The Best Beaches to Visit in the USA This Summer

The Best Beaches to Visit in the USA This Summer

What makes a beach the best beach to visit is different for every person. Some beach bums prefer a clean beach with all the necessary facilities; restrooms, beach café, shower house and of course chair and umbrella rentals. Other beach goers look for private, secluded beaches with a pristine, natural area for their beach vacation.

No matter what type of beach vacation you enjoy, there is a perfect beach for you in the USA this summer. Based on years worth of beach ratings, accommodations for families, naturalists and recreation lovers, and of course my own visits to some of the choices, I have chosen the best beaches to visit in the USA this summer.

Hanalei Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

Best Beaches to Visit in the USA
Hanalei Beach has been at the top of the world’s best beaches lists for a couple years now, including a selection as number two on Dr. Beach’s Top Ten Beaches in America. As far as beautiful beaches go, it is understandable why Hanalei makes it on the lists with its soft white sand beaches and crystal clear water. At the beach there are several amenities and facilities, including showers, restrooms, pavilions and picnic facilities. The nearby town of Kauai makes Hanalei a great beach vacation choice because it provides a small but very select choice of hotels and restaurants.

Caladesi Island State Park, Florida
Caladesi Island is the best summer beach for families looking for that fun in the sun vacation spot. Besides having a gorgeous and top rated beach, Caladesi offers a pristine natural park environment that is only reached by private boat or the public ferry. Kids will love the fact that Caladesi Island was a pirate haunt and that they have free rein of this state park. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking acres worth of trails and enjoying the excellent wildlife. There are no hotel accommodations on the island itself, but that is because no one is allowed to stay on the island overnight.

Cannon Beach, Oregon
Cannon Beach is one of my favorite beaches on the West Coast and a great choice for those that love the beach, but can do without the heat. The location is beautiful even if the weather is not always ideal, there is plenty for everyone to do on a trip down at this beach vacation spot. The nearby town has enough to entertain locals and travelers and you can choose to camp, budget hotels or even beach resorts to every budget is accommodated.

Caspersen Beach, Sarasota County, Florida
Caspersen Beach is the perfect choice for the active family that wants more than time in the water or sun bathing. The beach is a favorite with beachcombers, snorkelers, fishers and boaters who find their time at the beach is too short. Kids will be delighted with fossilized remains and the possibility of finding shark’s teeth on the beach and nearby Venice Beach has a huge variety of accommodations and restaurants to choose from.

Hapuna Beach, Hawaii
Another Hawaii choice, but considering it is an island filled with award winning beaches, just two choices on my list of the top five beaches to visit in the USA this summer is nothing. The beach is among the best for swimming and with the nearby coral reef there is the opportunity to see some amazing underwater life. The beach offers all the best facilities and with miles of secluded sand and a natural setting .

The Best Beaches to Visit in the USA This Summer