travel australia in january

travel australia in january

In Vietnam, Tet is winter while Australia was summer . So this beautiful country will welcome you with brilliant sandy beaches , exciting festivals in the city of Sydney Harbour , enjoy a BBQ in Melbourne …

In the atmosphere of welcoming the New Year , the Vietnamese Cabramatta area attractive all visitors including indigenous people . Still banh chung , banh tet , cherry , apricot and red couplets , whether you ‘re enjoying another festival in a different land , space and other exchanges , learn a multi-ethnic culture .

travel australia in january

travel australia in january .

Not odd as Paris , no illusion as London , Sydney out to the city of love and nostalgia . Here, you can stroll the wharf at Sydney Harbour Bridge , taking pictures ” for life ” on ” the hanger ” 4th world or long soak in the colorful symphony at the theater fairy the scalloped Opera House , the Oceanographic Museum – the world deep in an ocean Tails .

Guests also participated in the feast of seafood ” Seafood House Australia ” – Sydney fish market ; Featherdeal visit the park , Sydney Olympic Park and learn about the rare animals .

No buildings skyline , Canberra nostalgia in modern painting style garden city . You can walk the tree -lined streets and immerse yourself in the natural tranquility , watching the pair of swans are swimming in lake Burley hole Grinffin.Mot location that you can not forget Arriving Canberra , which is the war Monument and a new parliament building .


Meanwhile , Melbourne beckoning tourists with famous Dandenong ranges , tropical vegetation and ferns dust or enjoy the beautiful forests , colorful on the steam train Puffing Bill .

travel australia in january .


the big rock in australia

the big rock in australia

Natural beauty and wildlife of large rocks in the Great Australian Bight open bay in southern Australia always make visitors have stopped .

Southern coast of Australia as part of the edge of a giant biscuit pieces were broken . It is easiest to describe how you can visualize the geography of the Great Australian Bight in the state of South Australia .

Great Australian Bight is open lagoons in the coastal strip of land with a flat surface out to the ocean called the Nullarbor Plain . This is considered the largest single limestone rock world covered area of about 270,000 km2 and extends 1,000 km from East to West . The land is so flat rail system of Trans Australian Railway company ” guys ” a 483 km straight line .

the big rock in australia

Arrays limestone largest single Nullarbor Plain (red ) in the territory of Australia . Photo: wikimedia .

the big rock in australia .

At the first place , the rain caused soil erosion and landslides usually mild . A few places have underground caves are also affected leading to collapse leaving traces of large batches . Bunda Cliffs area ( the rocks Bunda ) stretching over 200 km of the Nullarbor Plain almost no trees, there is also reason Nullarbor called , in Latin, means ” no trees ” .

White rocks at the foot of the Wilson Bluff Limestone . This is one of the old substrate Oceania continent began to break away from Antarctica 65 million years ago . Limestone Limestone Wilson 300 m thick , but only a part of the Bunda Cliffs are visible .


65 million years ago , the Nullarbor belonged  Antarctica . Photo: Aoch M Baron / Flick .

the big rock in australia .

Above is the white limestone rock is gray, brown or crystalline rocks . Multiple layers stick with aquatic fossils , including those of ancient insect , mollusk . The other class made ​​up of marine sediments . On the rocks along the hard sand play dating back 1.6 million years to 100,000 years ago .

The high rocks Bunda 60-120 m , vertical and can see from many points along the Eyre Highway ( Eyre Highway ) starting from Eucla National Park , is perhaps best observed from above by helicopter .

Eyre Highway ( A1 ) , the lifeline between east and west coast of Australia along the way rocks within 1km inland . The road is named after the British discovered from Edward John Eyre . He was with John Baxter and three Aborigines arrived in Fowlers Bay ( Fowlers Bay ) in April 11/1840 in an effort to find Albany , Western Australian port city . They went along the Nullarbor Plain and met numerous difficulties due to lack of water , food , inclement weather . 2 shot dead rebellious natives John Baxter then fled . Eyre and Wylie rest continue their journey and completion of road in January 6/1841 . Exactly one century later , in 1941 , Eyre Highway is completed .

With 85 km distance along the highway , there are 5 points to look at the impressive rocks and sea are informed tourists prepare to stop . Breakpoint called Bunda Cliffs Scenic Lookout Rest Area is located 1 km from the highway is very popular with tourists because of the beautiful and quite safe to walk close to a cliff . If you have GPS , you only need to type coordinates ” S31.606409 E129.776568 ” to locate .

And at the end of the Bunda Cliffs east coast is Head of the Bight stops where visitors can stay for hours watching the agreed rent Southern Right whales ( Baleen whales ) migrate from the Antarctic margin . Just crank them up to the autumn flock to enjoy the warm waters and give birth near the south coast of Australia . The herd of whales will stay several months waiting for the whale to grow up before continuing adventures of their own . The waters around the Head of the Bight is home to important protected whale species are Baleem to help find you the environment and the survival of the species .

the big rock in australia .

Things you might not know about Australia

Things you might not know about Australia

As a multi-cultural country with residents and ethnicity from all over the world , the land of kangaroos owns the longest fence in the world, is home to 100 million sheep …

Dingo Fence – the world’s longest barrier

know about AustraliaThings you might not know about Australia .

Dingo Fence or hedge against dog Dingo ( wild dog featured in Australia ) was built in the 1880s and completed in 1885 , to prevent the dogs from destroying crops Dingo and sheep in southern Queensland .

This is one of the world’s longest and is the longest barrier ( 5,614 km ) . Barriers were strongly promote its effects even sometimes people can still find a few dog Dingo in the south. In the 1990s , the gap began to appear more on the fence and dog Dingo has enlisted seek pastures full of young rabbits and kangaroos to feed .

Things you might not know about Australia .

The Flying Doctor

” Medical Services Royal Flight ” also known as ” flying doctor ” is active in the health care emergencies for those who live in remote rural areas in Australia . This really is a non-profit organization helping the residents to the hospital can not easily because the distance is too far . ” Flying doctor ” is a special symbol of Australian life , by the area of ​​land so vast and sparsely populated live very , very difficult to build a lot of hospitals with adequate facilities quality .

Things you might not know about Australia .

House of 100 million sheep

At the beginning of the 21st century , it is estimated there are about 120 million sheep in Australia . Due to the effects of drought and the demand for wool decreases, the number of sheep and also down to about 100 million now . This figure is nearly 5 times the population of Australia which has just over 20 million people .

Why Canberra is the capital of Australia ?

Canberra Area was chosen as the capital of Australia in 1908 in an agreement between the two cities at the time that Sydney and Melbourne . This position is 248 km from Sydney and Melbourne 483 km . These established urban with a specific plan entirely .

The largest ranch in the world

If you saw the movie Australia by 2 famous actor Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman would play you will be impressed by the dusty ground with huge herds filled the screen . The scenery was absolutely true in real life , even more epic . Anna Creek in South Australia ‘s remote farm is considered the world’s largest with an area of ​​up to 34,000 km2 ( larger farms in Belgium and the largest farms in America with an area of ​​6,000 km2 ) . Anna Creek can accommodate about 16,000 head of cattle but now because of the drought , the cattle are grazing only about 2,000 .

Things you might not know about Australia .

The mystery pink lake in Australia

The mystery pink lake in Australia

Not white or blue often seen , watercolor Hillier lake attracts tourists by rare pink .

Lake Hillier is a pink lake located on Middle Island , the largest island in the archipelago of islands in the Recherche , Western Australia . From the top looking down , Lake Hillier looks like a gum bubble inflated . That made ​​lake Hillier became extremely special .
pink lake in australia

The mystery pink lake in Australia .

Lake approximately 600 m long , is covered by a strip of sand and jungle Paperbark and Eucalyptus forests . A narrow strip of sand is covered by vegetation separates the lake to the Southern Ocean .

Unlike the pink lake in the world , such as lakes and salt lakes Retba in San Francisco Bay , scientists still have not identified the pink Hillier is due to start . However, many scientists speculated that pink lake created by the species Dunaliella salina and Halobacteria . Another hypothesis is due to a red bacteria in salt crust created . This color is not a work from sunlight , because it was taking a bucket of water from lakes and pink remains despite shifting position barrel .

Except for a few years to exploit people in this salt , island and lake pink almost intact . The lake offers visitors a most amazing sights , such as the natural wonders of the world .

In addition to Hillier , the world is a unique pink lakes such as Lake Retba ( also known as Lac Rose ) located in the Cap Vert peninsula north , north-east of the capital Dakar , Senegal . Ho Salina de Torrevieja and La Salina de La Mata salt lake is surrounded Torrevieja 2 , a coastal city in southeast Spain . Dusty Rose Lake located in British Columbia , Canada and has unusual properties . Although no salt or algae lake , but the water is still pink . Or Masazirgol (also known as Lake Masazir ) is in the Salt Lake Qaradag , near Baku , Azerbaijan .

The mystery pink lake in Australia .

travel to Australia – paradise of the world

travel to Australia – paradise of the world

Australia have so far been considered tourist paradise , where welcoming more than 10,000 visitors to the beaches and deserts and tropical forests interspersed ecosystem unique .

If Canberra is considered exemplary administrative center in the world ‘s most glamorous visitors to Sydney by economic activities and entertainment . Opera Theatre of the Sydney opera house , also known as the Opera House is world known for its unique appearance bayside beach .

Not far from Sydney ‘s forests as Blue mountain ranges ( Green Mountain ) with figure 3 sisters are named for 3 rocks formed during the process of soil erosion . In addition, Australia is also known for the city of Melbourne with the bustling shopping district , which is ranked high in the list of most livable cities in the world .

paradise of the world

Australia – paradise of the world .

Australia is where flocks kangaroo can jump in the car the night before the city or the wild horse sauntered side highway to Kings Canyon . In particular , the country also has the Great Barrier Reef , where thousands gather species of marine animals , beautiful corals .

At this point , you are constantly watching the tiny koala bears , herds of sheep , dairy cows leisurely grazing on prairie along the road to the Great Ocean Road , where grows 12 stones on the seashore referred to as the 12 apostles in the legend . In addition, you can also bath in Palm Cove beach or White Sunday Island , Mount blade red watch Uluru in the Red Centre region – the symbol of Australia .

Sydney Opera House

What other fascinating tourist attraction is the 4 season passes to experience the journey sitting on the railway ” Ghan ” connecting Adelaide in the south to Darwin in the north , or to take the time to visit Broome romantic sunset . The most interesting excursions in the itinerary will remain the hour ‘s drive to the desert Nambung National Park , where seemingly boring turned out to contain the amazing biodiversity .

Coral reefs surrounded Queenslands coast is the place to enjoy the sunny days , tropical blue water , beauty aquarium with over 300 species of coral . Through millions of years of evolutionary isolation from other continents , Australia is home to a dynamic ecosystem exotic plants , not endemic in any other place in the world .

Australia – paradise of the world .

14 famous bridges in the world

The great architectural works always attract the attention of tourists to visit and explore , including 14 world famous bridge .
1 . Great Belt Bridge , Denmark
Great Belt bridge consists of two (one in the east and in the west part ) and separated by small islands Sporo . Long suspension bridge at 1624 meters east , running through StoreBelt , located between the island of Zealand and Sprogo . This is one of the main span bridge in the world . Two towers of the eastern branch is the highest point ( 254 m higher than sea level ) in Denmark . West Branch bridge 6611 meters long , connected Sprogo and Funen , is a combination of rail and road . Guests will really enjoy the panoramic view from around the globe.

2 . Chapel , Switzerland

204 m long Chapel Bridge , spanning the Reuss River in the city of Luzerne in Switzerland . This is old wood covered bridge in Europe and is one of the main tourist attractions in Switzerland . Bridge built in 1333 , is designed to protect the city against Luzerne attacks . Inside the bridge has exhibited paintings from the 17th century depicting historical events of Luzerne . Many paintings and major parts of the bridge were destroyed in a fire in 1993. However, it was quickly rebuilt afterwards.

3 . Chengyang , China

Chengyang , China
Chengyang Bridge was built in 1916 . This is the most famous bridge over other bridges in the Dong Minority of China. Linxi bridges , built of wood and stone , the longest of all the wind and rain bridge in China . Chengyang Bridge 64.4 m long , 3.4 m wide and 10.6 m high . This is the building attracts many tourists .

4 . The Alcantara , Spain
Alcántara Bridge
Spanning the River Tagus at Alcantara in Spain , Alcantara is the masterpiece of ancient Roman times . The bridge was built in the middle of the year 104-106 , the orders of the Emperor Trajan , in the year 98 AD . Alcantara Bridge suffered damage from war than by natural effects . The Moroccan was ruin the smallest bridge on one side , while the second bridge across the destroyed by the Spaniards during the struggle against the Portuguese . Ancient architecture attraction tourists to explore this historic bridges of the Spanish nation .

5 . Sydney Harbour Bridge , Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Australia and is home to many beautiful photos can be taken with many different angles . This is the bridge arcs form the largest steel (not the largest ) in the world with the high point of 134 m from the port of Sydney . It took 8 years to build the bridge was completed and inaugurated on March nam1932 . Because steel can expand the heater temperature should be high this bridge up or down to about 18 cm . This is the tourist attractions of Australia.

6 . The Stari Most, Bosnia

Stari Most, Bosnia
Stari Most ( ” old bridge ” ) is a bridge spanning the river Naretva famous city of Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina . Turkish bridge is built in 1566 and existed for 427 years , until it was destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian war . Subsequently, a project was launched to rebuild the bridge and the new bridge was opened in 2004 . The bridge is outstanding masterpiece of Bosnia .

7 . The Si – o – se Pol , Iran
The Si - o - se Pol , Iran
Si – o – se Pol ( bridge of 33 spans ) is famous bridges of Isfahan city in Iran . Bridge was built in 1602 by Shah Abbas , tile and stone materials . Si – o – se Pol 295 m long and 13.75 m wide . 40 bridges span the past , but gradually dropped to 33 beats .

8 . The Akashi – Kaikyo , Japan
Akashi - Kaikyo , Japan
Akashi – Kaikyo also known as the Pearl Bridge . This is the longest suspension bridge (1991 m ) in the world. Akashi Strait bridges connecting Awayi Kobe and Iwaya on the island , was built in 12 years and was inaugurated in 1998. Bridge center just before 1990 m long , but the Kobe earthquake on 01.17.1995 has moved 2 towers and adding 1 m .

9 . Rialto , Italy
Rialto , Italy
Rialto is one of four bridges over the Grand Canal in Venice , Italy . This is the oldest bridge across the Grand Canal . The current stone is a single span designed by Antonio da Ponte , built and completed in 1591 . It is used to replace a wooden bridge collapsed in 1524 . Rialto Bridge has become one of the icons of Venice , Italy .

10 . Charles , Czech Republic

Charles , Czech Republic
Charles is the stone Gothic architecture that spans the famous Vltava River in Prague of the Czech Republic . It was built in 1357 , under the auspices of King Charles IV , and finished in the early 15th century . As the only bridge spanning the Vltava River , Charles is the vital link between the old town and the area around Prague Castle . The connection made ​​Prague important as becoming the main commercial axis between eastern and western Europe . Today, this is one of the many scenic attractions to visit Prague with many tourist attractions .

11 . Tower Bridge , UK
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge spans the River Thame , a symbol of the capital, London , England . Bridge was built in 1886 and opened eight years later . The bridge has two solid towers are designed to withstand the force on the part of the bridge .

12 . Millau Bridge , France
Millau Bridge
Millau Viaduct is the cable giant that spans the valley of the River Tern , near Millau in southern France . This is the highest bridge in the world with the highest landmark was 343 meters higher than the Eiffel tower .

13 . Golden Gate Bridge , USA
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate linking San Francisco and northern Martin County . This is a masterpiece of architect Joseph B.Strauss . It took 7 years to build this bridge and it was completed in 1937. Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world and a symbol of San Francisco and California . Special orange color of the bridge has made ​​it stand out even in times of heavy fog cover .

14 . Ponte Vecchio , Italy
Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio is the ancient bridge spanning the Arno River in Florence , Italy . Bridge is famous for its bustling shopping stores built along its length … The bridge with the graceful beauty of an ancient history of Italy, attracting many tourists to visit .