4 interesting places to visit in mexico

Today I will show you 4 interesting places to visit in mexico

1.Mexico City

Mexico has many places for tourists to visit and admire , a famous place in Mexico with visitors every option when it comes to this beautiful country of Mexico City ( aka Mexico City ) .

Mexico City is composed of 16 inner city suburban area of ​​1,499 km2 , accounting for 20 % of the population . This is one of the largest cities in the world.

interesting places to visit in mexico

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city.

If you have a chance to visit , please do not forget the tourists quaint museum , to see the oil painting on the wall at the Palacio Nacional , or the outdoor party in the Zocalo . Absolutely do not miss the opportunity to take photos at the foot of the great pyramid at Teotihuacan and past colonial days in Mexico is Puepla Museum .

Mexico City is divided into 2 areas . A site called Telae Tellioeke , which means the rest of Mexico ( named after the tribal god Moxite revered ) . The Aztecs called it Tenuoquiditelan Mexico City . According to legend , the origin of this city related to the theft hawk snake became the symbol of the city .

Mexico City has many scenic . Aztec Square , now the Constitution Square in the city center . The west is also famous country , the presidential palace , defense ministry , finance ministry , the national museum of Mexico . At the center of the door hanging a ” ring road itself ,” the bell that Hidago hero ( who led the Mexican people’s struggle against colonial domination of Spain) beat up . In the west plaza is the main industrial zone of Mexico City . The north has a large chapel , built by the Aztec ruins. The roundabouts in the city are the flower beds . A bronze reliefs called the morning Tenuoquidi now , is built on a high incline level and lower in the south to the north .

Mayuer Dakuba Street Square is home to the 3 cultures . This monument is the capital of the Indian men ancient world . Besides the large synagogue by the Spanish medieval building , the representatives of the colonial culture . Offsite building to be built in the new diplomatic modern architecture . Episode 3 of this culture has formed strong life , expressing cultural history of over 600 years in Mexico City .
4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

If you’ve seen the movie ” Pirates of the Caribbean ,” you will be attracted by the scene on the beautiful beach . One of those places is pretty dreamy beaches attract millions of tourists that visit Cancun .

Cancun is known as the Caribbean paradise with beautiful beaches famous . Each year thousands of couples to spend their honeymoon in Cancun . This a really romantic beach with full hotel services attentive service . Walk along the streets , you’ll see a lot of fancy restaurants and street bands with suits and traditional instruments .


Caribbean is 1 of 4 interesting places to visit in mexico .

Unlike any public waters , where stretches of white sand beaches , blue waters of turquoise . Tourists here can enjoy entertainment such as surfing, fishing, swimming , sunbathing play Golf . Especially for those who like diving, Cancun is like a paradise , blue Caribbean water crystal clear , you will be attracted by the beauty of the amazing scenery on the ocean floor .

Cancun also has a variety of water sports , visitors can freely choose a favorite pastime minh.Cancun considered natural wonders of the Mayan civilization .

Sightseeing Cancun waters at night is great and really makes you feel excited .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

3.Los Cabos
Go to Los Cabos in Mexico as a venue to contrast typical of those of the world .

Los Cabos

Visitors can not forget to admire the beautiful beach blue color with a fine white sand . It is famous for the wild sandy beach , hotel , villas , golf courses for tourists can delight your expectation . The desert gap alternating site with excavator and crane modernization . All these gardens , plants , lawns, golf grounds are green , but only the ” fullness ” of fresh water is fresh and new like . This is an ideal location for those who want to come to the arid desert , but no less compelling .
4 interesting places to visit in mexico city.
4.Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a seaside town stretching along the shores of Banderas Bay and the Pacific. This is the 5th largest city of Mexico . It is natural to favor natural beaches stretching dreamy . Known by the movie ” The Night of the Iguana ” by Richard Burton starred begin shooting in this beautiful city in 1964. From a romantic love story by two famous actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor with beautiful scenes on the beach , Puerto Vallarta has become an ideal tourist destination .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

To the beautiful coastal city of Puerto Vallarta , visitors will have unforgettable moments with poetic scenery . Around the beach in Puerta Vallarta and Costalegre are villas and luxury hotels with splendid features of Western architecture . After walking the ancient streets paved in old town Vallarta , Malecon and Marina neighborhood with British style architecture , visitors will have a few minutes to enjoy the wonderful feeling of the cool sea breeze , fresh air and peaceful beach beautiful sandy Mismaloya and pleasure with sports such as windsurfing, kayaking … This beach is also the favorite celebrity .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .
Besides the beauty of the sea with sandy beaches stretching , blue water , this beautiful coastal city , also known as a marine sanctuary . Come around from November to April you’ll have moments of unexpected discovery in the North Bay of Banderas , near the Marietas islands with wales , sea turtles … is turned on sea waves .

After moments of pleasure playing with the waves , you’ll have unforgettable memories of the lovely dolphins in amusement parks here. These moments you can do as swim with dolphins , pet , play music we hear … would be the memorable moments of your trip .

4 interesting places to visit in mexico city .

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Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet

Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas is home to the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea just merged together through a stone slit , gives the most amazing images of nature .

Eleuthera is one of the nation’s island Bahamas , Nassau is the capital, about 80 km to the east . The island is 180 km long , 1.6 km wide . What makes Eleuthera is famous pale blue waters of the Caribbean Sea facing the green, and deep chasms thousands of feet of the Atlantic Ocean just over a cliff .

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet
Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet . Seen from above easily recognize the difference in the two colors of the sea . Photo: Bahamasvacation.com .

One of the most amazing places to look at both the sea adjoining the Glass Window Bridge . The bridge linking the town to the Lower Bogue Gregory at the narrowest point of the island . It is also the most visited tourists to Eleuthera .

Here , you can visually see and compare two different blue of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean . Under the bridge is low as a rock band gap barrier beach sometimes .

In previous centuries there has been a natural stone bridge connecting the north and south banks of Eleuthera Island . By the 1940s , more storms to break rocks and structural concrete Glass Window bridge was built instead.

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet .

Decades passed, Glass Window regularly maintained and repaired . 1992 hurricanes caused damage to bridges caused strong transport hampered the banks . Followed by Hurricane Floyd in 1999 destroyed almost the entire Window Glass and it takes several months to Queen highway traffic .

The surface of Eleuthera geographical changes too much from it . The road workers on the island always busy roads and bridges reinforced by the effects of erosion from waves.

Visitors can drive themselves or rent a car to visit the special bridge . If your going to take the rocks out to sea , in this perspective , you will definitely feel Mother Nature ‘s results have boundless creativity .
Strong Atlantic

Strong Atlantic while Caribbean seems more quiet . Photo: Pleasetakemeto.com .

However, you have to be careful when visiting the bridge along the rocks around especially when rough seas . These waves can be extremely powerful to hit the deck and then spill over at any time . Since there is no reef to restrict the power of the waves from the shore off the bucket , so at great risk both transport and knocked overboard .

Also, in Eleuthera , visitors can also play Surfers surf at south coast town of Gregory , the Atlantic coast , where the waves are pretty high and second only to Hawaii (USA ) . Life on the island is very peaceful people very hospitable . You can visit the restaurants , popular restaurants to enjoy the local seafood or relaxing on the beach side of the bar

Where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet .

Migratory season of flamingos in Kenya

Migratory season of flamingos in Kenya

August is the time when birds start migrating flamingos around the lakes in Kenya. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to admire the ‘dance flamingos’ as captivating here.


Migratory season of flamingos in Kenya .

Kenya is one of the most beautiful watch flamingos in the world. The diversity of species of flamingos help Kenya attract large number of tourists every year. From the vast grasslands to shrubs in the reserve, you will easily see flocks of flamingos in flight or preening huddled on the lake. The travel professionals can count from 500 to 600 species of flamingos appear here in two weeks.

Flamingos are wading birds live mainly in Western and Eastern hemispheres. Worldwide, hundreds of flamingos with scientific names are usually placed in living areas and foraging as: Caribbean flamingos, flamingos European, Chilean flamingos …
The best time to observe the birds and admire the scenery will make you “hold your breath” is from late August to early April. This time, they are starting to migrate to Lake Bogoria in the Rift Valley. Every year, the sheer brilliance of this bird moves back and forth between the lake: Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Lake Bogoria to find food.

Migratory season of flamingos in Kenya .

Among them, Lake Nakuru is known as “flamingo paradise”, by source of algal abundance and diversity are attractive birds. According to statistics, every year more than one million flamingos concentrated focus on the lake, the total amount of algae consumed up to 500 tons of algae per day. In particular, distribution flamingos and the ideal temperature of the deep water becomes alkaline combined favorable environment for the growth of algae proliferation.
Lake Nakuru National Park was formed in 1961, around the lake for the purpose of protecting the landscape and the wildlife living in the area. In recent years, the amount of water the dry season has been a big change directly affects the particular species of flamingos and other animals at Lake Nakuru in general. The reason stems from the watershed land conversion to crop production especially with the rapid urbanization taking place one day. Water source, the moisture contamination, the number of Nakuru flamingos descending. They started moving into the nearby lake as Elmentenia, Simbi Nyaima or Bogoria.
Migratory season of flamingos in Kenya .