5 most beautiful lakes in Euro

5 most beautiful lakes in Euro

1.Lake Orta , Italy

Lake Orta is situated in the north of Italy with a length of nearly 13 km , width 1.5 km . Lake is located in the foothills of Mottarone and is considered the most romantic of the spring because of clouds , fog very romantic . In the opinion of HouseTrip , Orta is considered as ” the Godfather of the lake in Europe ” by pure beauty extremely elegant but also seductive . Lake north of town travel Omegna . This is a village of charming architecture , colorful and great cuisine , is the ideal place dating couples or couples bridegroom to the bride on their honeymoon .

Also, when visiting Lake Orta tourists can take a boat to the island to visit a lake located between the natural landscape . This is one of the many tourist activities when users visit .

beautiful lakes in Euro

Orta lake view from afar .

2 .LakeSaimaa , Finland

Saimma Lake area of ​​about 4,400 km2 , is the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest in Europe . Lake has beautiful scenery , is like a painting . Visitors often travel in Saimma largest lake in the summer because they can unleash swimming , fishing and boating lake admire .

LakeSaimaa , Finland

Saimaa lake formed by the melting of ice at the end of Ice Age . The main city is located lakeside Lappeenranta , Imatra , Savonlinna , Mikkeli , Varkaus and Joensuu . Vuoksi River flowing river from Lake Saimaa to Lake Ladoga . There are islands scattered over a large area of ​​the lake , and the narrow canals divide the lake into sections , each section has its own name .

3.Lake Saimaa .

Lake Annecy is the third largest lake in France , was formed 18,000 years ago from glacial melt water . The lake has an area of ​​approximately 27km2 .

Lake Annecy is a favorite destination of tourists with boat hire services around the clock . Besides, this is also the destination of enthusiasts of water sports . Will not have anything more interesting to walk around the lake , breathe fresh air , watching the blue lake water and the clouds daydreaming , water , wind .

Country of pure lake is also famous thanks to conservation efforts , pollution control authorities and local people . This is also where clean water supply for 130,000 people in the region .

4.Lake Annecy .

Lake Constance is known as one of the most interesting lakes in Europe because it is located in three countries Germany , Austria , Switzerland . Although located in three countries , Telegraph page assessment of the stage situated in Germany ‘s lakes have beautiful scenery and more prominent . This is a place where tourists and local people liked to bathe , swim and play sports .
Lake Constance .

5.Lake Beld , Slovenia

Located near the town of Bled in Slovenia northwest with stunning beauty picturesque lakes Beld is one of the most attractive destinations for Slovenia . The lake has a length of 2.1 km , 1.3km wide and more than a beautiful glacial lake formed by Ice Age . Majestic mountains and lush jungles that surround the lake as the charming Beld . Visitors can walk around the edge of the lake , horseback riding , biking and boating to visit the lake . Serene , airy space here will surely give you the really nice moments .

5 most beautiful lakes in Euro