Five Places for Your Family in Christmas Vacation

Five Places for Your Family in Christmas Vacation

1) New York City, New York

New York City might be the best place to spend Christmas. While the weather may not always be welcoming, everything else is. The tree at Rockefeller Center is something to be seen. Of course there are lots of other things to do after. The theaters on Broadway, the sporting events and concerts at the revamped Madison Square Garden, and exploring of the city’s restaurants are perfect. Do not forget about the Rockettes performing their annual show at Radio City Music Hall.

Five Places for Your Family in Christmas Vacation

There are three airports where New York is accessible from. LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark over in New Jersey are all international airports that can get you to Manhattan easily. The public transportation system in New York City can take you anywhere so it does not matter where you actually end up staying. For first time traveler’s though, try to stay somewhere in Manhattan instead of the other boroughs. You will be thankful on those late nights when you just want to collapse backwards onto your bed.

2) Orlando, Florida

Warm weather, beaches, and Walt Disney World Resort along with Universal Studios, makes Orlando an ideal Christmas destination for families of all types. A one day ticket to Disney World is $90 for each family member 10 and over with deals available for more than a single day. For Universal Studios it is $128 for a one day pass. The Orlando Magic will also be at home December 18-29 so check out a game while you are there. Visiting Orlando on Christmas may make you forget it’s even winter.


3) Aspen, Colorado

Lloyd Christmas described Aspen as a place where the wine flows like beer. Where nice women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.” While some families may prefer to get away from the snow and dry air, others make the most of it. Aspen is best known for their ski resorts and spending Christmas week on the slopes is a great idea. If skiing is not your thing then Aspen probably is not the best place for you, although there are other activities to do. Aspen will surround you with nature, and you will never run out of hiking trails to explore.


4) Paris, France

Going International now, Paris is a great place to spend any day, holiday or not. If you remember, the McAllister family from ‘Home Alone’ planned to spend their Christmas there, until Kevin went and ruined it. Other than visiting places like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, there are other activities around the city to partake in. While in this foreign country the best thing you could probably do is discover what is out there and enjoy the gourmet dining. You can always go on a Christmas Bateaux Parisiens Cruise or visit one of the city’s Christmas markets.


5) Caribbean Cruise

Nobody ever said you had to spend your Christmas on land. A cruise through the Caribbean is a unique way to spend the Christmas holiday with your family. The parties, the buffets, and of course the rock wall will make whatever cruise you decide to go on memorable. Expedia offers many different options from the available cruise lines.

Five Places for Your Family in Christmas Vacation