Etiquette of Japanese in New Year

Etiquette of Japanese in New Year

New Year in Japan also known as Shougatsu . On this day , they usually decorate the house, work together and present Mochi Otoshidama for good luck and happiness .

1 . New Year’s Eve with family

There are many Japanese people back home to welcome the new year with family . Just like in Vietnam , South Korea , China and many other Asian countries , the Japanese new year concept is also an opportunity for loved ones to gather , review the memories of the past year .

2 . Decorating the house

The house in the new year will be decorated with lucky charms style Japanese tradition , expressing beliefs and desires in the new year . The Japanese can buy or order as a straw wreath is beautiful and talisman for good luck and hang on your front door . In addition, they should also put a side door kadomatsu ( lucky tree – a tree or through certain scenes ) , or have a comment Maneki neko ( lucky cat ) in the house , or on the desk of its a kumade ( coal rake for good luck ) .

etiquette of japanese

Maneki neko –  lucky cat  is very popular in traditional Japanese

Etiquette of Japanese in New Year .

3 . Mochi recipe

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake , tough and sweet . It is also often referred to this dish as ” O – mochi ” , ” o ” is a syllable added to the solemn , suggesting that spiritual food . Mochi is an indispensable part of the celebration of the new year in Japan . You can enjoy Mochi in many ways . People often have breakfast with hot soup dish known as Mochi is Zouni , or eaten with soy sauce or mustard . In addition , you can use fresh bread for dinner with a bit of traditional green tea .

4 . Held a Bonenkai ( old year farewell party )

This may be a party was held in the tea room with tatami mattress and Japanese style low table , or a Western-style restaurant , but the food is traditional food of Japan . It could be shashimi , soba noodle , red fish soup , fugu dishes , rice , caviar , tempura , and sake . Traditionally , Japanese people are not self- filling wine that usually fill their cups of friends to see their cup run .

Etiquette of Japanese in New Year .

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8 interesting places to travel in china

Today I will show you 8 interesting places to travel in china

1. If you travel to Beijing

Beijing , the heart of China , is always selected as the first destination of tourists wanting to explore China . It is the center of politics , economy and culture of China during 800 years and currently still holds an important role there.

The Great Wall

interesting places to travel in china
The Great Wall is one of the natural wonders of the world , it is recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage in 1987. Just like a gigantic dragon , the Great Wall through sa -plated , meadows , plateaus and 8851.8 m extends from east to west China . It was built and strengthened over the year 2000 , today some sections have disappeared but the Great Wall is still the most attractive tourist destination , and always be listed on a list in the No. 1 tourist destination Chinese tourists .

8 interesting places to travel in china .

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square is in the heart of Beijing, was named after the city gate north of the Forbidden City , this is one of the largest square in China . Tourists can visit Tiananmen Tower was built in the Ming dynasty , heroes monument , Great Hall of the People , Mao Zedong Memorial mausoleum and the national flag ceremony ( as in Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum proving every day ) . There are thousands of people coming here every day .

8 interesting places to travel in china .

The Forbidden City

Forbidden City
The Forbidden City , also known as She is also the palace of the king 2 24 feudal dynasties of Ming – Qing China . It was built during the first 14 years ( 1368-1644 ) , located on extremely large area -74 acres , surrounded by a moat 52 meters wide and 10 meters high wall extremely strong . It is located in the north of Tiananmen Square .
The Forbidden City was recognized as World Heritage in 1987. Today, the Forbidden City has opened its doors to tourists on sightseeing .

8 interesting places to travel in china .

Heaven palace
Along with the Great Wall , have the same electric Heaven is a place not to be missed in Beijing . Electric Heaven is a place of worship of the Emperor of China, was built in the Ming Dynasty in 1420 . It covers an area larger than the Forbidden City by the concept of the Chinese Emperor himself as ” son of heaven ” . Architecture of power under Heaven in the north and the south, the northern semicircle represents the southern sky and square represents the earth , it reflects the ancient Chinese thought is ” round heaven and square earth ” .
Electric Heaven has extremely important significance , each year the Kings are set to bridge heaven and earth Esplanade for good weather . It is like the man in Hue Nam Giao .

Di Hoa Vien – Summer Palace .
Summer Palace is located in the northwest , 15 km from downtown Beijing , this is the largest member of Imperial China . It was built starting in 1750 , the gardens for the royal family to rest and leisure , which later became the Royal residence of the late Qing Dynasty . It is of great significance in the natural landscape and cultural history , is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998, is open to visitors since 1924.

8 interesting places to travel in china .

Nest stadium
In addition to the historical Beijing , the Bird’s Nest Stadium is one of the new attractions that many tourists choose to come to Beijing . VAND Bird’s Nest Stadium is the site of the main activities of the Beijing 2008 Omlypic , after this event it is open to visitors every day to visit .

8 interesting places to travel in china .

2.If you travel to Shanghai

If you like to Beijing to learn about the traditional culture heritage for thousands of years , then to Shanghai to admire one of the city’s dynamic modern world . Shanghai plays a key role in the economic development of China . Tourists will find a great mix between modernity and tradition , between the East and the West .

The Bund
The Bund is a tourist destination ” romantic ” in Shanghai . Stretching 1 , 5km from the bridge to Nanpu Bridge Waibaidu western side of the Huangpu River is 26 style building with completely different architectures including Baroque , Romanesque , classical , renaissance . The Bund is incredibly romantic place to stroll .

8 interesting places to travel in china .

Jade Buddha Temple
Jade Buddha Temple – the most sacred temple in Shanghai , was built in 1928. In the temple there are two jade Buddha statue is an incredibly beautiful monks brought from Burma . Long reclining Buddha statue sits 96cm high and 190cm . Both these last two Buddha statues significant Buddhist culture is both art high value . Also two Buddha statues , temples is a unique storage architecture , that tourists have surprised to discover .

And there are many other attractions in Shanghai as the South Street Bridge , on the Huangpu River Cruise , shopping at Nanjing city , garden Members Project , Hoang Thanh temple .

8 interesting places to travel in china .

Village falcon in China

Village falcon in China

Falcons in the wild are wild animals and humans separate. However, in the village of Tun Ying, Jilin Province, China, trained birds is an ancient tradition of the Manchurian conservation.

falcon in china
A black dot appears on the gray sky of dawn from a distance, flying through the cold breeze and slowly apparent. Shrill whistle shrieked, majestic birds soar to find yourself the perfect perch on the arm of Zhao Mingzhe – “falcon king” of Tun Ying.

Village falcon in China .

In China’s Jilin Province, Ying Tun small rural community known as “the village hawk”. Like 55-year-old man Zhao Mingzhe, many ancestors of previous generations has devoted his whole life to the upbringing and training have fur animals this fierce.
Jilin Province is one of the most secluded and isolated in China. Located deep in the east and the border separating North Korea and Russia. It is the province of the Manchu ethnic minority, who are trying to preserve the cultural values ​​of their own traditions.

Trained falcon is one of them, this traditional type of appearance is determined from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), a time when the Manchus ruled. Like hunting and horse racing, falcon feeding was the recreation of the royalty annually by hawk is seen as a symbol of courage and strength to conquer the last of human nature.

Village falcon in China .

Catching the falcon.

Today, the falcon is trained by most of the men in Ying Tun, an estimated area of ​​about 3,000 households.

“The hawk can be trained to hunt from 10 to 20 red pheasant in a day, which means people can get up to 150 yuan (about 24 USD) for every sale in local markets means, “Jia said. “This money is used as a source of additional income families.” However, those who are not only trained falcons do this job for the money but for the passion and effort for the preservation of traditional culture.
Trained hunting falcons.

The trainer of falcons Ying Tun – locals call them with the name “Yingbashi” (the falcon master), always sticking close to his hawk.

Village falcon in China . .