy to praise the sun, with joyful smiles of happy couples , are welcome song of the jungle . Coo .

Both forests as newly washed overnight dew soaked bathroom . The morning light adorn the mist and gently scratching the grass barefoot . A yellow and white butterfly butterflies beams underneath the walkway , passing footsteps enough to make beautiful butterflies fluttering . The spider is holding blinds low beams , pay later crackling grasshoppers jump grass , coconut beetle leaf silence … It looks like things are busy with their own work , as well noisy rush , all well described and down , somewhere in the deep forests , the insects are making a more beautiful forests .

When the stranger passionately absorbed in the natural beauty of the morning , it seems, how anxiety and fatigue are all melted together beautiful vivid colors of the jungle . Although time has passed away , a night to Cuc Phuong still deep in a corner in the hearts of those who once experienced , then be attached and then re- run occasionally in the arms of the jungle .